La Panadería Debuts Third Location at La Cantera Heights on Friday April 2

José and David Cáceres of La Panadería will be opening a third location at the new La Cantera Heights. Photo: Giant Noise for La Panadería, used with permission.

La Panadería is thrilled to announce the official opening date for their highly-anticipated third location at the new La Cantera Heights retail development. Located at 17030 La Cantera Parkway (Building 300), La Panadería’s latest location will open Friday, April 2 from 7a.m. to 3 p.m., bringing their artisanal baked goods to San Antonio’s Northwest side for the first time. (La Panadería, 2021)

The 4,200 square foot indoor/outdoor restaurant will feature signature favorites like the Chicken Milanesa Torta and La Panadería’s beloved pan dulce, including Chef David Cáceres’ new Croissant Trilogy, featuring the Tequila Almond Croissant, Tres Leches Croissant, and their new “Elvis” Croissant — made with peanut butter whipped cream, banana, and bacon. These three products have been meticulously curated and created by Chef David, La Panadería’s head baker, to reflect the best of French, Mexican and American baking traditions.

La Panadería’s La Cantera Heights location will offer breakfast, lunch, brunch, and dinner options and will also include an extended bar program. Highlights of the extended beverage menu include “Besos” (house blend margaritas, frozen margarita, and Frosé), boozy coffee specialties such as the Carajillo (Espresso + Liquor 43), the Frida Kahlo (Espresso + Kahlua), the Paolo Rossi (Espresso + Grand Marnier), select wines from Texas, California and France, and brunch cocktail and mimosa kits.

Starting Friday, April 2, La Panadería will operate from 7a.m. to 3p.m. throughout the weekend and will transition to full operational hours (7a.m. to 8p.m.) daily starting Monday, April 5. La Panadería will continue to practice COVID-safe protocols, requiring all guests and staff to wear masks when not actively eating or drinking at their tables and implementing extensive cleaning procedures.

Since opening La Panadería in San Antonio in 2014, the Cáceres brothers’ mission has been to share Mexico’s “Bread Cultura,” bringing the art of their beloved pan dulce items to the Texas market that has since become a culinary staple for residents and visitors to San Antonio alike. La Panadería has seen great success in San Antonio and has shown resilience throughout the uncertain times of the global coronavirus pandemic. The bakery, which specializes in handmade bread, pan dulce and pastries inspired by Mexico’s Golden Era, or Epoca de Oro, draws influence from French, Italian and American bread making techniques. La Panadería’s unique approach to breadmaking includes a minimum 48-hour fermentation process that results in artisan bread and pastries unlike any other. All three of La Panadería’s locations offer indoor and al fresco dining as well as online ordering.

“2020 was one of the most challenging years for everyone, especially for the restaurant industry, and we are still in uncharted territory in 2021. However, we believe in our beloved San Antonio, its resilient economy and the support of our local community. Our La Panadería family looks forward to welcoming new and returning guests to our La Cantera Heights location!” – co-founder of La Panadería Jose Cáceres


New interactive pop-up coming to Aztec Theatre

In Living Pixels’s Pabst Immersive Art Show will take place at the Aztec Theatre in April. Courtesy photo, used with permission.

Pabst Brewing Company and Wide Awake are excited to announce a new interactive art pop-up at the Aztec Theatre in downtown San Antonio next month. The art experience titled In Living Pixels will feature seven San Antonio-based artists’ creative interpretations of the digital and natural world around them. The pop-up is free to the public and takes place April 9-15. (Pabst Brewing Company, 2021)

In Living Pixels is a series of immersive and interactive installations that allow guests to have a multi-dimensional view of themselves and the spaces around them. The artists and collectives featured in the exhibition are Wide Awake, Chris Sauter, Natalia Rocafuerte, Charlie Kitchen, Domeinic Jimenez, and Ryan Hunter.

In Living Pixels will contain five separate installations:

Garden Party – Wide Awake + Dom Jimenez – Guests will be surrounded by neon flowers, greenery, and more as they are invited to sit in retro lounge chairs while their faces are projected on vintage TV sets, though their bodies appear as they are, making for a unique photo opportunity.

Let’s Meet Up – Wide Awake + Alan Weissling Pallares – Guests can catch their reflections in 18 large mirror security domes as they seesaw back and forth.

Rainbow Xscape – Natalia Rocafuerte + Dom Jimenez – The installation will use cameras mounted on top of televisions and throughout the space that project images onto selected screens, while morphing the images through various color gradients. 

Knowing and Seeing – Chris Sauter – The installation features a freestanding room with circular holes scattered through the walls allowing light to filter through the space creating a mildly hallucinogenic effect. The installation aims to inspire viewers to question their perceptions and the way they take in information.

Unnamed – Charlie Kitchen – Charlie Kitchen will use nature and optical illusions to create a space that makes guests look at the natural world differently.

In addition to the installations, In Living Pixels will also feature the Creators Lab, a space where two creators provide exploratory engagements inspired by the installations including nail art and aura photography. The Creators Lab is available on the opening weekend only (April 9-10) for the first three hours each day.

In Living Pixels will be open from 5p.m. to 10 p.m. each day and will take place in the Aztec Theatre located at 104 N St Mary’s St. in downtown San Antonio. The exhibit is free to experience, but time slots must be reserved to ensure a limited capacity due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Masks will be required to walk through the installations. Tickets can be reserved online. In Living Pixels will also feature local DJs from Midnight Swim during operating hours and a bar on the upper deck of the theatre. 

Since 1844, Pabst is American-owned and operated and North America’s largest privately held brewing company. Pabst’s portfolio includes iconic brands with deep ties to American heritage, such as its flagship Pabst Blue Ribbon and others such as Lone Star, Rainier, and Old Style. Their people and their brands are committed to embracing change and making a positive impact on the communities we serve.

Wide Awake creates and produces experimental and immersive art shows and specializes in connecting artists with community-driven brands. Founded by two San Antonio natives, Paloma Cortez and Pamela Rachél, Wide Awake has collaborated with a wide range of local and global partners to create engaging and thought provoking work. Mantra – “We believe in taking risks and cultivating experiences that inspire each of us to stay curious and connect on a human level.”

Whataburger’s Buffalo Ranch Chicken lineup

Whataburger’s Buffalo Ranch Chicken Salad. Photo: Whataburger, used with permission.

Whataburger is bringing back the fan-favorite Buffalo Ranch Chicken Strip Sandwich and upping its salad game with a new Buffalo Ranch Chicken Salad and a fresh take on the classic Cobb Salad. (Whataburger, 2021)

The Buffalo Ranch Chicken Strip Sandwich delivers a perfectly spicy taste you cannot get anywhere else. It is layered with three crispy, all-white meat Whatachick’n Strips, two slices of Monterey Jack, zesty Buttermilk Ranch, and Whataburger’s one-of-a-kind Buffalo Sauce on a five-inch bun. 

The Buffalo Ranch Chicken Salad offers the balanced spice of the sandwich in a fresh salad topped with blue cheese. It is built on a bed of Red Roma lettuce blend and includes shredded carrots, three crispy bacon strips cut into pieces, grape tomatoes, Whataburger’s one-of-a-kind Buffalo Sauce drizzle, and blue cheese crumbles, with a side of Buttermilk Ranch Dressing. It comes with your choice of a diced Grilled Chicken, Whatachick’n or Spicy Chicken filet.

Whataburger’s new Cobb Salad comes with your choice of a warm, diced Grilled Chicken, Whatachick’n or Spicy Chicken filet, on a bed of Red Roma lettuce blend topped with shredded carrots, shredded cheddar cheese, three crispy bacon strips cut into pieces, grape tomatoes, and a sliced hard-boiled egg.

The Buffalo Ranch Chicken Strip Sandwich and the Buffalo Ranch Chicken Salad are available now for a limited time. The Cobb Salad is new to the menu. Customers can still order any salad made to order, just like they like it. Prices vary by market.

Whataburger has been making burgers since 1950 when Harman Dobson opened a humble hamburger stand in Corpus Christi, Texas.  He wanted customers to take one bite and say, “What a burger” so he named his stand on Ayers St “Whataburger.” Whataburger now has over 800 locations across the country and continues to deliver fresh, made to order meals every day with superior customer service.  Community support includes charitable giving and volunteerism to nonprofit organizations that focus on children’s charities, cancer research, hunger assistance, disaster relief and military support.

New album: John Smith’s The Fray

The Fray is John Smith’s new album. Photo: google

British songwriter John Smith was born in Essex and raised on the Devon seaside. Known for his intimate songwriting, his honey-on-gravel voice, and pioneering guitar playing, he has spent the last fifteen years touring internationally and has amassed over 40 million streams on Spotify. As a session musician, he has played guitar with artists as diverse as Joan Baez, David Gray, Joe Henry, Lianne La Havas, and Tom Jones.  He holds on to optimism with his new album The Fray. (IV-PR, 2021)

The song ‘Hold On’ embodies a thread of hopefulness in a blanket of bad news; a thread that runs throughout his new full-length album, The Fray—available now to stream or purchase at this link. Smith co-produced The Fray with long-time friend and producer Sam Lakeman at Peter Gabriel’s Real World Studio. Calling on an all-star band—pianist Jason Rebello, bass player Ben Nicholls, Drummer Jay Sikora, and Jessica Staveley-Taylor of The Staves—Lakeman and Smith honed an honest sound not unfamiliar to existing fans; a focus on the songs as well as the beautiful way in which Smith picks and plucks them. Not allowing a global pandemic to prohibit collaboration, Smith’s guests on the album recorded remotely and sent their contributions digitally over international borders—Sarah Jarosz, Courtney Hartman, The Milk Carton Kids, and Bill Frisell from the Americas and Smith’s frequent touring partner Lisa Hannigan via a virtual studio session in Dublin. 

Throughout The Fray, Smith touches on not just his own emotional turmoil experienced over the past year, but also his observance of the pain of those around him. But it is Smith’s stubborn optimism that shines through and differentiates his experiences and songs from his influences and contemporaries, which PopMatters and Americana Highways recently touched on, the latter highlighting his “excellent, consistent songwriting.” His traits of holding onto hope, forgiving transgressions, and reckoning with his place in a world which does not always reciprocate are not only necessary for Smith to deal, but they are also contagious to anyone who finds themselves in similar situations, adrift in the wind. Atwood Magazine commented, “Pain, loss, isolation, sadness—these are all a part of life, and they will knock us down. Smith’s music reminds us that we will rise again, stronger than before.” For those who echo that sentiment, from experience, Smith shares his message on The Fray; “If we don’t hold on, we’re lost.”

On April 11, Smith will be hosting a Behind the Music livestream in which he will discuss what it takes to put an album together; from writing and arranging to production and recording. For more information and to purchase a pass, please visit Mandolin online. 

The Fray Track listing: 

  1. Friends
  2. Hold On
  3. Sanctuary
  4. Deserving
  5. The Best Of Me (feat. Bill Frisell)
  6. Star-Crossed Lovers (feat Lisa Hannigan)
  7. To The Shore
  8. Eye To Eye (feat Sarah Jarosz)
  9. Just As You Are
  10. The Fray (feat. The Milk Carton Kids)
  11. She’s Doing Fine
  12. One Day At A Time

Ervin Stellar’s new EP Nothing to Prove out now

Ervin Stellar’s feel-good Americana EP, Nothing to Prove. Photo: google

Ervin Stellar channels the energy and integrity of American roots music with his new EP, Nothing to Prove. Using the name Ervin Stellar as his public persona, Nashville musician Andrew Jordan self-produced and mixed the five-song project and released it independently. During his 12 years living in Brooklyn, New York, Jordan discovered a community of session players who were as comfortable with country as they were with jazz. By blending those styles into his own music—from banjo and pedal steel to drums and electric guitar—Ervin Stellar brings a compelling perspective to Americana music. (IV-PR, 2021)

“I left New York City with a gold nugget in my pocket,” sings Ervin Stellar in the opening line of the opening song on his new EP Nothing to Prove. A dancing, melodic bassline and tastefully twangy guitar flourishes could slip in unnoticed on Dylan’s Blood On The Tracks were it not for Stellar’s smooth, intimate vocal delivery. An album that will certainly warrant more than one listen to catch each impeccably crafted line, Nothing to Prove is a shining example of how Stellar pulls off a balancing act of being earnest, lighthearted, and virtuous—one song at a time. Fans can now hear Nothing to Prove in its entirety at this link.

Ervin Stellar is the public persona of Andrew Jordan, who moved from New York to Nashville following his 2018 album, The Moment. That relocation is referenced in the first line of Nothing to Prove’s title track, setting up a series of musical snapshots that encompasses three original songs and two well-chosen covers—all of which are executed in a hard-to-pin-down mix of organic tones and greasy grooves. His sound reflects his youth in Southern Michigan, where his mother preferred country on the radio while his dad enjoyed playing jazz records at home.

In addition to his three outstanding originals on Nothing To Prove, Jordan included covers of Jonathan Edwards’ “Shanty” and John Fogerty’s “Who’ll Stop the Rain.” Jordan recalls hearing “Shanty” every Friday afternoon on the radio in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and decided to work it up after realizing it fit the lockdown vibe. As for “Who’ll Stop the Rain,” Jordan slows down the tempo of the Creedence Clearwater Revival original, though the message resonates as much as ever.

Nothing To Prove Track listing:
Nothing To Prove
Love Is Love
Who’ll Stop The Rain

Rapper and producer W Corona releases new album

W Corona’s new album is Rancho Gang. Courtesy photo, used with permission.

Rapper and producer W. Corona continues his journey through the Regional Mexican landscape with the release of his latest album ‘Rancho Gang.’ Showcasing a creative fusion of acoustic and electronic sounds, the new album was co-written and produced by the Monterrey-based rapper himself and reflects his relentless search for new rhythms and melodies. (Vesper Public Relations, 2021)

‘Rancho Gang’ features 13 songs infused with hip hop, sierreño, and norteño influences, taking listeners on an audible trip through the genres that have formed a principal part of W. Corona’s childhood experiences in his home city of Monterrey, Mexico. It also includes Reggaeton and Cumbia rhythms, creating a multicultural album nourished by Latin American and Mexican sounds.

W. Corona is well known for the diversity of his music. Thanks to his honesty, listeners are consistently offered tales of his experiences, triumphs, romances, heart breaks, celebrations, nostalgias, and failures. While in the studio, he always follows his heart and uses fear as an incentive to work harder and to take risks to achieve his goals: to grow as an artist and evolve, have fun with friends and enjoy the journey without “taking it too serious.”

One year and eleven months have passed since W. Corona began this new era in his career with the single “Cuadro Chico” ft. El Chino Del Rancho, which he followed up with “Bendecido” and more recently with “Sed De La Mala”. The young producer and MC has found a new path by mixing modern hip hop styles with organic Regional Mexican sounds while melodically telling poignant stories with colloquial lyrics.

The two bonus songs included on the album are “Duro” ft. Zkylz García & Fatboi and “El Clavo.” Both singles and their music videos showcase the wide range of influences that W. Corona brings to the plate. ‘Rancho Gang’ is a map that reflects the experiences of W’s life, with each of the thirteen songs taking listeners on a journey filled with many wild twists and turns.

Track list:

  1. California High Ft. El Chino Del Rancho
  2. Bendecido
  3. Duro Ft. Zkylz García, Fatboi
  4. El Clavo
  5. Cuadro Chico Ft. El Chino Del Rancho
  6. Abusando #1
  7. Agítalo Ft. Mad Fuentes
  8. Sed De La Mala
  9. Hong Kong Ft. Los Del Nido
  10. Mal De Amor
  11. Route 66 Ft. El Chino Del Rancho
  12. La Carga Pesada
  13. La Mejor Del Condado Ft. Zkylz García

Book review: ‘I Can See Clearly’ by James A. Cusumano

‘I Can See Clearly’ by James A. Cusumano is Book One in the Luc Ponti Series. Photo: google

James A. Cusumano is an accomplished leader with successful careers as an entertainer, scientist, corporate executive, and entrepreneur. An inspiring speaker and entertainer, he is the author of “Cosmic Consciousness: A Journey to Well-being, Happiness and Success,” “Balance: The Business-Life Connection,” “Life is Beautiful: 12 Universal Rules,” and co-author of “Freedom from Mid-East Oil.” His new book, “I Can See Clearly: Rise of a Supernatural Hero (Luc Ponti Series)” combines the journey of a metaphysical superhero with the excitement of a fast-paced spy thriller.

“I Can See Clearly” begins with an Author’s Note where James A. Cusumano explains his goal in writing this book: to provide “useful knowledge and a valuable perspective in addition to entertainment.” The Prologue takes place on December 24, 2017 in Lhasa, Tibet where a teenager named Ananda has a conversation with a wise spiritual guide name Dawa in the hopes of gaining insight to help him decide if he should proceed with his path to becoming a Buddhist Monk. Dawa assures him that the world is changing and inching towards Unity consciousness and that he, as a monk, will have an opportunity to contribute to this change. He also tells Ananda of an upcoming third Avatar, a spiritual-human entity, who will help in the evolution of the Unity Consciousness of the universe; that the first two have been Buddha and Jesus of Nazareth and that the third is about to rise in Palo Alto, California.

The Prologue sets up the story of Luc Ponti, a 16-year-od basketball player at Silicon Valley’s Palo Alto High School, whose future goal is to play for a top university and maybe even go pro. His plans are put on hold when he survives a near-death experience (NDE) which gives him the ability to travel through space and time, read minds, and retain enormous amounts of information. At first he is excited about his new abilities, but eventually they become too much to handle and they make him a target of those who want to exploit him. When he attracts the attention of the government, the CIA blackmails him into using his remote viewing ability to spy on the Chinese. Together with his friends Isabella and Eric, who also develop supernatural abilities after suffering medical emergencies; and Thay, a Buddhist monk who is also his spiritual adviser, Luc uses his abilities to guide him to an enlightened path that will change his life forever. Luc speaks Italian, especially when he curses, and there is a Glossary in the back that explains what each terms and phrases mean. The Supplements section provides more information about the concepts discussed throughout the novel and further explains the meaning and implications of each.

This is the first in the exciting new series about Luc Ponti, who has supernatural abilities, and contains fascinating insights from the fields of quantum and spiritual physics. It can be considered a follow-up to “Life is Beautiful: 12 Universal Rules” because not only does he expand on the subjects he covers on that book but he combines them with a story to reach a wider audience and it works perfectly.  The language is easy to understand and he keeps the science to a minimum in the story but if readers want more information, it is available in the Supplement section.  The character development makes them likeable and relatable but the only far out concept is that everyone who has a near death experience develops their own supernatural abilities. This does not take away from the genius of this series because there is something for everyone; the story of a young man trying to make his own way in this world appeals to young readers and the science/spiritual teachings appeal to a wider general audience. “I Can See Clearly” by James A Cusumano is an exciting must-read novel full of positive and encouraging messages that readers of all ages can enjoy. It is recommended for readers who appreciate science, Eastern philosophy, and coming of age stories. Hopefully, there will be more in the series.

“The Meaning of Life is to look inside and find those special gifts you came into this world. The Purpose of Life is to find a way to share those gifts with others in ways that makes this a better world….”

*The author received a copy of this book for an honest review. The views and opinions expressed here belong solely to her.

The BookFest Spring 2021 set for April

The BookFest 2021 will be on April 17 and April 18 with virtual events for writers and readers. Photo: google

The BookFest®, an award-winning educational and entertainment platform for booklovers, announces the schedule for the 3rd biannual online bookish adventure.  This April 17 and 18, 2021 the event will feature panel discussions, conversations, and live author chats with writers, literacy professionals and experts. Mark Coker, founder of Smashwords; prolific The New York Times bestselling author Jonathan Maberry; Patrick M. Oliver founder of Say it Loud!; and skeptic, author and thinker, Michael Shermer, are doing conversations during the two-day online event. These intimate one-on-one talks give attendees the opportunity to learn more about everyone, and to take a deep dive into the topics discussed. (Black Château, 2021)

Delivering the opening keynote for The BookFest Spring 2021 is author of the #1 Amazon bestseller “The Art of Hybrid Timber Framing,” Bert Sarkkinen. As the founder of Arrow Timber, Sarkkinen takes attendees on a journey to find long-term happiness. Panel discussions include an array of writers, literary professionals and experts discussing the books we read, relevant topics of our times, the art and craft of writing, and more. Speakers include Elaine Ash; Dr. Janet Bond Brill, Nancy J. Hite, Steven Joseph; Kathleen Kaiser; Dr. Raye Mitchell, Deborah M. Pratt, James Rollins; Scott Ryan; Katharine Sands, Edgar Scott, and many more.

Free to attend, The BookFest delivers vital conversations, entertainment, and educational programming for the reading and writing community. See the schedule here. The Saturday, April 17 live stream programming is dedicated to readers while the Sunday, April 18 programming is geared toward writers. People are encouraged to register for email updates online to stay informed and to receive exclusive offers like The BookFest Virtual Gift Bag. It will be emailed after The BookFest to all who subscribed to the email list and will include digital downloads and offers presented by many of The BookFest partners.

Throughout The BookFest, there will be special segments to enjoy between panels, including: Little Lion presents health, wellness, and mini creative activity sessions for attendees to watch and participate in and Todd Debreceni, author of “Special Makeup Effects for Stage and Screen,” who does special effects makeup to create a famous literary character, to be revealed at The BookFest.

A fan-favorite, the Big Bundle of Books Giveaway, presented by Books That Make You, returns with a picnic basket theme. Owlcrate once again offers a prize for booklovers. Other bookish goodies are also up for grabs. Attendees can browse “Virtual Booths,” which are pages for BookFest partners. There is also a “Books Page” showcasing books from participants. The BookFest organizers encourage booklovers to browse books and support the authors and partners who help bring this free-to-attend event to attendees around the globe.

The BookFest® is the leader in virtual literary events and produces vital conversations on the world’s stage for those who love to read, and those who love to write. It launched May 2020 and quickly became the leader in online book festivals. Free to attend, the biannual event happens in the spring and fall, and streams panel discussions, conversations, and festivities for readers and writers. As an award-winner, The BookFest® is presented by Black Château and Books That Make You and is a registered trademark of Desireé Duffy, who is the founder of all three.



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The BookFest 2021

Briscoe Western Art Museum’s Night of Artists

Live auction from the outdoor sculpture garden. Photo: Briscoe Western Art Museum, used with permission.

To mark the 20th anniversary of the event that sparked the museum’s creation, the Briscoe Western Art Museum is expanding its signature exhibition and sale to create a hybrid format. One of the premier Western Art events in the world is now in-person and online, allowing everyone to view and participate in the museum’s Night of Artists 2021 Exhibition and Sale. Night of Artists includes the viewing and sale of more than 250 new works of painting, sculpture and mixed media by 75 of today’s leading contemporary Western artists. (Briscoe Western Art Museum, 2021)

Featured artists include Logan Maxwell Hagege, Martin Grelle, Billy Schenck, Mark Maggiori, Kim Wiggins, George Hallmark, Michael Ome Untiedt, Teresa Elliott, Paul Rhymer, Stefan Savides, Mary Ross Ruchholz and C. Michael Dudash.

Open now, the Night of Artists Online Art Auction concludes during the event’s Grand Live Auction at 10p.m. on March 27, which will be livestreamed to registered bidders. Night of Artists then continues as a public exhibition and sale March 28 – May 9 at the Briscoe and online. Bid registration in the Online Art Auction and the Grand Live Auction is free. The Grand Live Auction includes online and in-person bidding, phone, mobile app and absentee bidding. 

Night of Artists serves as the primary fundraiser for the museum, benefiting the Briscoe’s full array of exhibitions, engagement and educational programs throughout the year.

Opening March 28, the Fixed-Price Sale features works not previously sold through auction. Available at a price set by the artist, these limited remaining works may be purchased online or in person.

“Expanding the event online provides a larger platform to showcase the beauty and impact of the rich stories illustrated through Western art. We look forward to sharing it with everyone.” – Michael Duchemin, President and CEO of the Briscoe Western Art Museum.

Celebrate National Sourdough Bread Day and National Empanada Day in April with La Panadería

La Panadería’s delicious empanadas are available for statewide shipping. Photo: La Panadería, used with permission.

The month of April is filled with several delicious national food days that you can spend celebrating at La Panadería. Founded by brothers David and Jose Cáceres in 2014 and known for their wonderful pan dulce, fresh breads and other delectable menu items, their bakeries have become a staple for San Antonians and visitors to the Alamo City. (La Panadería, 2021)

Kick off April with National Sourdough Bread Day on April 1 with La Panadería’s unique approach to breadmaking. The technique includes a 48-hour fermentation process and a double baking technique that results in artisan baked goods unlike any other. Loaves of La Panaderia’s delicious sourdough can be purchased in store, and Chef David even shared a tutorial for bread lovers to bake at home.

Shortly after comes National Empanada Day on April 8. La Panadería’s signature empanadas have layers of flaky pastry on the outside, fruit-filled insides, and an exterior dusted with sugar that is guaranteed to sweeten anyone’s day. The delicious empanadas are available in-store or can be shared with friends or family that live across Texas through La Panadería’s statewide shipping option. 

Brothers José and David Cáceres opened bakery-cafe La Panadería in 2014 to share their Mexican heritage and love for baking with the people of their adopted hometown of San Antonio, Texas. The Cáceres’ passion for baking began when they were young boys selling loaves of their mother, Doña Josefina’s fresh baked bread on the streets of Mexico City. Eventually José and David took over their mother’s homegrown business and started baking on a large scale, supplying bread and pan dulce for businesses throughout Mexico. After finding financial success in Mexico, the brothers realized they wanted to get back to the basics, and they decided to bring their passion for bread cultura to Texas.