Author spotlight of the week: Tanya Hilson

Tanya Hilson is the author of several stand alone novels and children’s books. Photo: This That Production

Tanya Hilson is an author who loves the joy of storytelling and writing. Her passion for writing started at a young age and has stayed with her throughout her life. Focusing on children’s stories, family life fiction, women’s issues, and urban life novels, she has written several books ranging from stand alone novels, children’s books, and The Shadow Eyes series. Some of these include “Back Porch Secrets,” “Backporch Neighbors,” “Human Collateral,” which received high accolades on Coverfly, “My Cousin Sue,” and “John’s Hidden Truth.” (Tanya Hilson, 2023)

“Back Porch Secrets” – So much personal drama goes on behind closed doors, but wait until you read what is going on behind these doors. Take a glimpse into the lives and secrets of these Chicago neighbors. The Addict, The Drinker, The Abuser, The Dope Dealer. You never truly know what is going on in someone else’s life until now. Are you ready to clap, laugh, be surprised and cry as you read the trials and tribulations of these lives unfold? Mind-blogging, breathtaking, and so real, THESE are their SECRETS. Read the reviews.

Courtesy photo, used with permission.

“Human Collateral” – Millicent “Mill” Brown is not the perfect mother – she runs her apartment as a trap house on the Southside of Chicago. However, when Mill’s apartment is raided and a deal goes wrong, Mill is arrested and her children are taken away by the Department of Children and Family Services. While this injustice system processes Mill into the court system, Director Mrs. Ross starts orchestrating the sale of Mill’s young son and daughter to traffickers on the black market, which includes some high office officials. Will Millicent be able to get out of jail in time to find her children, or will jail and her mental state become more harmful to herself and those around her? Read the reviews.

Courtesy photo, used with permission.

“My Cousin Sue” – Children can often say some mean things. Take a look into the world of Sue, a preteen born with vitiligo who is being homeschooled by her parents. With the helpful advice from her cousin London, can Sue find the courage to go back to regular school, or will the thought of being teased cause her to want to continue homeschooling? This book gives children the courage and strength to overcome their fears. Read the reviews.

“John’s Hidden Truth” – After months of torture by one of his peers, John is pushed to the edge. It is here that we are given a glimpse into one of this generation’s most heartbreaking tragedies in the American school system: bullying. Can John return to the way things were, or has he reached the point of no return? From Tanya Hilson comes a heart-wrenching story to help elementary-aged students comprehend and tackle the difficult subjects of racism, bullying, and gun violence within our American schools. “John’s Hidden Truth” tackles the difficult realities of today’s society in our school-aged children. Read the reviews.

Courtesy photo, used with permission.

“Backporch Neighbors” – Lies, cheating, deceit, and back-stabbing. Take a look into the lives of these Backporch Neighbors. You never truly know what is going on in someone else’s life until now. Peek into the lives of these Chi-town folks: Scooter, the star football player; the building matriarch, Ms. Ruby; the neighborhood dope man, Bobby; and let us not forget, the gambler and drinker, Debbie. Are you ready to take a break from your own drama and dive into somebody else’s? If so, get ready to clap, laugh, sing, and cry as you watch the sorrows and triumphs of these everyday folks unfold. Mind-boggling, breathtaking, and hilarious: This is their story. Read the reviews.

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