Teatro Audaz’ production of ‘The Panza Monologues’ opens Friday

‘The Panza Monologues’ opens Friday with in person and live stream performances. Photo: google

Teatro Audaz is excited to announce their return to live theatre and the final show of their 2020/21 season with ‘The Panza Monologues’ directed by Paula Rodriguez. ‘The Panza Monologues’ returns home to where it all began. It opens Friday August 13 and will run until Sunday August 22, 2021, with performances on Friday and Saturday at 7:30p.m. and Sunday at 2p.m. at the Cellar Theatre. All performances will be live and streamed live online. Ticket prices range from $15 to $25 and will only be available online. All live shows are at 50% capacity and all guests who attend a live performance must wear a mask. (Teatro Audaz, 2021)

Written by Virginia Grise and Irma Mayorga, ‘The Panza Monologues’ is based on women’s stories about their panzas—tú sabes—that roll of belly we all try to hide. ‘The Panza Monologues’ features the words of Chicanas speaking with humor and candor. Their stories boldly place the panza front and center as a symbol that reveals the lurking truths about women’s thoughts, lives, loves, abuses, and living conditions.

Since its inception in San Antonio, Panza has played across the nation (East, West, North, South) but now it is coming home to where it all began. Teatro Audaz is putting it back into the bodies and lives of San Antonio women and onto San Antonio land to revisit and reconnect with the lives of women in San Antonio who first inspired this project/play. They bring it back to San Antonio to explore the issues of obesity, diabetes, food deserts…income inequality, all STILL prevalent in San Antonio…ten years on, what remains the same? What do we still need to change?

Cellar Theatre
800 W. Ashby Pl.
San Antonio, TX 78212


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