New documentary release: Good Shepherds

Good Shepherds is available on Tubi and Amazon Prime Video. Photo: Google

Narrated by Dr. Jane Goodall and featuring the Vienna Boys Choir, Good Shepherds is a visual masterpiece for the holiday season by director Curt Faudon. It is available now free on Tubi and to buy or rent on Amazon Prime Video. (Good Shepherds, 2022)

The Vienna Boys Choir, alongside narrator Dr. Jane Goodall, present a gripping, deeply emotional, and stunning mix of holiday and herding music from Ireland, Laponia, Kenya, Norway, Palestine, and Austria. It features a haunting blend of classical arias and motets: 22 pieces of inspiring music selected from Handel’s Messiah, Heinrich Schutz, Johann Sebastian Bach, Antonio Vivaldi, George Frideric Handel, and Jean Lheritier, as well as carols and animal calls with traditional herdsmen and women and nature’s very own music. Five years in the making, the stunning photography and visual enhancements create a mesmerizing tapestry of color and images.

Good Shepherds is an appeal to act as “good shepherds“ towards each other and our environment. The Vienna Boys Choir meets with internationally acclaimed musicians and with real – traditional – herdsmen and women in Lapland, Ireland, Palestine, Norway, and Kenya to perform together. Narrated by primatologist Dr. Jane Goodall.


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