New book release: ‘The War Back Home’ by Alex Cage

‘The War Back Home’ is Alex Cage’s new novel. Photo: amazon

Alex Cage is an action adventure thriller author. His books blend his interest in martial arts, adventure, travel, and knowledge with exploration and high-octane action. Cage enjoys action adventure and thriller stories with fantasy and sci-fi sprinkled in. He has always wanted to create his own stories but spent many years thinking about it before actually putting his stories on paper. Currently living in North Carolina, he enjoys reading, writing, and practicing martial arts. In his new book “The War Back Home,” Clarence Tucker realizes his greatest fight is right where he left it. It is available in eBook and print formats. (amazon, 2022)

“The War Back Home” – For years, elite soldier and trained killer Clarence Tucker fought in wars abroad, thinking he was outrunning his past. But his dark secrets are waiting to consume him. Back home, Tucker reconnects with his family, ready to live the simple life. As he adjusts to civilian life, deals with family issues, takes in strangers in need, and falls for a woman, he discovers everyone around him has their own secrets. One in particular, may get them all killed. With a deadly threat lurking in the shadows, and the everyday difficulties life brings, Tucker must call upon his combat skills, as well as some newly developed soft skills or someone he loves will pay the ultimate price.


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