New album release: Something From Nothing – Chris Williams and Kid Reverie

Something From Nothing is the new album from Chris Williams and Kid Reverie. It will be out March 3, 2023. Photo: Google

Chris Williams’ ability to weave different sounds into a seamless whole comes naturally. He grew up near Greensboro, North Carolina, and his father, Allen Calhoun, was a bluegrass musician who played a little bit of everything. Williams was playing banjo by the time he was ten, and he and his father traveled constantly to bluegrass festivals where his father played. In his 20s and 30s, he played with rock bands and heavy metal bands, honing his instrumental chops and even taking the drums. He moved into jazz under the influence of Steely Dan’s Aja. Though he got away from music for a few years, he started buying recording equipment and eventually set out to make an album. Williams combines lyrical ingenuity with a gift for finding the just-right melodic vibes in which to wrap his words. He and Kid Reverie recently announced their upcoming album Something From Nothing, due out March 3, 2023. (Chris Williams/Kid Reverie, 2023)

Kid Reverie is out of Boulder, CO, featuring the voice and writing of Steve Varney, guitarist/banjoist for Gregory Alan Isakov and former leader of the band, Glowing House. In September 2018, Varney officially introduced Kid Reverie with a rock record both tender and furious. As and artist with several aesthetic interests, Kid Reverie has ebbed and flowed throughout time with a full length self-titled LP, Kid Reverie and many singles releases that cover a broad spectrum of genres. Steve’s body of work speaks for itself; honest, brilliant songwriting and an ever-reaching thirst for all things musical.

Born from their initial collaboration, the pair eventually co-wrote the twelve songs that became Something From Nothing. Co-produced by Williams and Varney and mastered by Varney, the two played every instrument on the album—with the exception of Michael McKee who joins in on drums for five songs and Ayda Varney who plays cat toy sounds on a tune.

Chris Williams and Kid Reverie shared the first listen from Something From Nothing, the ebbing and flowing “Half a Mile.” Written a few tunes into Williams’ and Varney’s time writing songs together, “Half a Mile” was a marked point of exploration for the pair, entering a mix of time signatures and tempo changes. “Every writing session we had, I was blown away by Steve’s in-depth knowledge of theory, song structure and catalog of hundreds of songs and examples within each at his fingertips,” remembers Williams. “Very useful when reaching for ideas and inspiration.”

Fans can stream or purchase “Half a Mile” now and pre-order or pre-save Something From Nothing ahead of its March 3 release.

Chris Williams and Kid Reverie hope the songs on Something From Nothing inspire others in their art: “not to be afraid to take chances musically.” Their music illuminates the struggles of the human soul, lighting a path between the shadows and light that leads from despair, fear, and loss to hope, courage, and love.

Something From Nothing track list:
Half A Mile
Himalayan Hills
Warning Bell (feat. Kid Reverie)
Dappled Grey



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Something From Nothing release date


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