New book release: ‘The Secret Witness’ by Victor Methos

‘The Secret Witness’ is the first book in the new Shepard & Gray series by Victor Methos. Photo: amazon

At the age of thirteen, when his best friend was interrogated by the police for over eight hours and confessed to a crime he did not commit, Victor Methos knew he would one day become a lawyer. After graduating from law school at the University of Utah, Methos became as a prosecutor for Salt Lake City before founding what would become the most successful criminal defense firm in Utah. In ten years, Methos conducted more than one hundred trials. One particular case stuck with him, and it eventually became the basis for his first major bestseller, “The Neon Lawyer.” Since that time, Methos has focused his work on legal thrillers and mysteries, winning the Harper Lee Prize for “The Hallows” and an Edgar nomination for Best Novel for his title “A Gambler’s Jury.” His new book “The Secret Witness” is the thrilling first installment in the Shepard & Gray series, featuring a young sheriff who teams up with a former prosecutor to stop a copycat killer. (amazon, 2022)

“The Secret Witness”This is Reaper speaking. So begins an anonymous letter published in a Utah newspaper after a young couple is viciously murdered. Tooele County sheriff Elizabeth Gray leads the investigation into the double homicide, which is eerily reminiscent of a string of brutal killings years ago. When the letter leads detectives to yet another body, Gray calls on an old friend for help. Former prosecutor Solomon Shepard is still struggling to recover from the deadly courtroom attack that ended his career. He has been keeping a safe distance from the action, teaching criminology seminars about serial murders and psychopathology―until Gray asks for his help on the Reaper case. As the body count mounts, Shepard and Gray race to unravel the deranged design of a copycat killer―and find themselves in a face-off with an enemy they never saw coming.

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