Short story: Diary of a White Woman ‘Susan Strange’ by Albert Allen III

Diary of a White Woman ‘Susan Strange’ is available on Kindle through Amazon. Courtesy photo, used with permission.

Albert Allen III is a biologist, author, and artist from Oceanside, California. He studied at Loma Linda University and currently lives in Rancho Mirage, California. His short story Diary of a White Woman “Susan Strange” is available on Amazon in Kindle format for $5.99. (Albert Allen III, 2022)

Diary of a White Woman “Susan Strange” is a short story about a white woman named Susan who has reached the edge of dealing with the madness of society. Susan spews on the insanity of Men, War, Religion, Family, Death, and the true meaning of it all. “If you have the letter M on both palms, you likely live outside the matrix, and produce a high Vibrational frequency. Higher intelligence, Heightened senses, and most of the M People have experienced UFO sightings and visits from beings named the “Watchers,” that travel through dimensional portals. The M People are the healers of Earth and direct lineage to Mary, the Mother of Christ, the Son of GOD.”

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