Beautiful Minds: Dyslexia and the Creative Advantage exhibit at The DoSeum

Beautiful Minds: Dyslexia and the Creative Advantage is on display at The DoSeum until Sunday, March 28. Photo: The DoSeum, used with permission.

The DoSeum is celebrating learning in all its forms by inviting students to participate in their current exhibition Beautiful Minds: Dyslexia and the Creative Advantage by submitting works of art. The exhibition encourages our community to reflect on attitudes and assumptions about individuals who learn differently and inspire us to be a more inclusive and equitable society. Joyful learning is at the core of The DoSeum’s mission. Everyone learns differently, and there is amazing potential in every child to be the best learner they can be. (The DoSeum, 2021)

The popular exhibition, which opened last fall, is currently being updated. In addition to displaying works of art by students, a newly installed resource center features learning elements to inspire all minds to play, but especially for students diagnosed with dyslexia. These updates include 3D puzzles, building manipulatives, graphic novels, and gestalt images. The DoSeum’s education department has also planned art-themed pop-ups in the galleries through the run of the show, which closes March 28.

Beautiful Minds: Dyslexia and the Creative Advantage is an art and science exhibition that explores the successes of those who think outside the box when faced with the challenges of dyslexia. The exhibition defines some of the tools and resources for identification, intervention, and pathways to success. Families learn about what dyslexia really is, and the truth behind some of the negative myths perpetuated in society. Guests have fun playing various spatial and word games learning how the right and left sides of the brain are engaged, including an oversized tile spelling game, color block puzzles, and digital interactive educational games for all ages. A unique local feature will be listening to stories from San Antonio youth and local world changers about their experiences growing up with dyslexia before and after intervention. Children and caretakers walk among the life-size illustrations of some of the most influential visionaries who have changed history.

During the exhibit run at The DoSeum, a unique portion of Beautiful Minds will feature Artist in Residence Sarah Sudhoff’s interactive installation The Reading Brain. The installation will allow families to be immersed in the reading brain’s inner workings through a multi-sensory, data-driven interactive installation.

The DoSeum has longer timed sessions for guests. As always, it has taken care to implement the best cleaning and sanitation practices and continues to implement new measures to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and continue prioritizing the health and safety of its staff and guests.

Beautiful Minds: Dyslexia and the Creative Advantage is a Science Museum Oklahoma and Whiteboard Exhibits Project. The DoSeum thanks supporters of Beautiful Minds: Dyslexia and the Creative Advantage

“Dyslexia and the Creative Advantage has already been enjoyed by over 16,000 visitors. During the final weeks of the exhibit, we have enhanced our galleries with new components and opportunities for families to interact and reflect in ways in which learning with Dyslexia offers a creative advantage. At The DoSeum, we are in the business of helping children achieve their full potential by providing opportunities for outside of the box learning, this exhibition and its recent new additions do just that.” – Meredith Doby, VP of Exhibits

The DoSeum is one of the leading children’s museums in the nation; a place where minds are always at play. The DoSeum offers innovative exhibits and experiences to get children excited about concepts in science, math, art, and literacy and encourages them to take their excitement into the world. Through joyful learning and discovery, The DoSeum Experience grows curious minds, connects families, and transforms communities. The DoSeum is a 501 c3-non-profit organization.


San Antonio Museum of Art offering new ‘Learn’ platform

The San Antonio Museum of Art has a new ‘Learn’ tab on their website for educators and families. Photo: google

The San Antonio Museum of Art (SAMA) has just launched the “Learn” tab on their website, a new platform that allows educators/students, families, and adults to experience SAMA’s collection using virtual and in-person programs, online resources, lesson plans, and more. (San Antonio Museum of Art, 2021)

For educators, SAMA’s “Learn” tab will provide resources that will help to integrate the arts into any virtual or in-person classroom, including detailed lesson plans and story time videos for all ages; bilingual videos are also available.

For families, SAMA’s “Learn” tab provides inspiring at-home art activities and story time videos to encourage the integration of arts at home.

For adults, SAMA’s “Learn” tab offers a variety of virtual learning opportunities, including webinar and program recordings and an interactive deep dive into art jargon, from composition to medium, and more.

The San Antonio Museum of Art enriches lives through exceptional experiences with art. Its mission is to collect, preserve, exhibit, and interpret significant works of art, representing a broad range of history and world cultures to strengthen our shared understanding of humanity.

Book review: ‘The Encyclopedia of Commercial Real Estate Advice’ by Terry Painter

‘The Encyclopedia of Commercial Real Estate Advice’ by Terry Painter is the first encyclopedia of commercial real estate. Photo: amazon

Terry Painter is a member of the Forbes Real Estate Council and is a contributing writer for Forbes Online Magazine. He is the founder of Apartment Loan Store and Business Loan Store – commercial mortgage banking firms that have closed over four billion dollars in commercial loans since 1997. Terry has personally closed hundreds of commercial real estate loans representing just about every type of commercial real estate. As a top producer for Lasalle Bank and Lehman Brothers, he is known for his real estate investment consultations and tactics. For 18 years Terry has spoken nationally to commercial real estate investor groups, real estate brokers, and banks about commercial real estate investing and lending. His book “The Encyclopedia of Commercial Real Estate Advice: How to Add Value When Buying, Selling, Repositioning, Developing, Financing, and Managing” covers everything anyone would ever need to know on the subject from A to Z.

“The Encyclopedia of Commercial Real Estate Advice” begins with a Foreword from Peter Harris, who has worked with Terry Painter in the past and is the author of “Commercial Real Estate Investing For Dummies.” He explains that this book “is a serious, bottom-line book about making and modeling sound business decisions around buying and selling a commercial property.” In the Introduction, the author similarly states that it is full of advice on how to make the right decisions and avoid the setbacks that come with getting invested in commercial real estate, but mostly, it will save the reader time and money. It is divided into eight parts: Smart Strategies for Buying, Smart Strategies for Buyer Due Diligence, Smart Strategies for Raising Investors, Smart Strategies for Sellers, Smart Strategies for Repositioning, Smart Strategies for Developing, Smart Strategies for Financing, and Smart Strategies for Managing and Leasing. Each one starts with informative chapters and is followed by an encyclopedia that contains individual topics pertaining to the subject discussed. These encyclopedia topics serve as future refence material and commercial real estate terms that are in italics are included in this section. Throughout the chapters, there are 136 Time and Money Savings Tips and an Index at the end.

The world of commercial real estate investing can be complicated but Terry Painter does an excellent job of breaking down the subject into chapters and sections that anyone can understand. The result is exactly what the name implies: an encyclopedia of commercial real estate advice. It reads like a textbook and the chapters are divided by topic so that it also serves as a future refence guide. Overall, the language is down to earth, he uses the newly coined term “coronavirus recession” when discussing recessions, and he makes the subject matter easy to comprehend without sounding condescending or patronizing. At the beginning of each chapter, he describes the topics he will be covering and what the reader can expect. Highlights include Chapter 1: Who Are You When Buying a Commercial Property?, section: ‘The lowest-risk property types to choose’ where he lists the major commercial property types in the order of their level of risk during a recession which includes: mobile home parks, senior housing, and medical office buildings; and Chapter 12: Smart Strategies for Managing and Leasing which has important sections on ‘Eleven Ways Property Managers Can Rip You Off’ (and how to remedy each situation) and ‘Seven Essential Property Management Skills’ among those being customer service, problem solving, and negotiating. He makes it a point to stress that “nothing is truly recession-proof” but includes the 10 best recession proofing strategies on page 31. It is a gem among real estate business books. “The Encyclopedia of Commercial Real Estate Advice” is an impressive collection of commercial real estate advice and a must-read for investors of any level. It is recommended for readers who are genuinely interested in commercial real estate investing and need more information as well as those who do not know where to start or how the process works.

“The silver lining for commercial real estate buyers is that recessions turn seller’s markets into buyer’s markets and bring prices down…”

*The author received a copy of this book for an honest review. The views and opinions expressed here belong solely to her.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Noteworthy March book release

‘The Lost Apothecary’ by Sarah Penner is a new historical fiction novel and is set for release on Tuesday, March 2, 2021. Photo: amazon

Looking for a new book to read this month? The following is a list of noteworthy March releases according to Goodreads. (amazon, 2021)

Mystery & Thriller: ‘Every Last Fear’ by Alex Finlay. Release date: March 2, 2021
In one of the year’s most anticipated debut psychological thrillers, a family made infamous by a true crime documentary is found dead, leaving their surviving son to uncover the truth about their final days. After a late night of partying, NYU student Matt Pine returns to his dorm room to devastating news: nearly his entire family―his mom, his dad, his little brother and sister―have been found dead from an apparent gas leak while vacationing in Mexico. The local police claim it was an accident, but the FBI and State Department seem far less certain―and they will not tell Matt why. When Matt returns to his small hometown to bury his parents and siblings, he is faced with a hostile community, a frenzied media, and memories he had hoped to leave behind forever. Told through multiple points-of-view and alternating between past and present, Alex Finlay’s ‘Every Last Fear’ is not only a page-turning thriller, but also a poignant story about a family managing heartbreak and tragedy and living through a fame they never wanted.

Science Fiction: ‘Machinehood’ by S.B.Divya. Release date: March 2, 2021
From the Hugo Award nominee S.B. Divya, Zero Dark Thirty meets The Social Network in this science fiction thriller about artificial intelligence, sentience, and labor rights in a near future dominated by the gig economy. Welga Ramirez, executive bodyguard and ex-special forces, is about to retire early when her client is killed in front of her. The year is 2095 and people do not usually die from violence. Humanity is entirely dependent on pills that not only help them stay alive but allow them to compete with artificial intelligence in an increasingly competitive gig economy. Daily doses protect against designer diseases, flow enhances focus, zips and buffs enhance physical strength and speed, and juvers speed the healing process. All that changes when Welga’s client is killed by The Machinehood, a new and mysterious terrorist group that has simultaneously attacked several major pill funders. The Machinehood operatives seem to be part human, part machine, something the world has never seen. They issue an ultimatum: stop all pill production in one week. Global panic ensues as pill production slows and many become ill. Thousands destroy their bots in fear of a strong AI takeover. Who are the Machinehood and what do they really want?

Fantasy: ‘The Bone Maker’ by Sarah Beth Durst. Release date: March 9, 2021
From award-winning author Sarah Beth Durst, a standalone epic fantasy set in a brand-new world of towering mountains and sparkling cities, in which a band of aging warriors have a second chance to defeat dark magic and avenge a haunting loss. Twenty-five years ago, five heroes risked their lives to defeat the bone maker Eklor—a corrupt magician who created an inhuman army using animal bones. But victory came at a tragic price. Only four of the heroes survived. Since then, Kreya, the group’s leader, has exiled herself to a remote tower and devoted herself to one purpose: resurrecting her dead husband. But such a task requires both a cache of human bones and a sacrifice—for each day he lives, she will live one less. She would rather live one year with her husband than a hundred without him but using human bones for magic is illegal in Vos. The dead are burned—as are any bone workers who violate the law. Yet Kreya knows where she can find the bones she needs: the battlefield where her husband and countless others lost their lives. But defying the laws of the land exposes a terrible possibility. Maybe the dead do not rest in peace after all.

Historical Fiction: ‘The Lost Apothecary’ by Sarah Penner. Release date: March 2, 2021
Hidden in the depths of eighteenth-century London, a secret apothecary shop caters to an unusual kind of clientele. Women across the city whisper of a mysterious figure named Nella who sells well-disguised poisons to use against the oppressive men in their lives. But the apothecary’s fate is jeopardized when her newest patron, a precocious twelve-year-old, makes a fatal mistake, sparking a string of consequences that echo through the centuries. Meanwhile in present-day London, aspiring historian Caroline Parcewell spends her tenth wedding anniversary alone, running from her own demons. When she stumbles upon a clue to the unsolved apothecary murders that haunted London two hundred years ago, her life collides with the apothecary’s in a stunning twist of fate—and not everyone will survive. With crackling suspense, unforgettable characters and searing insight, ‘The Lost Apothecary’ is a subversive and intoxicating debut novel of secrets, vengeance and the remarkable ways women can save each other despite the barrier of time.

Upcoming new album release: Set In Stone by Travis Tritt

Travis Tritt’s new album Set In Stone will be out Friday May 7, 2021. Courtesy photo, used with permission.

Multi-Platinum selling and award-winning artist, Travis Tritt, will release a new album, Set In Stone, on May 7 and a new single, “Smoke In A Bar,” on March 5. Tritt revisits his traditional country roots on “Smoke In A Bar,” pining for humbler times when the world was not so fast-moving and simple things were not overlooked or taken for granted. Released through Big Noise Label Group and produced by Dave Cobb, the new album features 11 new songs, 8 of which were co-written by Tritt. Set In Stone marks Tritt’s first original full-length studio album in over a decade. (AristoPR, 2021)

On Set in Stone, the Grammy winner delivers the quintessential Travis Tritt album with a touch of Americana and Roots. He pays homage to all sides of his musical personality along with the trademarks of his originality. Opening with the rowdy “Stand Your Ground” and mixing powerful love songs like “Leave This World” with searing country rockers like the first single “Ghost Town Nation,” the new album is described by Tritt as “getting back to a no-frills classic outlaw-country sound.” Available for pre-save/pre-add here.

The track list for Set In Stone:
1.“Stand Your Ground”
2.“Set In Stone”
3.“Ghost Town Nation”
4.“Smoke In A Bar”
5.“Leave This World”
6.“They Don’t Make Em’ Like That No More
7.“Better Off Dead”
8.“Southern Man”
9.“Open Line”
10.“Ain’t Who I Was”
11.“Way Down In Georgia”

Travis Tritt’s albums, seven of which are certified platinum or higher, have led him to amass more than 30 million in career album sales, two GRAMMY® Awards, four CMA Awards, including the CMA Horizon Award (now known as the New Artist Award); a Billboard Music Award for Top New Artist, an invitation to become a member of the world-famous Grand Ole Opry and a devoted fan base that has filled venues coast-to-coast. He is also dubbed one of “The Class of ‘89,” which includes Country music superstars Garth Brooks, Clint Black, and Alan Jackson, all of whom dominated the charts in the ‘90s. Travis Tritt continues to sell-out shows and stays authentic and relevant to country music fans across the globe. His distinctively soulful voice and exceptional guitar prowess continue to be front and center.

Among his eleven studio albums and numerous charted singles are five number ones and 20 Top 10 hits, including “Help Me Hold On,” “Anymore,” “Can I Trust You with My Heart,” “Foolish Pride,” “Best of Intentions,” “I’m Gonna Be Somebody,” “Modern Day Bonnie and Clyde,” “Here’s A Quarter,” “It’s A Great Day To Be Alive,” and more.

Throughout his extraordinary career, his talents have crossed over into film and tv, where he appeared in Rio Diablo (1993), The Cowboy Way (1994), Tales from the Crypt (1995), Sgt. Bilko (1996), Fire Down Below (1997), Outlaw Justice (1999), Touched By An Angel (1999), Blues Brothers (2000), Yes, Dear (2004), Brother’s Keeper (2013), Forever My Girl (2018), and more.



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Travis Tritt’s Set In Stone album release

Upcoming book release: ‘418: I Am a Teapot’ by Edgar Scott

‘418: I Am a Teapot’ by Edgar Scott will be out on Kindle on March 23, 2021. Photo: google

Edgar Scott is an economist-turned-computer scientist. For over 20 years, Edgar served as a Senior Database Administrator and Development Operations Team Manager in financial, crypto-currency, and medical industries, as well as with several start-ups. His experience has taught him that people’s limited beliefs often keep them prisoners in a life they do not want to live. This theme resonates in his forthcoming dystopian novel, “418: I Am a Teapot” which will be out on Kindle on Tuesday March 23, 2021. (Black Château, 2021)

A must-read novel for our times in the spirit of Aldous Huxley and George Orwell, “418: I Am a Teapot” illuminates the downsides of a society featuring the immersive Internet. We are challenged to evaluate new technology, use our human spirt to avoid the negative aspects, and maintain our power to decide our own destiny, while we still have can. This is a near-future dystopian science fiction novel that explores a world where, whether by choice, birth, or punishment, people relinquish the rights to their physical body. Their brains exist in a constantly-connected virtual interface, where they enjoy a fantasy world of endless indulgences. However, while their minds are distracted and entertained, their bodies do the filthy, dangerous, or boring work that the rest of humanity does not want to do. This growing class of workers are cheap, flexible, and replaceable. Collectively referred to as staff, this new, virtually unpaid labor force are stripped of their identities as they become unaware of the reality of their life circumstances.

Life would have gone as planned for our protagonist, known only by his manager as the number 418: work until his body breaks down, retire, take a few opiates and drift off into oblivion. That is, until 418 suffers a supposedly impossible accident in a self-driving car. Through a quirk of bureaucratic fate, the order is given for him to be repaired instead of written off and retired. The extent of his injuries leads to a prolonged rehabilitation and causes the automatic termination of his online accounts. A personal crisis ensues, as his wife and family believe he has died. 418 then embarks on a dangerous quest to uncover his world from the inside out. To resolve their situations, both 418 and his manager must work together to rediscover their humanity as their journey through this dark, unsettling world.

“418: I Am a Teapot” throws a spotlight on the pressing matters of economic inequality, human rights, freedom, and gender identity. It shows how our actions and beliefs not only shape our lives but, more broadly, society. 418’s journey is one of enlightenment and introspection as he struggles with his desire to join a society that oppresses him and manipulates the working class. A rallying cry against the status quo, “418: I Am a Teapot” will make you look afresh at the current world.

“True slavery is passively accepting the roles that have been presented to us by the events and actors in our lives. This book should make one see that our beliefs hold us back, but also feel hopeful that the human spirit can overcome.” – Edgar Scott



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‘418: I Am a Teapot’ release

Taco Cabana introduces limited-time shrimp options

Taco Cabana introduces new Shrimp Yucatan quesadilla and taco. Photo: Taco Cabana, used with permission.

Launching this week, Taco Cabana is introducing Shrimp Yucatan for the Lenten season at all Texas Taco Cabana locations. (Taco Cabana, 2021)

Enjoy Taco Cabana’s new Shrimp Yucatan in a quesadilla or a taco. The quesadilla is filled with delicious shrimp marinated in achiote sauce then grilled with pico de gallo, smothered in melted jack and cheddar cheeses and served with a side of sour cream, shredded lettuce and returning favorite, pineapple salsa. The new Shrimp Yucatan taco, made with the same delicious shrimp, is topped with pickled onions, and shredded lettuce and served with a side of pineapple salsa as well. Both savory shrimp items provide a flavorful, tempting choice for all Taco Cabana guests.

Craving an original TC classic? Taco Cabana delivers with a flaky and shareable favorite – TC Flautas! Guests can order the crispy chicken-filled flautas in a three- or six-pack with a choice of queso, guacamole or sour cream for dipping. Taco Cabana’s flautas are perfect to share or enjoy individually and can also be purchased as a combo or plate.

Taco Cabana is sweetening any meal with the introduction of its new Pecan Sandies. The crispy, sugar-coated treat is available in a pack of five.

All menu items can be ordered via online ordering for front counter and curbside pick-up, via the drive-thru or by mobile order when using the MyTC! App. Select Taco Cabana dining rooms and patios are open for onsite dining.

Taco Cabana, a subsidiary of Fiesta Restaurant Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: FRGI), was founded in 1978. The brand specializes in Tex-Mex-inspired food including enchiladas, fajitas, quesadillas, flautas, burritos, tacos, flour tortillas and a selection of made-from-scratch salsas and sauces. Restaurants feature open-display cooking, a selection of beer and tequila margaritas, patio dining, drive-thru windows, curbside pick-up, and delivery. As of January 1, 2021, Taco Cabana operates 144 company-owned restaurants in Texas.

Fiesta Restaurant Group, Inc., owns, operates and franchises Pollo Tropical and Taco Cabana® restaurant brands. The brands specialize in the operation of fast casual/quick service restaurants that offer distinct and unique flavors with broad appeal at a compelling value. The brands feature fresh-made cooking, drive-thru service, and catering.

Spring Break at the Briscoe Western Art Museum

Spring Break at the Briscoe includes Briscoe’s Lil Partners Saddlebags. Photo: Briscoe Western Art Museum, used with permission.

This spring gather the family and head West with the Briscoe Western Art Museum’s Lil Partners Saddlebags. A fun way to learn about the West, each Lil Partners Saddlebag tells the tale of the West from multiple perspectives and includes six activities for children and families to enjoy. Packed in the Saddlebag is a museum pass admitting two adults to the Briscoe. Children under 12 always receive free admission, making the Saddlebags the perfect way for your family to head West this spring. (Briscoe Western Art Museum, 2021)

Briscoe is extending its monthly “Locals Days” programming to include March 11-14, in addition to its regular monthly third Sunday, March 21. To thank the San Antonio community for its support, “Locals Day” at the Briscoe greets locals with 50% off general admission. As always, children 12 and under receive free admission, as do active duty members of the military, making the Briscoe a terrific spot for local families to enjoy during spring break.

Lil Partners Saddlebags activities include crafting Puebloan-inspired pottery, making a roaming bison torn paper collage, creating Papel Picado, fashioning your own cowboy boot and paper cowboys, as well as western coloring sheets. All the supplies and directions are included along with the museum pass for two, as well as a special one-time 15% discount on children’s items in the Briscoe’s Museum Store so Lil Partners can head home with more western fun to enjoy. Lil Partner Saddlebags are $20 for Briscoe members and $25 for future members. The admission for two alone is a $24 value, making the kits a terrific spring break deal. To pick up a kit, Lil Partners and their families can visit the Museum Store in person or online or call 210.299.4499 to arrange for a curbside pickup. Saddlebags are available through March 31 and can be shipped for an additional fee.

A must see for all ages – and the perfect place to sit and enjoy your Saddlebag crafts – is McNutt Sculpture Garden, the Briscoe’s lush public outdoor space featuring a beautiful courtyard surrounded by bronze sculptures that depict iconic figures of the American West. The sculpture garden offers the perfect respite during any River Walk visit, with tables, chairs, and benches to rest and enjoy the view.

Due to COVID restrictions, the Briscoe’s Lil Partners program also offers story times online to introduce little ones to the excitement and adventure of the American West. Museum visitors may enjoy self-guided tours, watch short videos and learn more about the artists behind the works through the Briscoe’s app, available on Google Play and in the Apple Store. Lil Partner activities for children are also available on the app, as well as the museum’s website through the museum’s “Beyond the Briscoe” program. The entire family can enjoy a museum scavenger hunt that explores the museum, play musical match-up or musical bingo, bringing the museum’s extensive collection to life for all ages.

Museum hours, parking and admission details are available online. The museum is operating at reduced capacity with health and safety protocols that require both staff and guests to wear masks as well as visitor temperature checks upon entry.

Preserving and presenting the art, history, and culture of the American West through engaging exhibitions, educational programs, and public events reflective of the region’s rich traditions and shared heritage, the Briscoe Western Art Museum is located on the San Antonio River Walk at 210 W. Market Street in the beautifully restored 1930s former San Antonio Public Library building.

Make your next move go as smoothly as possible

Whether moving across town, another city, even another state, moving is never easy. Over the years, my husband and I have moved several times, the most recent being last July from San Antonio to Los Fresnos, and with each move, I learn a new trick that makes the next one easier. Planning and organizing goes a long way, but always make contingency plans because if anything can go wrong, it will go wrong. Allow me to pass along some of these ideas to make your next move go smoother.

Create a checklist. Even before you pack your first box, make a checklist of everything you need, from packing materials to boxes. Once you know what you need, make an inventory list of what you have so when you go shopping for these materials, you do not buy duplicates or buy unnecessary items, therefore saving you time and money. Decide on a plan of action for each room and the equipment you will need, for example, how many dollies, if you need a moving van, how big, etc. Writing everything down will not only organize your thoughts but will bring you peace of mind.

Begin packing as soon as possible. This one may be a no-brainer but countless times I kept telling myself that I had plenty of time only to be rushing at the last minute. Packing up your belongings takes time so start off with off season clothing, seldom used appliances, and rooms that are not used daily. Procrastination is your biggest enemy and will only result in hastily packed boxes which will lead to confusion once you get to your destination.

Photograph room setup and computer/electronic setups. Now that we are finally organizing each room in our new home, it occurred to me that I do not remember exactly how the living room was set up. If you are like me and prefer to have everything the same, take a picture of each room so that you will have a visual to work with. Another tip I picked up when moving my computer equipment from the office to our home office when transitioning to remote working due to COVID – take a picture of the back of your computer so you will know how all the cables should be connected.

Do not take clutter with you. Very often you hear about this tip when spring cleaning or decluttering your home but it also works when preparing to move. Start off by labeling boxes or bags as keep/throw/donate and filling them accordingly. It is easy to just throw everything in boxes and wait to tackle the clutter later, but this will save you time in the long run as well as money when you realize you do not need as many boxes or a bigger moving van.

Moving boxes. It is important to have different sizes of boxes because they each serve a purpose. Use the small boxes for heavy items such as books and big boxes for lighter items like bedding, towels, and pillows. Remember not to over pack them; instead, put lighter items between heavier items to make sure they do not rattle around and possibly break. Most of all, always label boxes according to room, this will make it easier to unload, especially if others will be helping.

Keep important items handy. Once you are on the move, store important items such as moving documents, keys, receipts, phone chargers, and snacks together in one box or bag. Keep that box/bag with you so they will be handy when you need them.

If you decide that doing the move on your own is too much, consider hiring movers. One moving company to consider is Our Truck Moving. In business since 2015, Our Truck Moving provides top-notch apartment and home moving in the Dallas/Ft Worth metroplex and surrounding areas. A family owned and operated business, they guarantee fair prices, superior quality, and exceptional customer service. As a full-service moving company, they are professional, timely, and always make sure you are satisfied with their services, which include local and long distance moving, full service (labor and delivery), labor only, delivery only, and packing.

They are Labor movers Garland TX & Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex and surrounding area, and they will take extreme caution when handling your belongings. While other companies just do the heavy lifting, their movers are available to help with any packing and unpacking during your move. They also provide a truck, boxes, and tape if needed, and will label and organize boxes and deliver items safely to your new location.

Without a doubt, moving is never easy and can be stressful, time consuming and overwhelming. These tips worked for me and made my last move easier and despite some setbacks, it went smoothly. Not all of them will work for you and like everything else, it is a matter of trial and error and finding out what works. Whether you decide to do it yourself or hire movers, it is all worth it in the end.

Photo: Our Truck Moving, used with permission.

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Marc Scibilia releases new single from Seed of Joy deluxe reissue

Marc Scibilia’s Seed of Joy album’s deluxe reissue is set for April 9. Rivals is the first single from that album. Photo: google

Born and raised in Buffalo, NY, chart-topping singer/songwriter Marc Scibilia has been on a steady rise ever since the 2012 release of his breakout single, “How Bad We Need Each Other.” In the last several years alone, he has racked up more than 125 million streams across platforms, garnered praise from the likes of pop star Demi Lovato and Matchbox Twenty’s Rob Thomas, and toured with James Bay, Zac Brown Band, Butch Walker, and Nick Jonas, among others. (IV-PR, 2021)

Since its release last year, Marc Scibilia’s album Seed of Joy has been streamed more than 130 million times across digital platforms, garnered 700,000+ monthly listeners on Spotify, and physical copies of the album sold out on the day they were announced. His fans—new and old—cannot get enough of his ability to observe profound moments in his personal life and craft them into universal anthems and ballads for others to love or grieve with. With Seed of Joy, Scibilia’s calling card is the purity found in simultaneously caring for his father during a hard-fought bout with brain cancer and watching life bloom in his young family. It is his simple reassurances of love that are equally felt when whispered to one or sung out to millions. On Friday April 9, Scibilia will share an expanded, deluxe edition of Seed of Joy with his fans, and its first single, “Rivals” is available right now at this link. 

A love song custom-made to reverberate from the rafters (just as soon as live music is back), “Rivals” exemplifies Scibilia’s mastery of the whispered verse turned soaring chorus; equally at home in sold out venues and on road trips with the windows down. “I wrote ‘Rivals’ at a hotel Munich, Germany, while on tour with Robin Schulz,” Marc says. “We were playing these massive arena shows. It was a career highlight but it reminded me of the things that are most important to me. I always had my friends, family…the things that have no rivals.” His stomping, brassy ode to those friends and family is a perfect fit for the same arenas from where it came.  He recently performed the song live via SPIN’s Instagram—watch the performance here.