Five activities that can bring your life joy

Woman forming heart with hands. Photo: Unsplash

Life is often so busy. We have many responsibilities and commitments that it’s so easy to forget to live. After all, there are so many things in our lives that can bring us joy and we definitely deserve to indulge in them regularly. Yet, either we just can’t find the time or them or we don’t always really know what to turn to. If you’ve found yourself in a rut, you may want a little inspiration. So here are five things that you should always look to fill your life with for more joy.

1. Books
First of all, we have books. When you’re a bookworm and avid reader, books are always going to bring you joy. You’re going to find that you’re able to really immerse yourself into a relaxing environment when you read. It’s okay to always want to prioritize reading time. Filling your life with books and stories can be a simple way to make sure that your life feels fulfilling.

2. Food
It’s safe to say that food always brings us joy. When you’re eating your favorite meals, life can feel good. And if you’re a foodie, taking the time out to go to the right restaurants and trying new dishes is always going to be fun for you. But you can also do the same by cooking things up at home too. Maybe it’s an authentic goulash or your favorite pasta dish – another way, cooking can always make you happy. And it’s certainly something to enjoy the results of too.

3. Movies
If you love cinema, then turning to the right movies is always a good idea. You’re likely to find that filling up your time with amazing stories, documentaries, and even things like shows and theater could spark so much joy in your life. Cinema is art, just as much as other forms. So allowing yourself to switch off and enjoy it can be such a great move for you.

4. Nature
Then we have nature. Being in nature is something that can bring so much happiness into our lives without us even knowing it. Nature is calming. When we’re outdoors, we can exercise, move, enjoy sunlight, and many other things that help our health. Whether you like to walk, practice yoga in the garden, read in the sunshine, or anything else, being in nature can be great for you.

5. Travel
Finally, there’s also travel. You may find that getting out and about in the world is always going to bring you a lot of joy. There’s a wealth of experiences to be had when you travel. From relaxing and enjoying the culture, to getting out into nature and eating more food (two of our joy-filled things), you can do so much when you travel. If you’re yet to book your next trip, go ahead and do it. After all, our lives should be filled with experiences we’ll never forget.

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New book release: ‘Live Longer, Suffer Less’ by Darrell Parrish

‘Live Longer, Suffer Less: The Herbal Guide To Improve Health’ by Darrell Parrish. Photo: Amazon

Darrell Parrish is an author whose three previous books centered around surviving America’s number two worst working occupation: the aggressive car salesman. Before that, he worked at an aircraft manufacturing company that made military and civilian aircraft. He supervised the cleaning of aircraft parts processed in huge chemical tanks and his main assignments was to manage engineering blueprints and develop test procedures to solve plant manufacturing problems regarding chemical processing. These two work assignments impacted his life but the car books turned him into a consumer advocate. Working sixteen years in the Material and Processing department gave him the mental means of discovering how to live longer and suffer less with herbs. He converted an American made coffee warmer into his dry diffuser invention. This enabled him to do a self-wellness DIY book for fellow Americans. The purpose of “Live Longer, Suffer Less: The Herbal Guide To Improve Health” is to allow Do-it-Yourself [DIY] enthusiasts to select herb combinations that collectively render ample “benevolent effects” into the body’s cell communities living in the human. More information and an excerpt of this book is available online. (Darrell Parrish, 2023)

“Live Longer, Suffer Less: The Herbal Guide to Improve Health” – Life is too short, no matter how old you are. Why risk your state of wellness on marketed goods and services pitched in the marketplace? Why not learn how to measure your own healthfulness? In this book, there is a simple test anyone can take. There are currently numerous health books available online. Thousands of herbs are being marketed as possible cures to specific diseases. Yet not one single herb is capable of removing any single infestation, perfectly within the body.

Few people realize the central portion of the body is not the beating heart, but the blood stream itself, which consists of sixty-five thousand miles of smaller vessels called capillaries. Only a few pre-selected herbs can protect the blood system and thereby aid the entire body’s immune system. There are ample cell communities in the body which support the thirty-seven trillions of human single cells. The supreme support to all these cells within the body are the 400 million air sacs called alveoli. Between these two living mediums is the blood system, which effectively moves oxygen and food energies in a cyclic mode — every minute of the human body’s entire life. This book will teach you how to identify the essential oils worth taking long term and how to administer key herbs with a unique dry diffuser. One main thing to remember: select key herbs from leaves, flowers, and stems. You can practice and learn this book’s five learning courses and over time and give yourself and your friends the gift of a longer life.

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How to master the art of a home cooked meal

Cooking your meals at home is good for your health and your wallet. Photo: Alyson McPhee, used with permission.

There are so many reasons why cooking your meals at home is a good idea. While ordering takeout is easier, convenient, and often tastes great, it is not good for your health or your wallet. Because of this, more and more people are trying to get into cooking as a hobby and a way to feed themselves.

Unfortunately, cooking is not always easy, especially if you do not know where to start. This is where this article comes into the picture. With this advice, you can save money, improve your health, and learn how to make some delicious meals. 

Saving Money

With the recent rise in the cost of living, everything is expensive. You might reason that takeout is not much more expensive than buying groceries, but this is just a sign that you are buying groceries wrong. 

The first mistake people make is to neglect to write a list. This makes you more likely to forget something you need, so you end up having to go back to the grocery store, where you might pick up a bunch of other groceries. Write a list and plan what you will buy, ideally based on specific recipes. 

Writing a list also prevents you from buying food you do not need. Shopping when you are hungry leads to buying junk food and other unneeded items, which can lead to waste. Pay attention to prices as you buy, specifically the price per weight, which will tell you what provides better value for money.

The Right Recipes

If you are not familiar with cooking, then recipes are your friend. Ideally, you want to start with simple, delicious, and quick recipes so that you can get started on your cooking journey. Consider the nutritional value of the meals you cook as well.

For example, try some delicious brown sugar pork chops. You’ll love how simple yet tasty they are. Because they are packed with flavor, you can pair them with some steamed or sauteed vegetables for a quick, healthy, and easy meal.

Once you build a collection of recipes that you have learned, you naturally get a grasp of the basics of cooking. You learn how to hold and use a knife properly, as well as the best way to brown meat and create a sauce. You also grow more confident in your skills, which allows you to experiment or try more complicated dishes.

Cooking Classes

One way that you can improve your skills and grow in confidence is to find some local cooking classes. These will teach you specific techniques and tips that will boost your cooking ability, and give you some great ideas for meals. 

Cooking classes are also an excellent way to make new friends and connections. You can find classes geared towards your age group and your peers, or go for a mixed group. You never know who you might meet and what ideas you might pick up.

Learning how to cook is a good way to help yourself grow as a person and pick up some practical skills.

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New book release: ‘Meditation for People Who Can’t Meditate’ by Dr. Samuel Samtosha Steinberg

‘Meditation for People Who Can’t Meditate’ is a beginner’s guide to meditation. Courtesy photo, used with permission.

Dr. Samuel Samtosha Steinberg is a graduate of the Cornell University Plant Based Nutrition program and has a doctorate in Metaphysics. He is a special education teacher, a Yoga Alliance certified 500 E-RYT yoga teacher and educator and a meditation consultant to mental health practitioners and pain support groups as well as a relaxation teacher. Currently he is completing a doctorate in Naturopathic Psychology. He is the author of “Meditation For People Who Can’t Meditate” and “Free Bird,” a children’s book about freedom. He also authored “Parents Guide to Helping a Child With Learning Disabilities,” “Everything You Wanted to Know About Veganism,” “The Why’s and How’s of Vegetarianism,” “Anxiety, Depression & Panic Attacks,” “Promoting Positive Self Esteem In Children,” “A Guide to Autism in the Workplace,” “What Are Chakras and Why the Heck Should I Care?,” and “Weight Lost & Fitness.” His new book “Meditation For People Who Can’t Meditate” is an uncomplicated beginner’s guide to meditation. (Dr. Samuel Samtosha Steinberg, 2023)

New to meditation? Want a moment of peace from the chaotic world? Not sure how to focus? Discover how to meditate with this uncomplicated beginner guide. Dr. Samuel Steinberg presents meditation as an exquisite approach to attain peace, healthy, stress-free life by keeping it simple through basic techniques.

“Meditation For People Who Can’t Meditate” is a perfect guide for beginners tangled between the right time, place, position, group, and props to meditate with. Let this book walk you through the core of how to meditate correctly, the benefits of everyday practice, and the diverse styles of meditation in a fun way.

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