Book of the week: ‘Braxton’s Turn: Watch Out Washington’ by Stephen R. Marks

‘Braxton’s Turn: Watch Out Washington’ is a humorous political novel by Stephen R. Marks. Photo: Stephen R. Marks

Stephen R Marks is the author of “Braxton’s Turn: Watch Out Washington.” He started writing it in 2012 and as a busy businessman running a company, he had little time to devote to the manuscript until he retired in early 2020. His company helped raise money for research and he was asked to join the JDRF Los Angeles Board of Directors in 2011. That experience exposed him to the work of advocacy groups, parents, and the medical research community in pursuit of a cure for type 1 diabetes. Yet despite millions of dollars raised through charitable giving combined with large annual research grants from the U.S. Congress, there was still no cure and no preventions in hand or on the horizon. In 2012 he got the idea for a story about how the right man, in the right place, at the right time could lead the efforts that would result in the cure. That developed into the story of Jonathon ‘JB’ Braxton; a story filled with comedy and quirky characters in addition to serious discussion of life with type 1 diabetes and other social commentary. Hopefully, it will be a source of hope and inspiration to those in the diabetes community and to those who desire our country to have better people seeking public office. (Stephen R. Marks, 2023)

“Braxton’s Turn: Watch Out Washington” – In the spring of 2012, an unlikely transformational figure inadvertently breaches the perimeter of U.S politics. Unencumbered by political ambition and devoid of greed or lust for power, Jonathon Braxton reluctantly enters the arena. Fueled solely by a desire to advocate for more medical research funding to find a cure for type 1 diabetes afflicting his son, Braxton agrees to speak at the 2012 Republican National Convention courtesy of two influential power brokers who see ‘JB‘ as the future of the party. Lance Reibus, the Republican National Committee chairman, is pressured by two important power brokers, Carlton and Cornelius Hale, into giving Braxton a prime time speaking slot with the intent to showcase Braxton to the party and to the country. Braxton is aware of their motives but does not care as he sees this as an opportunity to advocate for his cause and one that cannot be passed up despite his disdain for politics.

Braxton’s passionate speech advocating for increased funding for stem cell research catapults him into the political limelight and launches his political career and a journey that leads him to the U.S. Congress and the height of U.S. political power. Along the way he remodels Washington DC political norms and cable TV opinion shows as he becomes a regular on Wallis Kriss’ Big News Sunday show. Braxton’s monthly Sunday morning appearances with Kriss become must watch TV for much of the country and serve to reshape the U.S. political landscape.

As the 2016 presidential election comes into view, Braxton finds himself in the orbit of the Democrat front-runner, and current Secretary of State, Heather Carrington. The Republican Braxton intrigues Carrington and they form a bond as Carrington faces uncertainties about her desire to be president and Braxton strives to navigate the halls of Congress in pursuit of his agenda. On the cusp of the election, a series of events bring Braxton and Carrington closer together and lead to a surprising conclusion as Braxton brings both the Democrat and Republican parties to the brink of extinction.

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Big Country Organic Brewing Co launches organic beer line

Big Country Organic Brewing Co launches three new beers in 2023 beginning in April. Photo: Big Country Organic Brewing Co., used with permission.

Big Country® Organic Brewing Co. is growing with the launch of three new beers slated for 2023. The first to hit shelves is TexMex Lager, a bright, refreshing Mexican style lager made with organic ingredients. Beginning in April you will be able to find TexMex Lager in 6-packs of 12oz. cans at your local retailer, and on draft in restaurants and bars throughout Texas. (Big Country, 2023)

Following the launch of TexMex Lager, the journey to highlight beer styles from across our great big country will continue with the release of a West Coast style IPA and Hazy New England style IPA. Both certified Organic IPAs will be available in July.

Big Country® may be known for their Organic Hard Seltzer, but the team has been producing high quality, crushable beers since the inception of the company. The release of these beers into the market is bringing Big Country’s dedication to organic production to the craft beer community so everyone can enjoy what was previously only available to visitors of the Austin brewery.

“We love craft beer just as much as we love the craft seltzer we introduced in 2021. We have an outstanding and very capable brew team, we have a certified organic production facility, and we have a dedication to making world class organic beverages for adults. There are a lot of great craft beers in the market, but there aren’t enough of them meeting the high standards to qualify as organic. We want to change that.” – Bill Gillies, Founder and CEO of Big Country

There will be a launch party at Big Country® Organic Brewing Co. on Friday, April 7 from 4p.m. – 8p.m. with live music, new food truck menu items, giveaways and more. Big Country® will be a main sponsor at the inaugural Wild West Brew Fest Pflugerville on Saturday, April 8 from 3p.m. – 9p.m., and will be sampling the TexMex Lager along with several limited release brews.

Big Country® Organic Brewing Co. beer and hard seltzer is currently available for purchase and shipment in 32 states via their online store (valid ID required, 21+ only). Big Country® is distributed statewide in Texas through Ben E. Keith Beverages, and launching statewide April 2023 in Colorado through Colorado Craft Distributors. Big Country® is available in major retailers including Whole Foods Market, Trader Joe’s, Sprouts Farmers Market, H-E-B, and Total Wine & More.

Big Country® Organic Brewing Co. is the currently the only operating certified Organic brewery in Texas. Big Country® prides themselves in becoming pioneers in the organic movement in the alcohol industry and carries three of the most distinctive and well-respected certifications in the food & beverage industry — USDA Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified, and Fair Trade Certified. They first entered the craft beverage market with Big Country® Organic Hard Seltzer in the spring of 2021 becoming the first and only Fair Trade Certified™ libation of its kind in the US.

Their Fair Trade commitment means that every can puts fair wages directly into the hands that harvested its ingredients. It also ensures farmers work in safe conditions, protect the environment, build sustainable livelihoods, and earn additional money to empower and uplift their communities. Big Country® fair trade purchases have sent over $91k to the farmers since they started.

New album release: Home Is Where The Heart Is – Davisson Brothers Band

Home Is Where The Heart Is will be released April 28, 2023. Courtesy photo, used with permission.

The Davisson Brothers Band is a genre-blurring mountain rock band formed in Clarksburg, West Virginia, by Chris and Donnie Davisson. Along with nephew Gerrod Bee and lifelong family friend Aaron Regester, the band has created a uniquely authentic Appalachian country sound which has helped them grow into one of the most successful independent acts in the world. Since their founding in 2006, the band has recorded three albums, been celebrated as a Highway Find on Sirius XM, charted on country radio with “Foot Stompin’,” and scored a hit song in Australia with “Po’ Boyz”—while also earning a dedicated following in the Jam Band/Bluegrass scene and standing shoulder to shoulder with mainstream country stars at festivals like CMC Rocks (Australia) and the Carolina Country Fest (USA). Their new album, Home Is Where the Heart Is, will be out April 28, 2023. (IVPR, 2023)

When it came down to telling the story of their home and exactly what it means to them, the Davisson Brothers Band took pride in not only correcting any misunderstandings but painting a true and downright fun picture of everything from their humble mountain roots to their present rock and roll reality. Their upcoming album Home Is Where The Heart Is does just that, pulling twelve tracks straight from the Davisson Brothers’ world and wrapping them in their most authentic sound to date. Created like a declaration of musical independence—a national anthem for the Appalachian way of life—Home Is Where The Heart Is is the masterpiece the band has worked toward their whole career, and after working hard to earn the respect of their peers, it was not done alone.

Produced by wildly popular songwriter and recording artist Brent Cobb and Nashville’s legendary recording studio character David “Ferg” Ferguson, Home Is Where The Heart Is finds Davisson Brothers Band—brothers Chris and Donnie Davisson on lead guitar and lead vocals, respectively, their nephew Gerrod Bee on bass and life-long family friend Aaron Regester on drums—joined in the studio by bluegrass and jam-band royalty to help round out their “mountain rock” sound.

Taste of Country premiered the music video for “Mountain High,” the Davisson Brothers’ first single from Home Is Where The Heart Is. The video finds the Davissons, band, and extended family and friends at home in the mountains of West Virginia singing along with the songs fiddle-ridden refrain: “We get down on a mountain high / It’s where we’re from, it’s where we’ll die.”

Fans can watch the “Mountain High” video, stream or purchase “Mountain High” here, and pre-order or pre-save Home Is Where The Heart Is ahead of its April 28 release on Rollin’ The Dice Records.

Home Is Where The Heart Is track list:
Mountain High
Appalachian Breeze
Eastern Kentucky
Wild and Wonderful
Cross My Heart
John Deere Tractor
Long Hard Road
She Ain’t Coming Back
Life On Fire
I’m Good With It

Catch Davisson Brothers Band on tour:
April 15 – Boonsboro, MD – Dirty Boots Country Fest 2023
May 6 – Saint Marys, WV – St. Marys High School
June 16 – Kannapolis, NC – Swanee Theater
June 17 – Saint Albans, WV – YakFest 2023
August 1 – Petersburg, WV – Tri-County Fair
August 4- Ravenswood, WV – Ohio River Festival
August 10 – Mannington, WV – Mannington District Fair Association
August 11 – Davis, WV – Canaan Valley Resort & Conference Center
September 2 – Webster Springs, WV – Bergoo Bash 2023



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Home Is Where The Heart Is release date

New book release: ‘Self Care for Black Women’ by Layla Moon

‘Self Care for Black Women: A Powerful Mental Health Workbook to Quiet Your Inner Critic, Boost Self-Esteem, and Love Yourself’ is five books in one. Photo: Amazon

Layla Moon is a full-timer writer, spiritual practitioner, and a coach living in Brooklyn, NY. She struggled with poverty, as well as toxic relationships within families and partners throughout her life. In her mid-20s, she started seriously practicing the law of attraction, hoodoo magic, and other spiritual practices. Over the next 7 years, she would go onto successfully manifesting her dream life; a life filled with happiness, a loving partner, and a fulfilling career in writing and coaching. She now teaches others how to do the same through her books. When not writing, you can find her spending time with her family, practicing yoga, and discovering new books to read. Her new book “Self Care for Black Women: A Powerful Mental Health Workbook to Quiet Your Inner Critic, Boost Self Esteem, and Love Yourself” is a collection of five essential books for black women looking to prioritize their mental, spiritual, and emotional well-being. (Layla Moon, 2023)

 **  For a limited time, from April 1 through April 9, this title will be available for .99 **

“Self Care for Black Women: A Powerful Mental Health Workbook to Quiet Your Inner Critic, Boost Self Esteem, and Love Yourself”

This compilation book includes:

  1. “Emotional Self Care for Black Women: A Powerful Mental Health Workbook to Silence Your Inner Critic, Raise Your Self-Esteem, And Heal Yourself”
  2. “Spiritual Self Care for Black Women: A Powerful, Holistic Workbook to Radically Love Yourself and Heal Your Mind, Body, & Soul”
  3. “365 Powerful Positive Affirmations for Black Women: Reprogram Your Mind to Boost Confidence, Self-Esteem, Attract Success, Money, Health, and Love”
  4. “365 Badass Positive Affirmations for Strong Black Women: For BIPOC Women to Overcome Negative Thinking, Increase Confidence, and Self-Love”
  5. “One Year Self-Discovery Journal for Black Women: 365 Eye-Opening Questions to Discover Your Self, Raise Self-Esteem, and Embrace Your True Beauty”

Not only do these books provide useful knowledge and inspiration, but also come with a journal to record your own self-care journey. Each book has been chosen with care to provide black women a comprehensive picture of self-care, encompassing subjects like physical health, emotional health, mental wellbeing, and the importance of sisterhood and community.

After reading these books, you will acquire the skills and information necessary to take charge of your own mental health and develop a self-care strategy that works for you. This box set is the ideal resource whether you are trying to develop your practice or are just beginning your self-care journey.

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Briscoe Western Art Museum pairs Free Locals Day with family programming

The Briscoe brings together locals day and full STEAM fun and a fantastic new exhibition. Photo: Briscoe Western Art Museum, used with permission.

The Briscoe Western Art Museum is steaming into spring by pairing its monthly free days for local visitors with its popular “Full STEAM Ahead” educational series. The new double feature means locals can enjoy the museum for free, while families enjoy free, hands-on – and fun – educational activities. The new combination kicks off Sunday, April 2. (Briscoe Western Art Museum, 2023)

The Briscoe campus includes the McNutt Sculpture Garden and features 35 sculptures portraying various aspects of Western life in the garden and around the museum’s beautifully restored historic building that once housed the San Antonio Public Library. The collection spans 14 galleries with Western art and artifacts, including Santa Anna’s sword, works by Frederic Remington, Pancho Villa’s last known saddle, a fantastic Alamo diorama and artifacts, contemporary and historic paintings, sculptures, an impressive spur collection, and other cowboy and Native American relics, weapons, and photography. Best of all, locals can enjoy it all for free on the first Sunday of each month.

The Briscoe continues to tip its hat to its neighbors with the first Sunday of each month greeting Bexar County residents with free admission. The museum’s “Locals Day” waives museum admission so everyone can enjoy heading West without ever leaving San Antonio.

Bexar County residents can enjoy the Briscoe’s Locals Days through 2023, with free admission on April 2, May 7, June 4, July 2, August 6, September 3, October 8, November 5 and December 3. Online registration for Locals Day is recommended. If you can not stop in on Locals Day, children 12 and under receive free admission to the Briscoe every day, as do active-duty members of the military, making the Briscoe a terrific spot for everyone to enjoy any time.

The Briscoe’s free monthly education series “Full STEAM Ahead” will now educate and entertain on the first Sunday of every month as well. Learners of all ages work together and learn about the American West by engaging in hands-on, STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics) learning experiences. Each activity ties back to the Briscoe’s art and artifacts, bringing the West to life in a new way.

From transportation and weather to animals, astronomy and engineering, each program explores an aspect of life in the West to engage and inspire learning. Full STEAM Ahead is designed for all ages to enjoy, making it a terrific family activity. Enjoy STEAMing with your family 11a.m. – 1p.m. on the first Sunday of every month at the Briscoe.

New 2023 Full Steam Ahead dates and topics include:

April 2: Full STEAM Ahead – Painting Inspired Poetry
Celebrate Poetry Month and Fiesta at the Briscoe. After studying Kim Wiggins’ “Fiesta Day on the Plaza,” a vibrant, activity-rich painting showing a fiesta – families will create a poem about their favorite part of the painting. Bringing those words to life, they will then create their own artwork to illustrate their poetry.

May 7: Full STEAM Ahead – Exploring Art in Nature
Learn about a form of art called “mandala,” a geometric configuration of symbols. After a short presentation, participants will go on a short nature walk through the Briscoe’s McNutt Sculpture Garden, where we will search for and collect interesting objects from nature. Those objects will be used to create a mandala. Digital photographs will be taken to capture each work of art.

June 4: Full STEAM Ahead – Add Lightning to your Art
Learn about how electrical currents, including lightning, work. After a short presentation, create a piece of art with a light feature, then make the art glow by creating a paper circuit.

July 2: Full STEAM Ahead – Tools of the (Cattle) Trade
The cattle industry is a vital part of the West. Hear more about the cattle industry and the simple machines cowboys used in their daily work, then create a simple machine using found and recyclable materials.

August 6: Full STEAM Ahead – Gone for the Winter
Learn more about wildlife and the fall migration of hummingbirds. After a short presentation, families will have the opportunity to create a hummingbird feeder using found and recyclable materials.

September 3: Full STEAM Ahead – Art in the Sky
Study the night sky through Kim Wiggins’ “Colonel Crockett’s Return to Cibolo Creek.” After a short study of the painting, everyone will create a bedroom planetarium to take home.

October 8: Full STEAM Ahead – Pottery of the Southwest
Learn more about the pottery made by Native Americans in the southwest, including the techniques they used to craft their pieces. Use those techniques to create a piece of pottery of your own.

• November 5: Full STEAM Ahead – Native American Homes
Native Americans lived in a variety of homes. The type of home they built fit their culture and lifestyle. While learning about these different homes, put your engineering skills to the test and use materials provided to try to build a tipi, longhouse, wigwam, or other types of Native American shelters.

December 3: Full STEAM Ahead – Gingerbread Cowboy Storytime at Cowboy Christmas
Join the Briscoe to celebrate the holidays with story time and a visit with Cowboy Claus. Families will listen to “The Gingerbread Cowboy” by Janet Squires. After the story, create a gingerbread cowboy of your own and make sure Cowboy Claus knows what you want for Christmas. Cowboy Christmas at the Briscoe is free holiday fun, making the Briscoe the perfect way to make holiday memories with your family.

The Briscoe is open Thursday through Monday, 10a.m. – 5p.m. and closed to the public on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Admission is free for children 12 and under and for active duty members of the military. The museum is proud to participate in Museums For All, Blue Star Museums and Bank of America Museums on Us. The Briscoe is located on the south end of the River Walk, near the Arneson River Theatre and La Villita, with convenient parking at the Riverbend Garage directly adjacent to the museum or one of many downtown surface lots. Museum hours, parking and admission details are available online.

New book release: ‘The Family Bones’ by Elle Marr

‘The Family Bones’ is the new suspense thriller from Elle Marr. Photo: Amazon

Elle Marr is the #1 Amazon Charts bestselling author of “Strangers We Know,” “Lies We Bury,” and “The Missing Sister.” Originally from Sacramento, she graduated from UC San Diego before moving to France, where she earned a master’s degree from the Sorbonne University in Paris. In her terrifying new novel “The Family Bones,” a young woman plunges into her family’s shadowy legacy. (Amazon, 2023)

“The Family Bones” – What makes a psychopath? Psychology student Olivia Eriksen’s family is notorious among true-crime buffs. Faced with a legacy of psychopathy that spans generations, Olivia has spent much of her academic life trying to answer one chilling question: Nature or nurture? Although she has kept a safe distance from her blood relatives for years, Olivia agrees to attend a weekend reunion. After all, her fiancé is eager to meet his future in-laws, and the gathering may give her a chance to interview her elusive grandfather about the family traits.

But nothing is ever peaceful among the Eriksens for long. Olivia’s favorite cousin is found dead in a nearby lake. Then another family member disappears. As a violent storm isolates the group further, Olivia’s fears rise faster than the river and an uninvited guest is about to join the party. True-crime podcaster Birdie Tan has uncovered a disturbing mystery in her latest investigation—and she is following it right to the Eriksens’ mountain resort. There is a deadly twist in the family plot that even Olivia does not see coming.

Book of the week: ‘Why Did I Like You Anyway?’ by Terrie Lynn

‘Why Did I Like You Anyway?’ by Terrie Lynn. Courtesy photo, used with permission.

Terrie Lynn is the author of self help books including “On The Verge of Sex” and “Why Did I Like You Anyway?” She was born and raised in Akron, Ohio and lived there until she went on vacation to Atlanta, GA and stayed for 20 years. She is a graduate from Georgia State University with a major in Communications and a minor in Theater. Her  passion for writing is not to preach or judge, but to aid in one reflecting on their own behavior. In  “Why Did I Like You Anyway?” she offers women relationship advice; not about how to get or keep a man, but rather why women do what they do and like who they like. It is available on Amazon. (Terrie Lynn, 2023)

“Why Did I Like You Anyway?” – It is not a book about male bashing, but about what women like. How a woman feels about herself can explain plenty about her decision making. Too often, people do not know themselves as well as they think they do. They repeat their relationship behavior because of this lack of understanding. In many situations, the focus is on what the other person has done rather than looking inward at what they themselves are doing. Once a person realizes that they can only change themselves, they are empowered to make real changes in their lives and their relationships. The author hopes this book will help readers learn more about themselves and their role in dating and relationships.

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Author Terrie Lynn. Photo: Terrie Lynn

New book release: ‘Into The Fog of Charon’ by Mark Pennell

‘Into The Fog of Charon’ is Mark Pennell’s debut historical fiction novel. Photo: Mark Pennell, used with permission.

Mark Pennell is a native of North Carolina with deep family roots that date back to the 1700s. He is an avid reader of US history, the works of Edger Allen Poe, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and Ann Rice, and a fan of the drawings from the morbid mind of Charles Addams. “Into The Fog of Charon” is his debut novel, the inspiration which came to him in a dream that he had over a period of three nights back in 1986. Since life has a way of taking you down other roads, such as marriage, kids, and life in general, the manuscript laid forgotten in a box on the top self of a closet. Fast forward to May 2020 and the COVID 19 lockdown. With extra time on his hands, he searched for something to do and remembered the manuscript from all those years ago. Once he found the old composition notebook that contained the manuscript, he began to read the mere seventy-five pages when he realized that it needed a rewrite. Keeping to the original story, he worked on it off and on for a year and a half, until he was happy with the new manuscript. With the help of a dear friend who helped him with editing, he felt it was time to give it to the public. He has already started the next book in the Charon trilogy as the adventures of Jim, Danielle, Quincy, and Kim continue. “Into The Fog of Charon” is a historical fiction novel that centers around teenagers Jimmy Black and Quincy Miller. It is available through Amazon and Barnes & Noble. (Mark Pennell, 2023)

“Into The Fog of Charon” –  Eighteen-year-old Jimmy Black and his best friend Quincy Miller are the MVPs in a historic, small-town basketball game against the Lancers of Loganville in North Carolina. Their sights are set on winning the game and hanging out with friends before they head off to college in the fall. Danielle Davis and her fellow cheerleaders watch the clock tick down to the final point.

One minute they are sweating on the court, and the next, they are in a desolate world, helpless in a large-scale alien invasion. The only clues are an old CD, a newspaper article, and a mysterious letter. With the help of Kim Fox, the four friends have to think fast and work together to navigate their new reality. Will they be able to unravel the unbelievable events that took place in 1945 in time to save the world?

“So, let us not be blind to our differences—but let us also direct attention to our common interests and to the means by which those differences can be resolved. And if we cannot end our differences, at least we can help make the world safe for diversity. For, in the final analysis, our most basic common link is that we all inhabit this small planet. We all breathe the same air. We all cherish our children’s future. And we are all mortal.” – John F. Kennedy

Author Mark Pennell. Courtesy photo, used with permission.

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New movie release: ReBroken

The new thriller Rebroken is available now on digital. Courtesy photo, used with permission.

In today’s movie news: ReBroken premiered earlier this month on digital platforms from Gravitas Ventures. Tobin Bell, star of the Saw franchise joins Scott Hamm Duenas (Evil at the Door, “General Hospital”) and Kipp Tribble, Alison Haislip, Nija Okoro, Kenny Yates, Richard Siegelman, Blake Koren, and Billy Walker. ReBroken is written by Kipp Tribble and Scott Hamm Duenas. In this new thriller directed by Kenny Yates, a devastated father receives recordings from a mysterious stranger. These recordings allow him to communicate with his recently deceased daughter. ReBroken is available to rent/buy on Vudu, Amazon Video, Apple TV, Google Play, and YouTube. (October Coast, 2023)

ReBroken – Will is a devastated father who spends his time between court-ordered grief counseling drinking himself into oblivion. He repeats the cycle of despair every day with no plans to stop, until he meets a mysterious stranger who gives him some old vinyl recordings. After Will listens to the records, he suddenly starts receiving messages from his recently deceased daughter. As the communications from his daughter grow more and more frequent, Will becomes convinced that these recordings hold the answer to bringing his daughter back from the dead. But just as he is closing in on the truth, he starts to suspect that his counseling group has ulterior motives. After the stranger disappears, Will races against time to find him so he can get the last recording, or his chance to bring his daughter back might be gone forever.

New book release: ‘The Purpose Of Life: To Love And To Create’ by Dave Dale

‘The Purpose Of Life: To Love And To Create’ is Dave Dale’s new book about the search for the meaning of life. Photo: Amazon

Dave Dale was born the son of a minister in Dawson Creek B.C (northern Canada) and was exposed to religion, hockey, and cold weather at an early age. A graduate of the University of British Columbia, he received a business degree. He worked as an airport manager and business consultant and was the founder of a tech company, a member of the board of governors of a university, and a policy advisor to government cabinet members for science, technology, and transportation. Those experiences included successes and failures and provided him with insight into how many elements in our society actually work, including business, education, religion, government, transportation, technology, and marketing. He is grateful for his life and some of the hard lessons he has learned along the way, which have made him a better person. Those lessons are a catalyst for his desire to help people. He is a skeptical optimist who values the micro-moments of connections with others. His new book “The Purpose Of Life: To Love And To Create: The Meaning of Life Is Found By Expressing Love Through Creativity” is an exploration into the purpose and meaning of life. (Dave Dale, 2023)

“The Purpose of Life: To Love and To Create” – the author includes various quotes from religious leaders, physicists, astronomers, philosophers, artists, and everyday people who opened his eyes to possibilities and answers. This book is an attempt to connect the dots on many of the big questions of life itself with insights from accomplished thinkers. Everyone can acknowledge that love and creativity are important, but for the most part, we just skim the surface of their power and potential. This is why he challenges readers to explore love and creativity.

Throughout his life, he wanted answers to the big questions. Why are we here? What are we supposed to do here? How do we make life more meaningful? He searched for years and did not find answers that were remotely satisfying. He refused to accept the statement that life is ‘absurd’ or ‘meaningless’ and set out to get answers. Like many of us, he would wake up in the middle of the night and these questions weighed on him and made him restless. He lost sleep. He was frustrated and scared as death came closer every day.

His humble goal was to get answers regarding the purpose and meaning of life. What he found exceeded his wildest hopes and expectations. The beauty of the Universe is staggering and each of our roles can be especially important. Every time he got stuck on an issue while writing the book, synchronicity came to his rescue. He would stumble upon a quote, a YouTube video, a book, or a lecture that would unlock it. This book is the chronicle of what he found.

It is simple and even a little cliché to say life is about love. Even though most of us say ‘I love you’ to people in our daily lives, we do not fully appreciate its magnificence, its subtleties, its nuances or really how powerful it is. In one of the chapters, ‘Love Is Not An Emotion,’ he explores and explains why defining love as an emotion is wrong because it minimizes love. It is so much more than that. Looking at love in new ways is the cornerstone of the book and if you are open doing so, it will have a profound impact on your life. Love is and can be so much more than how we usually think about it.

This book is an exploration of the two most important activities we can undertake with our lives: Love and Creativity. What the world needs to solve its problems is what we need to give meaning to our lives: Love and Creativity.

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