Coming up at the Majestic Theatre and Empire Theatre

Upcoming shows at the Majestic Theatre include ‘Hamilton’ and “Weird Al” Yankovic. Photo: Majestic Theatre

These shows were just announced this month. Tickets are now on sale at the Majestic and Empire Theatres. For full calendar and listing of events, please visit the Majestic Theatre online. (Majestic Theatre, 2021)

Majestic Theatre
February 24, 2022 at 8p.m.

Majestic Theatre
February 26, 2022 at 10p.m.

Majestic Theatre
April 2, 2022 at 8p.m.

Majestic Theatre
April 19-24, 2022

Empire Theatre
May 18-22, 2022
Tickets go on sale January 21, 2022 at 10a.m.

Majestic Theatre
July 17, 2022 at 7:30p.m.

Majestic Theatre
August 31, 2022 at 7:30p.m.

Special Guest: Emo Philips
Majestic Theatre
October 4, 2022 at 7:30p.m.

Hamilton || Majestic Theatre || January 5 – 16, 2022
Diana Krall || Majestic Theatre || February 5, 2022
Sebastian Maniscalco || Majestic Theatre || February 18, 2022 – 9:30p.m. SHOW ADDED
Me, Myself & Shirley || Empire Theatre || February 25-26, 2022
Willie Nelson & Family || Majestic Theatre || March 21-22, 2022
Il Volo || Majestic Theatre || April 15, 2022
Chelsea Handler || Majestic Theatre || May 14, 2022
Freestyle Love Supreme || Empire Theatre || May 18 – 22, 2022 – JUST ANNOUNCED


‘SUMMER: The Donna Summer Musical’ at the Majestic Theatre

Tickets to ‘SUMMER: The Donna Summer Musical,’ which will play at the Majestic Theatre in April, are now on sale. Photo: AT&T Performing Arts Center

The North American Tour of SUMMER: The Donna Summer Musical’ will make its San Antonio, TX premiere at the Majestic Theatre on April 19-24, 2022. Tickets begin at $45 and are now on sale through the Majestic Theatre, Broadway in San Antonio, or in person at the Majestic Theatre Box Office. (Majestic Theatre, 2021)

She was a girl from Boston with a voice from heaven, who shot through the stars from gospel choir to dance floor diva. But what the world didn’t know was how Donna Summer risked it all to break through barriers, becoming the icon of an era and the inspiration for every music diva who followed. With a score featuring more than 20 of Summer’s classic hits including “Love to Love You Baby,” “Bad Girls” and “Hot Stuff,” this electric experience is a moving tribute to the voice of a generation.

‘SUMMER’ features a book by Tony Award® nominee Colman Domingo, Robert Cary and Tony Award® winner Des McAnuff, with songs by Donna Summer, Giorgio Moroder, Paul Jabara and others. This new touring production is directed by Lauren L. Sobon and choreographed by Natalie Caruncho, based on the original direction by Tony Award® winner Des McAnuff and original choreography by Tony Award® winner Sergio Trujillo. Associate choreographer is Angelica Beliard.

Musical Supervision is by JP Meyer, Music Director is Erika R. Gamez, tour scenic design by Robert Andrew Kovach, based on the original scenic design by Tony Award® nominee Robert Brill, costumes by Tony Award® winner Paul Tazewell, lighting by Russell A. Thompson, sound by David Temby, projections by Chris McCleary. This tour is produced by APEX Touring.

The Infamous Stringdusters pick up Grammy nomination for Bluegrass Album of the Year

The Infamous Stringdusters’ new album Toward the Fray will be available February 18, 2022. Photo: google

The Infamous Stringdusters is a progressive acoustic/bluegrass band, who first emerged in 2006, consisting of members Andy Hall (dobro), Chris Pandolfi (banjo), Andy Falco (guitar), Jeremy Garrett (fiddle), and Travis Book (bass). The “Dusters” won three awards at the IBMAs in October 2007 for Emerging Artist of the Year, Album of the Year (for Fork in the Road), and Song of the Year for the album’s title track and in 2018 the band won the Grammy for Best Bluegrass Album for Laws of Gravity. (The Infamous Stringdusters, 2021)

As the year starts to wind down, the opposite is true for Grammy-Award winning quintet The Infamous Stringdusters, who are dropping their forthcoming album Toward the Fray via Americana Vibes on February 18, 2022. They will be kicking off the year strong with a three night New Year’s Eve run in Richmond, Virginia, all the while celebrating last week’s Grammy nomination for Bluegrass Album of the Year for their 2021 album A Tribute To Bill Monroe. Additionally on the Dusters’ end of the year dance card, the band released Toward the Fray’s second single “Hard Line.”

Fans can now digitally pre-order or pre-save Toward the Fray now at this link. The Dusters also designed new merchandise to celebrate the release of Toward the Fray—including, but not limited to, a Stringdusters North Face jacket, limited edition colored vinyl, and an adorable Toward the Fray teddy bear. Pre-order all of these and more at the Infamous Stringdusters online store.

“This is a song about taking a hard line stance on something, and being so dug in you can’t ever change your mind,” shared Jeremy Garrett. “What a beautiful thing it might be if we could all come to the table, so to speak, once again and have meaningful and truthful discussions about the things going on in our world.” “Hard Line” is available here.

“Hard Line” comes on the heels of the release of the album’s previous single and title track, “Toward the Fray” which was written by guitarist Andy Falco with his dear friend Travis McKeveny who passed away tragically in September 2021.


Izaak Opatz’ new song ‘Chinook Wind’

Izaak Opatz deftly compares ex-lover to a tricky natural phenomenon in new song ‘Chinook Wind.’ Photo: google

The most concise  way to describe musician Izaak Opatz is “well-experienced,” but, like his razor-sharp songs, there are deeper details to his life that deserve to be highlighted. Opatz is now back in graduate school at the University of Montana studying Environmental Science and Natural Resource Journalism at the same school from which he earned a degree over a decade ago. Between his two distinct periods of study, Opatz spent ten summers on a trail crew in Glacier National Park and a stint working in Jonny Fritz’s infamous Los Angeles leather shop. All that is to say, Opatz’ music draws on his “well-experienced” life. (Izaak Opatz, 2021)

Opatz has a new song entitled “Chinook Wind,” a clever comparison between an attempt to get back with an ex and the false-summer warm wind of the Rockies. A catchy, reverb-y guitar hook gives way to a rollicking verse punctuated by stabbing horns before giving way to a half-time feel change in the song’s chorus. Fans of country and Americana will be just as likely to enjoy “Chinook Wind” as those who lean more indie rock or experimental, perpetuating Opatz’ hard-to-describe but easy-to-listen-to style, one that Opatz and his band have dubbed dirtwave. Watch the music video for “Chinook Wind” now and check out Opatz’ op-ed with Talkhouse covering his already-mentioned history and much more at this link. “Chinook Wind” is out now on Mama Bird Recording Co..

“Between the occasionally Muppet-y background vocals and the yackety brass, this song has some ‘Flea Bag’ to it, which suits the wild-goose-chase-of-the-heart it describes. A chinook is an unseasonably warm, dry wind that pours down the east side of the Rockies at the end of winter, sometimes tricking trees into thinking a premature spring is upon them, leading them to pull the sugars from their roots and get ready to bud out, which hurts the trees when winter inevitably reasserts itself. As per the metaphor, I ‘thawed out my resistance’ at the prospect of getting back together with my ex-lover, only to get dinged when it became clear it was a one-off— just a chinook wind.” – Izaak Opatz

On the music video, Opatz says, “Featuring an abundance of sweat, tears, and cream cheese, ‘Chinook Wind’ is the brainchild of Michael T. Workman, who turned my meteorological phenomena-inspired song about a romantic head fake into an absurd, pulpy crime caper, set in the gritty underbelly of Missoula, Montana.”

Book review: ‘Equity: How to Design Organizations Where Everyone Thrives’ by Minal Bopaiah

‘Equity: How to Design Organizations Where Everyone Thrives’ by Minal Bopaiah. Photo: amazon

Minal Bopaiah is the founder of Brevity & Wit, a strategy and design firm that helps organizations achieve the change they wish to see in the world through a unique approach that combines human-centered design, behavior change science, and the principles of inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility. Bopaiah has written for the Stanford Social Innovation Review and and has been a featured guest on numerous podcasts and shows, including the Kojo Nnamdi Show on WAMU. She has also been a keynote speaker for many conferences, inspiring thousands with her credible, authentic, and engaging talks. Her new book “Equity: How to Design Organizations Where Everyone Thrives”  helps leaders create more inclusive organizations using human-centered design and behavior change principles. (amazon, 2021)

“Equity” begins with an Introduction that delves deep into the subject of equity. Under the section Why Equity, Not Equality, Minal Bopaiah defines Equality as “when everyone has the same thing” and equity as “when everyone has what they need to thrive and participate fully.” Figure 1. Equality versus equity illustrates this as everyone having the same size bicycle versus everyone having the right bicycle to fit their needs. By sharing her family’s immigration story, she explains systemic inequality and how the system was designed this way: “the United States has an education system tied to local property taxes.” Equity allows leaders to create organizations where employees can contribute their unique strengths and collaborate better with their peers. The book is divided into chapters: 1. The Relationship between Bias, Systems, and Equity, 2. A Design Approach to IDEA, 3. Engaged and Equitable Leadership, 4. Bridging the Gap, 5. Communicating the Change, and 6. Creating Equity through Media and Marketing. In Closing Thoughts, her hope is that she has provided readers with the tools to “start designing for more equity in the corner of the world where you have influence and power.”

It may be a business centered subject, but everyone can benefit from learning more about Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion as well as Accessibility. “Equity” takes a complex topic and makes it clear and concise to everyday readers. Minal’s writing style is down to earth and the language is easy to understand. The Glossary at the end makes it easy to look up unfamiliar terms and Discussion Guide aimed at individuals, teams, and organizations will certainly keep the conversation going. One of the highlights is Chapter 6: Creating Equity through Media and Marketing which shows that even content creators can make a difference by making sure the content has proper representation and that everyone can access it. It may be a small book, but it speaks volumes about issues regarding diversity, equity, and inclusion. Far from being solely a business manual, it is also a reference guide for readers interested in creating a more equitable society. Filled with business and leadership advice, as well as interesting anecdotes and life lessons, “Equity” explains how everyone can do their part to achieve a more inclusive and diverse world and is recommended for readers interested in books about business leadership, workplace culture, and personal enrichment.

“When designing for equity, the objective is not to get everyone to think the same, have the same values, or believe the same things. The objective is to design a world where differences are valued.”

Rating: 4 out of 5.

*The author received a copy of this book for an honest review. The views and opinions expressed here belong solely to her.

Upcoming book release: ‘Breaking the Insidious Silence’ by Raye Mitchell

Olympic gold medalist Cindy Brown teams up with Harvard lawyer Raye Mitchell to release ‘Breaking the Insidious Silence: The Cindy Brown/Bank of New York Mellon Whistleblower Report.’ Release date is March 15, 2022. Photo: amazon

Cindy Brown, the Olympic Gold Medalist and former Women’s National Basketball (WNBA) player, teams up with Harvard Lawyer Raye Mitchell to release “Breaking the Insidious Silence: The Cindy Brown / Bank of New York Mellon Whistleblower Report.” Available on Amazon for pre-order, the report chronicles Brown’s fight to be heard and seeks the truth in finding the responsible party in a S.W.A.T.-like event in which Brown was evicted from her home at gunpoint. It has a release date of March 15, 2022. (Black Château, 2021)

Raye Mitchell is a University of Southern California MBA, and Harvard Law School graduate, civil rights lawyer, investigative writer, producer, and expert on helping people be heard and tell their story publicly. She explains, “’Through Breaking the Insidious Silence’ Ms. Brown wants to find the truth about whether Bank of New York Mellon is the corporation that ordered the S.W.A.T.-like attack on her and caused her to be evicted at gun point. Cindy, like so many Americans, has had to go it alone as a self-represented litigant in the growing national crisis of the civil justice gap and the inequalities in navigating the civil justice system. We aim to break that insidious silence.” 

Almost fifteen years ago, Cindy Brown became the victim of identity theft, which lead to financial institution misconduct and the loss of her home in what is considered an unlawful foreclosure. Seeking justice, she went to court mostly as a self-represented litigant. Brown was blocked from having her day in court, and like many Americans, was forced to navigate an uncivil civil justice system alone. 

Brown says, “In November 2020, I was evicted at gun point and living in my car. No person should have to endure that experience, so I am fighting for our collective restoration of dignity.” 

Brown’s story has been captured by the media and has received over 200,000 views on YouTube. The court documents that are at the center of the March 2022 hearing are also available.

“We will not retreat. Especially in this moment – as a global pandemic has widened inequities – our collective dignity and humanity requires that people like Cindy share their stories as tools on how to help others speak up, be heard, and find justice. Brown’s quest for justice has gained oxygen, shifted conversations, and is inspiring people to take action to ensure we all have fairness and equal access to justice. ‘The Breaking the Insidious Silence: The Cindy Brown / Bank of New York Mellon Whistleblower Report’ and the mission served is about so much more than one person, one group, or one organization,” Mitchell adds.

Raye Mitchell, also known as “Boss Girl Raye Mitchell,” is an award-winning entrepreneur, investigative writer, lawyer, diversity inclusion, and dignity expert. As a lawyer, Raye remains committed to helping everyday Americans be heard and gain access to justice in the era of a crumbling civil justice system that is anything but civil. Talking about the justice gap is devoid of discussion about Americans’ dignity gap when they go to court with or without a lawyer.

Cynthia L. Brown is an author, motivational speaker, a leadership expert on dignity in the dispute resolution process, Access to Justice for In Pro Se Litigants, and an A.D.A. Dignity Expert. Ms. Brown is a devoted advocate for fairness, respect for all, dedication to living the dream of dignity and access to justice. Cynthia L. Brown is an accomplished civil justice professional and proud member of the 1988 U.S. Olympic Gold Medal Woman’s Basketball Team. Ms. Brown has earned credentials and certifications from the United States Department of Justice, FBI.



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‘Breaking the Insidious Silence’ release date

Movie adaptation: ‘Nightmare Alley’ by William Lindsay Gresham

The movie adaptation of ‘Nightmare Alley’ is now in theaters. Photo: amazon

William Lindsay Gresham was a novelist and nonfiction writer. Gresham’s was a tortured mind and a tormented life, and he sought to banish his demons through a maze of dead-end ways, from Marxism to psychoanalysis to Christianity to Alcoholics Anonymous to Rinzai Zen Buddhism. From these demons came his novel “Nightmare Alley” (1946), one of the underground classics of American literature. It is a study of the lowest depths of showbiz and its sleazy inhabitants – the dark, shadowy world of a second rate carnival filled with hustlers, scheming grifters, and Machiavellian femme fatales. Guillermo del Toro directed the 2021 movie adaptation from a screenplay by del Toro and Kim Morgan. It stars Bradley Cooper, Cate Blanchett, Toni Collette and Willem Dafoe and focuses on Stan Carlisle, an ambitious carny who hooks up with corrupt psychiatrist Dr. Lilith Ritter, who proves to be as dangerous as he is. (amazon, Wikipedia, 2021)

“Nightmare Alley” – It all begins with an extraordinary description of a carnival-show geek—alcoholic and abject and the object of the voyeuristic crowd’s gleeful disgust and derision—going about his work at a county fair. Young Stan Carlisle is working as a carny, and he wonders how a man could fall so low. There is no way in hell, he vows, that anything like that will ever happen to him. Since Stan is clever and ambitious and not without a useful streak of ruthlessness, soon enough he is going places. Onstage he plays the mentalist with a cute assistant, then he graduates to full-blown spiritualist, catering to the needs of the rich and gullible in their well-upholstered homes. It looks like the world is Stan’s for the taking. At least for now.

San Antonio Museum of Art spotlights contemporary artist Wendy Red Star

Wendy Red Star, Indian Summer – Four Seasons, 2006 Archival pigment print on sunset fiber rag, 23 x 26 in. (58.4 x 66cm). Gift of Loren G. Lipson, M.D. Collection of The Newark Museum of Art. Photo: Wendy Red Star, used with permission.

The San Antonio Museum of Art (SAMA) will present a mid-career survey of the work of Portland-based artist Wendy Red Star starting February 11, 2022. The exhibition Wendy Red Star: A Scratch on the Earth features forty works drawn from the collection of The Newark Museum of Art and museums across the country and includes photography, textiles, and film and sound installations, produced over a period of fifteen years. At the heart of the exhibition, an immersive video will be screened inside a sweat lodge recreated within the gallery. (San Antonio Museum of Art, 2021)

An enrolled member of the Apsáalooke (Crow) Tribe, Red Star works across disciplines to explore the intersections of Native American ideologies and colonialist structures, both historically and in contemporary society. Drawing on pop culture, conceptual art strategies, and the Crow traditions within which she was raised, Red Star pushes photography in new directions—from self-portraiture to photo-collage and altered historical photographs—to bring to life her unique perspective on American history.

The importance of family, Indigenous roots of feminism, Crow mythology, history of the Montana landscape, and the pageantry of Crow Fest are among the subjects that Red Star brings to life in this exhibition. The artist’s exploration of ancestral Apsáalooke land culminates in the recreation of a sweat lodge. Inside, an immersive 360-degree video is projected onto the interior walls joining imagery from Crow mythology and the Montana landscape. Another large-scale wall installation maps the ancestral lands of Apsáalooke women. To reclaim the matrilineal society disrupted by the reservation system, Red Star contacted women across the country and researched their familial ties to the land. Also included is a powerful series of self-portraits, titled Apsáalooke Feminist, for which Red Star and her daughter Beatrice pose wearing traditional elk-tooth dresses, symbols of Crow womanhood. 

The title A Scratch on the Earth is a translation of the Apsáalooke word Annúkaxua and refers to the period after 1880 when U.S. government policy prioritized keeping Crow people on their reservation. Red Star mines archives to investigate the boundaries of the Crow reservation and how they came to be negotiated throughout the nineteenth century. Growing from the somewhat arbitrary borders that were historically imposed on the Apsáalooke, the exhibition also explores how boundaries between cultural, racial, social, and gender categories have subsequently been reinforced, and how they blur across time and space.

The exhibition was organized by The Newark Museum of Art and curated by Nadiah Rivera Fellah, guest curator, and Tricia Laughlin Bloom, Newark’s Curator of American Art. In San Antonio, it is generously funded by The Ford Foundation, The Betty Stieren Kelso Foundation, and The Brown Foundation, Inc. It is accompanied by a richly illustrated catalogue published by The Newark Museum of Art. A selection of programs and a symposium featuring the artist will also be offered during the exhibition.

“Red Star’s work engages images and materials that are rich with meaning to initiate vital conversations about identity, culture, and American history. SAMA is thrilled to share this important exhibition with our community.”

Lana Meador, SAMA’s Associate Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art

A look ahead at the Briscoe Western Art Museum’s upcoming exhibitions

The Briscoe Western Art Museum’s sneak peak into what is coming up at the museum next year. Photo: Briscoe Western Art Museum, used with permission.

From the best of today’s leading contemporary Western artists and the future stewards of the genre to the founding fathers of this purely American art form, the Briscoe Western Art Museum is celebrating the past, present, and future of Western art throughout 2022. A robust range of exciting exhibitions and programs is sure to make the Briscoe a frequent destination for those who love the genre as well as those who simply enjoy the rugged beauty, diverse people, and wildlife who call the West home. (Briscoe Western Art Museum, 2021)

Scholars and cultural institutions including the Briscoe identify distinct themes within Western Art including wildlife, Native American heritage, and of course, cowboys. Due to the undeniable influence of Mexican and Spanish heritage across Texas and the Southwest, the Briscoe also shares that influence on Western Art.

The Briscoe’s 2022 calendar includes:

Vaqueros de la Cruz del Diablo: Photography of the Contemporary Northern Mexican Cowboy
Through January 24, 2022
Closing out its successful United States debut at the Briscoe, Vaqueros de la Cruz del Diablo features celebrated photographer Werner Segarra inviting audiences to peer into the world of the Norteño Cowboys from Sonora, Mexico – not as a casual tourist, but as an intimate observer. With almost 60 images spanning more than 20 years of the lives of the vaqueros, Segarra’s images highlight the expansive landscape, their daily work, and the intimacy of their homes, not merely documenting the vaquero, but celebrating his subjects and their way of life. The exhibition’s closing weekend, January 22-23, features artist talks and exhibition tours with Segarra.

2022 Night of Artists
March 25-26, 2022 Opening Weekend Events, Celebration, and Live Auction
March 27 – May 8, 2022 Public Exhibition and Sale
One of the premier Western art events in the world, Night of Artists includes the viewing and sale of almost 300 new works of painting, sculpture, and mixed media by nearly 80 of today’s leading contemporary Western artists. The Briscoe Western Art Museum’s 2022 Night of Artists Exhibition and Art Sale returns to a two-day opening weekend that includes the Briscoe Collectors Summit, a preview dinner and live auction, an awards luncheon, the exhibition opening, and the popular “Luck of the Draw” sale. The public exhibition is a unique opportunity to see a fantastic array of the best of today’s contemporary Western art before the works join private collections, making the opening weekend and the exhibition itself something all Western art fans should see.

The Sons of Charlie Russell: Cowboy Artists of America
May 27 – September 5, 2022
Showcasing the foundation, traditions, and ideals established in the great works of Frederic Remington, Edward Borein and Charles M. Russell – the forefathers of Western art – The Sons of Charlie Russell: Cowboy Artists of America illustrates the evolution of contemporary Western art in the modern era. Demonstrating how the Cowboy Artists of America provides a core set of criteria for what traditional Western art looks like, it solidifies the strength and vibrancy of the genre for present and future generations. On display May 27 – September 5, 2022, The Sons of Charlie Russell includes approximately 80 works of art encompassing paintings, sculpture, and works on paper, dating from 1890 to the present-day from 40 artists drawn from exceptional institutional and private collections – and never before seen on view together. The 17 lenders to the exhibition include institutional and private lenders from Texas, Arizona, Colorado, Nebraska, Oklahoma, and Georgia, as well as works drawn from the Briscoe’s permanent collection.

Thomas D. Mangelsen: A Life in the Wild
September 29, 2022 – January 29, 2023
Western Art celebrates the American West, including the wild places and wildlife that grace the land. Featuring 40 of the renowned nature photographer’s most resonant photographs, Thomas D. Mangelsen – A Life in the Wild take viewers on a journey across the West and around the globe. Each image in Mangelsen’s portfolio has been taken in the wild under natural conditions, the result of him waiting for the “picture perfect moment” across decades and often in hostile conditions, allowing viewers to peer into the wild through Mangelsen’s lens. One of the most prolific nature photographers of our time, Mangelsen is an award-winning photographer whose images have been exhibited internationally and published in iconic mediums such as “National Geographic,” “Good Morning America,” and “60 Minutes.”

The Briscoe traditionally hosts free community events throughout the year, featuring complimentary museum access and activities. Community days at the Briscoe, with programming and entertainment throughout the museum campus, include:

National Day of the Cowboy
July 23, 2022
One of the Briscoe’s most treasured annual events, National Day of the Cowboy is celebrated on the fourth Saturday of July each year. Attracting Western fans of all ages for a day filled with fun, music, and art throughout the museum’s home on the River Walk, the day is filled with boots, hats and all things cowboy, cowgirl and vaquero. The celebration typically includes western lessons like the art of the lasso, cowboy poetry, chuckwagon treats, and cowboy crooning filling the air of the museum’s McNutt Sculpture Garden.

Yanaguana Indian Arts Celebration
November 19, 2022
Highlighting the continued vibrancy and artistic traditions of Native American communities, Yanaguana Indian Arts Celebration offers a glimpse into traditional and contemporary Native American culture. Featuring Native American artists, musical performances and dancing, the event features storytelling, artist demonstrations of painting, printmaking, pottery, weaving and carving, as well as Native American-inspired food. Yanaguana Indian Arts Celebration also features workshops and lectures celebrating Native American culture.

The Briscoe is open Thursday through Monday, 10a.m. – 5p.m. and closed to the public on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Admission is free for children 12 and under and for active duty members of the military. The museum is proud to participate in Museums For All, Blue Star Museums and Bank of America Museums on Us. The Briscoe is located on the south end of the River Walk, near the Arneson River Theatre and La Villita, with convenient parking at the Riverbend Garage directly adjacent to the museum or one of many downtown surface lots. Museum hours, parking and admission details are available online.

Culinaria Restaurant Weeks returns in January

The bi-annual culinary extravaganza returns January 15-29, 2022. Photo: Culinaria, used with permission.

Culinaria Restaurant Weeks, the bi-annual extravaganza, returns January 15 through 29 with participating eateries in San Antonio and neighboring counties. Participating restaurants will offer special three-course prix-fixe menus: $20 and $30 for lunch, and $35, $45 and $55 for dinner, with to go options at select restaurants. Guests can expect some restaurants to offer additional course options as well as wine, cocktail and beer pairings. It is the perfect opportunity to try out a new restaurant that has been top of mind or let it serve as the catalyst to reconnect with friends, family, or co-workers. (Culinaria, 2021)

“San Antonio is a hub for great dining hotspots and Restaurant Weeks presents the ultimate opportunity for local residents and visitors to discover new culinary delights. It also generates enthusiasm within our diverse culinary community and extends another opportunity for Chefs to showcase the variety of food and flavors that define San Antonio and neighboring cities.” – Suzanne Taranto-Etheredge, president/CEO, Culinaria

The best advice to anyone participating in Restaurant Week is to plan. Full details on participating restaurants, including Restaurant Weeks menus can be found online. Reservations are not required but are encouraged as walk-in service cannot be guaranteed.

Culinaria is continually expanding. Additional participating restaurants are added weekly, as well as new events throughout the year. Please visit Culinaria for all the latest in Restaurant Week details as well as upcoming events.

Culinaria is an independent, not-for-profit organization committed to promoting San Antonio as a premier wine and food destination while fostering community growth and enrichment. Culinaria is a registered 501 c (3) tax-exempt organization. A volunteer board of directors who represent the community and guide the organization in its mission to champion the wine and food industries governs Culinaria. Events that make up Culinaria include Restaurant Weeks, a 5K Wine Run, the Wine + Food Festival and the Hallowine Run as well as smaller events and several community partners’ events throughout the year.

Best Food and Wine Festival to Visit – Readers Digest, 2018
Best Food & Wine Event in Texas – Essence 2017
Top 10 American Food Festivals – The Telegraph 2016
Most Popular Food and Wine Festival – Vanity Fair, 2011



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Culinaria Restaurant Weeks