Dallas Ugly’s debut album Watch Me Learn

Dallas Ugly explores the vast reaches of three cords and the truth on their debut album Watch Me Learn, due out April 8, 2022. Courtesy photo, used with permission.

The music of Dallas Ugly shines with lustrous nostalgia on their debut album, Watch Me Learn. Built on a foundation of mellow interchanges of electric guitar and pedal steel, the rhythm and flow evoke an old-school country version of lo-fi hip hop radio. Combined with soaring fiddle and heartfelt vocals, it becomes something wholly new – a sound as unique as it is dreamy. Themes of change, loss, and growth, felt alongside the band members’ decade-long friendship, lend themselves naturally to the rolling country music vibes of their melodies and instrumentation. Together, Owen Burton, Eli Broxham, and Libby Weitnauer present a dreamy, last-call rendition of three chords and the truth. If you close your eyes, you can practically feel yourself slow dancing under the lazy orbit of a disco ball at midnight. (Dallas Ugly, 2022)

Dallas Ugly’s unique, quietly intense sound is all at once nostalgic and new, carrying an Americana torch into their own technicolor future. This group of college friends turned dedicated bandmates shared a track from their upcoming full-length debut, Watch Me Learn, out April 8, 2022. You can pre-order the album here.

The song, “Liberated No Ones,” lumbers along, ghostly, with touches of Gillian Welch-esque verses and bursts of spazzy Radiohead-sounding drum beats and violin-turned-arpeggiator fills. Watch the historically inspired video here which features footage of coal miners sourced from documentaries Steel: A Symphony of Industry, “Original Pocahontas” Coal and A Chance To Play.

The whole of Watch Me Learn—produced by Alec Spiegelman (Cuddle Magic, Ana Egge, Taylor Ashton)—explores the missed adventures and misadventures of life in one’s early twenties—mistakes being made, lessons being learned, bonds being formed and broken as one grows into the person they are meant to be. The band explores these themes with fondness and love, a gentle empathy for the inner child they have left behind. More than anything else, they explore them together. “I hope that what people take away from the album is an emotional response—take away the feeling of having just caught up with some old friends in a very intimate experience,” says Weitnauer. After all, that is what the album was to them: a way to reconnect with old friends after time apart—sharing the stories of the hardships and triumphs that led them back to each other. It is an album that in part looks back on the journeys and evolutions we make as individuals, but also looks towards the communities and people who shape our lives in equal measure.

Watch Me Learn track list:
Remember When You’re Leaving
Watch Me Learn
Anyone New
Part of a Time
Liberated No Ones
Fool’s Life
Big Hands
Ought To Miss You By Now
Sleight of Hand

Courtesy photo, used with permission.


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Celebrate Fiesta at Thompson San Antonio – Riverwalk

Thompson San Antonio – Riverwalk will be hosting several Fiesta events. Photo: Thompson San Antonio – Riverwalk, used with permission.

Fiesta is San Antonio’s annual festival and signature event that honors the memories of those lost at the Alamo and the Battle of San Jacinto. Since 1819, Fiesta has celebrated the city’s rich and diverse culture. This year, join San Antonio from March 31 to April 10 in honoring the city’s vibrant history with music, parades, art, and exhibitions. (Thompson San Antonio – Riverwalk, 2022)

Thompson San Antonio – Riverwalk is the best place to stay for the celebration, not only because of its prime location on the River Walk and the Fiesta Flambeau Parade route, but because of its numerous events right on property. Join the hotel on March 31 for the Night in Thompson San Antonio Kick Off Party + Fiesta Medal Reveal at their rooftop restaurant and bar, The Moon’s Daughters. From 4p.m. to 6p.m., the enchanting lounge will have live entertainment from local favorite Mariachi Nuevo Estillo, Fresca Fiesta cocktails (the Thompson take on the Watermelon Fresca), and even a Fiesta Medal giveaway to the first 50 attendees. All proceeds from the specialty cocktail will go to B.I.G. LOVE Cancer Care. On Saturday, April 2, guests and residents of the hotel can enjoy the Cenote Pool Fiesta, with festive cocktails, delicious pool snacks, luxurious cabanas, and unmatched city views.

On April 6, Thompson San Antonio – Riverwalk will be hosting a special tasting of different spirits at their signature restaurant, Landrace. The Taste of Landrace will take place from 4:30p.m. to 6:30p.m. and will be accompanied by live entertainment from Mariachi Nuevo Estillo.

Photo: Thompson San Antonio – Riverwalk, used with permission.

Don McLean releases new ‘Vincent’ music video in celebration of Van Gogh’s birthday

Don McLean releases new video in celebration of Van Gogh’s birthday and World Bipolar Day. Photo: Vivien Killilea-Getty Images for Lighthouse Immersive and Impact Museums, used with permission.

In collaboration with Immersive Van Gogh and the International Society for Bipolar Disorders (ISBD), folk rock legend Don McLean will release a new music video of his song “Vincent,” also known as “Starry, Starry Night.” The video was recorded at Immersive Van Gogh Los Angeles and is being released in commemoration of Van Gogh’s birthday and World Bipolar Day on Wednesday, March 30.  Viewers are encouraged to make a donation to support the ISBD. Anyone making a donation of $40 or more will receive a two-for-one coupon code (valid through April 30) to visit Immersive Van Gogh in any of the 14 cities where it is currently being presented. After making the donation, the donor will receive an email from ISBD with instructions on how to redeem the offer. The exhibition will open in San Antonio starting May 26 through September 5 of this year and tickets are now on sale here. To make a donation to the ISBD, click here. (Immersive Van Gogh, 2022)

Van Gogh, born March 30, 1853, is widely thought to have struggled with bipolar disorder or other mental illness, and tragically took his own life in 1890. World Bipolar Day, recognized annually on March 30, is a world-wide awareness initiative that provides a platform for education and discussion. The video release also commemorates the 50th anniversary of the song’s rise to No. 2 on Billboard Charts in March of 1972.

“I am excited to release this video in collaboration with Immersive Van Gogh and the International Society for Bipolar Disorders. Van Gogh himself struggled with mental health, and by launching this video, we hope to support mental health awareness as a tribute to Van Gogh on his birthday. This is an especially meaningful way for me to commemorate the 50 th anniversary of a song that so many people have told me has a special personal resonance for them.” – Don Mclean

“Don McLean’s song is truly a classic. We are grateful for the opportunity to bring wider awareness and understanding about bipolar disorders thanks to this collaboration.” – Immersive Van Gogh producer Corey Ross

“Approximately 2% of the general population has bipolar disorder, formerly known as manic-depressive illness, and it affects women and men equally of all ages. We are delighted to partner with Immersive Van Gogh through this initiative that celebrates both Van Gogh’s birthday and World Bipolar Day, to raise awareness of this illness and the important work of our organization and its members.” – President of the International Society for Bipolar Disorders Professor Gin Malhi

Don McLean is a Grammy award honoree, a Songwriter Hall of Fame member, and a BBC Lifetime Achievement Award recipient. His smash hit “American Pie” resides in the Library of Congress National Recording Registry and was named a top 5 song of the 20th Century by the Recording Industry of America (RIAA). A New York native, Don McLean is one of the most revered and respected songwriters in American history. After paying his dues in the New York club scene in the late ‘60s, he went on to score mega-hits like “Vincent (Starry, Starry Night),” “Castles in the Air” and many more. In 2021, Don received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, celebrated the 50th anniversary of “American Pie,” and recorded a version of the song with a cappella group Home Free.

The mission of the International Society for Bipolar Disorders (ISBD) is to foster international collaboration in education, research, and clinical care to improve the lives of those with bipolar disorder and related conditions. The ISBD has members from over 50 countries, and over the past two decades has become the leading source for emerging research in the field of bipolar disorders. This year will mark the ninth celebration of World Bipolar Day.

Lighthouse Immersive brings together two of Toronto’s preeminent production companies, Starvox Entertainment and Show One Productions, to bring the world premiere of Immersive Van Gogh, Immersive Frida Kahlo and Immersive Klimt: Revolution to over a dozen North American cities. Working directly with the Italian masters of immersive digital art and other leading global creators, Lighthouse Immersive has custom-designed all exhibits to distinctly envelop the various architectural settings they inhabit. To date, Lighthouse Immersive has sold over 4.8 million tickets to Immersive Van Gogh across North America, with Artnet recently commenting on the wave of immersive galleries, calling it “one of the largest coordinated art phenomena of all time.”

Abigail Lapell’s new album Stolen Time

Abigail Lapell studies the hopes and hardships of immigrating to a new world on new tune Land Of Plenty from her upcoming album Stolen Time, due out April 22, 2022. Photo: google

Over the past decade and three spellbinding albums, Abigail Lapell has earned two Canadian Folk Music Awards (English Songwriter of the Year in 2020 and Contemporary Album of the Year in 2017), hit number one on Canadian folk radio, and accrued a staggering 13 million+ Spotify streams while touring widely across Canada, the U.S., and Europe. Her new album Stolen Time is due out April 22, 2022. (Abigail Lapell, 2022)

There is a deep level of empathy that only comes about when one has experienced or been impacted by similar situations. In the case of Canadian singer/songwriter Abigail Lapell, watching a ban on Muslim immigrants happen right before her eyes struck a generational chord with the woman whose family escaped the Holocaust by immigrating from Eastern Europe to North America. Lapell took to her notebook and the resulting song, “Land Of Plenty,” presents a simple-but-striking look at the hopes and hardships of immigrating to a new world as the opening track from her upcoming album, Stolen Time. Its themes are both timeless and timely in its recurring, prayerful refrains, evoking the spirits of Woody Guthrie or Pete Seeger. Flood premiered “Land Of Plenty,” which described the song as a, “stripped-down beauty.” Fans can stream “Land Of Plenty” now at this link, check out previously-released singles “Pines” and “Ships,” and pre-order or pre-save Stolen Time ahead of its April 22nd release right here.

The upcoming Stolen Time strikes a balance between Lapell’s acoustic debut Great Survivor and her two rockier Chris Stringer-produced records Hide Nor Hair and Getaway, while bringing a live-off-the-floor 70s folk-rock vibe and more structural experimentation to the table on songs that feel expansive in their scope—unhurried, psychedelic, and other-worldly. Lapell’s band underscores and meets the power of her vocals on songs like “Ships,” a wild sax solo seemingly enticing her higher and louder to meet the crashing waves. Many of Stolen Time’s standout tracks are solo acoustic guitar songs, backed by little more than Lapell’s harmonica, pump organ, or accordion. “Old Flames,” with Lapell’s melodic fingerstyle guitar mimicking flickering embers, is a bit of an answer song to Bruce Springsteen’s “I’m On Fire,” the swirling and woozy “Scarlet Fever” was inspired by an elderly relative’s tales of being quarantined as a child, and the aforementioned “Land Of Plenty” haunts with its folk-refrain statement on immigration, past and present.

Stolen Time also marks the collaborative meeting of two important music communities for Lapell, who spent formative years in Montreal’s Mile End before returning to her hometown: From Toronto, Dan Fortin (bass), Dani Nash (drums, vocals), Christine Bougie (lap steel, guitar) and Rachael Cardiello (viola); and from Montreal Katie Moore (vocals), Chris Velan (vocals), Pietro Amato (French horn) and Ellwood Epps (trumpet); Nashville pedal steel player Fats Kaplin and Vancouver cellist Peggy Lee also play on the album.

Stolen Time track list:
Land of Plenty
Scarlet Fever
All Dressed Up
I See Music
Stolen Time
Old Flames
I Can’t Believe



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Book review: ‘You Speak For Me Now’ by Sandy Graham

‘You Speak For Me Now’ is the new novel by Sandy Graham. Photo: amazon

Sandy Graham is a dual citizen of Canada and the United States. His dual citizenship reflects a North American ancestry dating back to both sides of the American Revolutionary War. It also leads to a desire to see all North Americans find a way to embrace their multiple cultures, languages, and ethnic backgrounds in a manner that provides an opportunity for all to enjoy a full life. His previous books include the Pillage Trilogy, (“Life Shattered,” “Life Rescued,” and “Life Threatened”) “Murder – On Salt Spring?” “The Pizza Dough King,” and “A Quite Rampage.” In his new novel “You Speak For Me Now,” Emma and John, a young couple, risk their marriage, their business, and their lives to speak out against inequality, racism, and fascism.

“You Speak For Me Now” – Emma Simon is a brave but introverted deaf woman of color and John McEwan is an extrovert with a passion for politics and singing. When they meet in the seventh grade, John is immediately smitten, proving that opposites do attract. Not only do they find happiness in marriage, but as business partners. They create an app – Sign-Talk, as a way to give deaf people a way to talk to everyone. As the popularity of the app grows, so does John’s public persona. While promoting Sign-Talk on national TV, John turns the conversation into a discussion about politics. He is quickly targeted by a popular conservative commentator who uses his platform and social media following to attack John’s views and his family. John becomes embroiled in this battle and drags Emma in with him. Forces against them turn violent, driving them into seclusion, tearing them apart, and destroying their rapidly growing company. In a world torn between democracy and dictatorship, can America survive the onslaught of authoritarianism and become once again a beacon of democratic leadership? In a dramatic role reversal, Emma reveals how a strong individual can rise in the face of crises.

Romance novels usually have a happy ending when a couple finally ends up together. Rarely do they expand the narrative to include a lifetime of ups and downs and unexpected surprises that come along the way. This is what makes “You Speak For Me Now” a more realistic account of one couple’s struggles and victories. Emma and John’s story is not a typical ‘happily ever after’ account and is both heart warming and heart breaking. Mr. Graham puts readers through an emotional rollercoaster while at the same time emphasizing music’s ability to heal and bring people together. It is an easy read and the action is mostly dialogue driven and since the story spans decades, the character development is excellent. It is worth mentioning that politics and social issues, such as income and race inequalities, as well as the current state of affairs in the United States plays a big part in the story which will no doubt elicit strong reactions, depending on the reader’s political leanings. Regardless, the book’s underlying message of unity and the need for peace and understanding stands out. “You Speak For Me Now” is a must read novel of love and courage in the midst of life’s toughest moments and is recommended for readers who enjoy romance and political fiction.

“Regardless of our political leaning, liberal or conservative, we must come together to right our ship, to return to morality, integrity, and mutual respect.”

*The author received a copy of this book for an honest review. The views and opinions expressed here belong solely to her.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

‘Jekyll & Hyde’ at the Camille Playhouse

‘Jekyll & Hyde’ opens at the Camille Playhouse on Friday April 1, 2022. Photo: Camille Playhouse

Coming up at the Camille Playhouse is ‘Jekyll & Hyde,’ based on Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic thriller. Opening night is Friday April 1 and the show will run until Sunday April 10, 2022. Performance dates are Friday, and Saturday at 8p.m. and Sunday at 2p.m. Tickets are $25 for general admission and are available online or at the box office by calling (956) 542-8900. ‘Jekyll & Hyde’ was conceived for the stage by Steve Cuden and Frank Wildhorn with book & lyrics by Leslie Bricusee, music by Frank Wildhorn, orchestrations by Kim Scharnberg and arrangements by Jason Howland. The performance will run approximately 90 minutes without intermission. (Camille Playhouse, 2022)

‘Jekyll & Hyde’ is the gripping tale of a brilliant mind gone horrifically awry, set to a powerful pop-rock score by Frank Wildhorn with book and lyrics by Leslie Bricusse. In an attempt to cure his ailing father’s mental illness by separating “good” from “evil” in the human personality, talented physician Dr. Jekyll inadvertently creates an alternate personality of pure evil, dubbed Mr. Hyde, who wreaks murderous havoc on the city of London. As his fiancée Emma grows increasingly fearful for her betrothed, a prostitute, Lucy, finds herself dangerously involved with both the doctor and his alter ego. Struggling to control Hyde before he takes over for good, Jekyll must race to find a cure for the demon he has created in his own mind.

Camille Playhouse
1 Dean Porter Park
Brownsville, TX 78520

Photo: Camille Playhouse

Twin Liquors brings back dollar sale

The fine wine and spirits retailer is offering deals at highly discounted prices during The Dollar Sale from March 31 through April 2, 2022. Photo: Twin Liquors, used with permission.

Texas’ favorite sale, The Dollar Sale, is returning this spring at Twin Liquors. Featuring incredible savings on all wine and spirits across the store, Twin Liquors drops the price to the absolute lowest, then adds $1. Shoppers can look forward to amazing prices on collectible wines, rare whiskies and other popular spirits. (Twin Liquors, 2022)

Since the first Dollar Sale was activated 10 years ago in honor of their 75th anniversary, the sale has been a way for Twin Liquors to thank their customers and this year is no exception. Now celebrating their 85th anniversary, the Twin Liquors team is looking forward to bringing back the fan favorite sale after the pandemic forced a hiatus. The Dollar Sale will take place at all 100+ Twin Liquors locations, and will include for the first time their six Sigel’s locations in Dallas. To locate the store nearest you, visit Twin Liquors – Dallas locations. 

The Dollar Sale
Thursday, March 31 – Saturday, April 2, 2022
10a.m. – 9p.m

Born and raised in downtown Austin, Texas, Twin Liquors began as one small store and has developed into a successful “home-grown” Texas family-owned company. Their unique and well-respected reputation throughout the United States includes having impeccable team members, outstanding customer service, conveniently located stores, extensive selections of fine wines and premium spirits from around the world, and substantial community involvement. Twin Liquors currently operates 100+ neighborhood stores from Austin to San Antonio, the Hill Country to Houston, and the DFW area with their Sigel’s branded stores.

Music festival MerleFest announces lineup

MerleFest will take place from April 28 through May 1 in Wilkesboro, North Carolina. Photo: google

MerleFest, presented by Window World, is proud to announce the next round of artist additions for MerleFest 2022, which will be held April 28-May 1, 2022. Trampled By Turtles, Colin Hay, and The Steel Wheels will join an already outstanding lineup which includes performances by Emmylou Harris, Greensky Bluegrass, Rissi Palmer, Old Crow Medicine Show, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Steep Canyon Rangers, Allison Russell, We Banjo 3, and more. MerleFest is the annual homecoming of musicians and music fans held on the campus of Wilkes Community College in Wilkesboro, North Carolina. (MerleFest, 2022)

Hogslop String Band will be hosting this year’s late night jam. Jam guest artists will be announced in the coming weeks. Additional fan favorites announced today include Barbaro, Big Daddy Love, The Contenders, Damn Tall Buildings, David Childers and The Serpents, Desure, Eli Yacinthe, Jake Blount, Kaia Kater, Nat Myers, Shannon McNally, Shay Martin Lovette, Sister Sadie, Tenille Townes, Time Sawyer, and Tray Wellington.

In addition to those mentioned above, the following artists and bands have previously been announced: Alison Brown, Andy May, Arlo McKinley, Banknotes, Caleb Caudle, Carol Rifkin, Charles Welch, Darrell Scott, Donna the Buffalo, Dr. Bacon, Happy Traum, Jack Lawrence, Jeff Little Trio, Jerry Douglas, Jim Lauderdale, Joe Smothers, Kruger Brothers, Laura Boosinger, Mark Bumgarner, Mitch Greenhill, Pete & Joan Wernick, Peter Rowan, Presley Barker, Rev. Peyton’s Big Damn Band, Roy Book Binder, Sam Bush, Scythian, T. Michael Coleman, The Arcadian Wild, The InterACTive Theatre of Jef, The Local Boys, The Waybacks, Tony Williamson, Wayne Henderson, and 49 Winchester.

Tickets for this year’s festival are on sale now and available online or by calling 1-800-343-7857. Festival vendor and volunteer application windows are now open. 

MerleFest 2022 will host its second annual MerleFest Mega Raffle to support scholarships at Wilkes Community College. Tickets are on sale now. The Mega Raffle drawings will be held during the festival on Sunday, May 01, 2022, at the Raffle/Silent Auction Tent from 1p.m. – 2p.m. Over $170,000 in cash and prizes will be awarded. Only 5,000 tickets will be sold, and ticket holders do not have to be present to win. Raffle tickets are $100 each and include two entries to the MerleFest Mega Raffle drawings. 

MerleFest was founded in 1988 in memory of the son of the late American music legend Doc Watson, renowned guitarist Eddy Merle Watson. MerleFest is a celebration of “traditional plus” music, a unique mix of traditional, roots-oriented sounds of the Appalachian region, including old-time, classic country, bluegrass, folk and gospel, and blues, and expanded to include Americana, classic rock, and many other styles. The festival hosts a diverse mix of artists on its 13 stages during the course of the multi-day event. MerleFest is the primary fundraiser for the WCC Foundation, funding scholarships, capital projects, and other educational needs.

Book excerpt: ‘The Still Point: The Simplicity of Spiritual Enlightenment’ by Kevin Krenitsky, MD

‘The Still Point: The Simplicity of Spiritual Enlightenment’ is Kevin Krenitsky’s new book on discovering and living our lives in alignment with our true self. Courtesy photo, used with permission.

An excerpt from “The Still Point: The Simplicity of Spiritual Enlightenment” by Kevin Krenitsky

Reprinted with permission from Waterside Productions Inc. 2022


If we begin to truly examine our day-to-day experience, we will see that most of us are in a constant state of either impatience or boredom. We are always looking to the next moment, or the next experience, to come and deliver us into some sense of peace and fulfillment, but it rarely does. It rarely does because when it comes, we go right on anticipating the next moment without enjoying the peace of the only moment we are ever given, which is now. In the rare times we are not continually waiting for the promise of the next moment, we wander into the past with thought and either regret what has already occurred or fantasize about what we could have done differently. Take some time to really look at your life in this way and see how very rare the moments of true peace and relaxation are. The near constant state of unease most humans experience is usually the best-case scenario because when you add any amount of anxiety to the mix, which a huge number of people suffer from, the anticipation of the future contains a constant level of worry. With anxiety, we still continually reject the present moment in favor of a future moment, but now we also expect something bad to happen in that very future moment we pine for. This is living in bondage that has become so “normal” to most people they don’t even question it or recognize its insanity.

At some points during our lives, we get something that we have been greatly desiring, such as a new job, a big house, or a romantic partner, and for a short time we are content. Instead of realizing this brief happiness is due to the cessation of the constant wanting that came from acquiring the object of our desire, we wrongly project the cause of the happiness onto the object itself. As soon as the happiness or contentment wears off, we start subtly, or not so subtly, searching for the next object to acquire to become happy again. All the while we overlook the true cause of our misery, which is the constant desire to reject the now or “what is” in favor of a better future moment. Thus, the nature of ignorant living, or “living in delusion,” is living as a prisoner to thoughts. The price you pay for identifying your very self with your thoughts and feelings is unhappiness at best and misery at worst. With the rejection of your true nature as the Still Point of awareness, you willingly give up the only recognition that is happiness and peace itself.

Kevin Krenitsky is a medical doctor and author of “The Still Point.” Despite leading a life deemed outwardly “successful,” he lived with a deep background of anxiety, fear, and stress that waxed and waned since early childhood. At the age of forty, in the midst of decades of suppressing tremendous inner and outer conflict, he reasoned there must be another way. This ‘willingness’ led to a decade of studying non-duality by way of “A Course in Miracles.” In 2015, at the height of a successful business career as Chief Commercial Officer at Foundation Medicine (FMI), Kevin turned away into relative isolation, and found the direct path to recognizing ones true nature. He wrote “The Still Point” to help others find their eternal nature, which is happiness itself.


Upcoming book release: ‘The Path 365’ by Suzie Newell

Suzie Newell’s ‘The Path 365: Daily Direction for Ladies and Mothers, Witches and Others’ will be released April 26, 2022. Photo: Suzie Newell

In today’s fast-paced and unpredictable world, everybody needs effective coping strategies to deal with anxiety and change. Based on extensive research and work experience, Suzie Newell’s book, “The Path 365: Daily Direction for Ladies and Mothers, Witches and Others,” provides a roadmap for reclaiming health from the inside to the outside. The book releases April 26, 2022. (Suzie Newell, 2022)

“The Path 365: Daily Direction for Ladies and Mothers, Witches and Others” demystifies the concepts of mind, body, and spirit, allowing the readers to create a Path that is uniquely their own. It is a comprehensive guide to life that will empower them to become their best selves by fostering a healthy mindset and giving them daily direction. The book’s down-to-earth coping strategies will enable readers to live in balance and joy again. Most importantly, they will learn how to create activities and mindsets that build the feel-good hormones in their body.

“One day, I was sitting in my tub, where I do all my best thinking, and realized that there [are] a myriad of books out there for people who struggle with substance use disorder or other mental health issues. Those who are religious have access to all sorts of literature. But what about someone who is just tired, emotional, confused, or a hundred other states of mental distress? So, the idea of writing The Path 365 came to me. I can provide coping mechanisms based on my research for everyone, as a gal who has lived it, studied it and totally gets it. This book could be something that was not only useful, but something beautiful, poetic, and entertaining; something people would want to read.” – Suzie Newell

“The Path 365: Daily Direction for Ladies and Mothers, Witches and Others” is the culmination of Suzie Newell’s lifetime of work in health care, in peer support and within her own personal journey. Designed to be a daily companion, the book provides actionable steps for choosing compassion over resentment, willingness over avoidance, and self-love over anything in order to access happiness and endless possibilities. The book includes exquisite art and illustrations that make the hardcover version worthy of any nightstand or coffee table.

The book is available to pre-order on amazon and will be released in digital and hardcover editions. Suzie Newell has her doctorate specializing in coping mechanisms. She is a speaker and a nurse anesthesiologist. The work she did on substance abuse led her to the evidence revealed in image scanning, peer-reviewed research, and practical science about how the way one copes affects the brain’s ability to be happy.

Suzie’s journey began with a degree in political science working in social justice, but was inspired to work in anesthesia while in Guatemala during the 500 Years of Resistance campaign. From her experience working with women on obstetric units, she saw how mental health issues and substance abuse were tearing apart communities in heart of the opioid crisis. After the tragic loss of her own sister to an overdose, she was compelled to help more, and dedicated her life to health care.



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