New single release: En Este Amor – Adriel Favela

Adriel Favela presents his new single En Este Amor. Courtesy photo, used with permission.

Adriel Favela is an internationally celebrated singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist in the northern Mexican Regional genre known as norteño. Adriel Favela gives free reign to his free spirit and does not hold back. Once again, he surprises the musical scene with the release of En Este Amor, a heartbreak song written by Gussy Lau and Tamayo Aguilera, who through their lyrics try to explain what it means to be that special person, who meant everything and takes away your entire life when they leave. (Adriel Favela, 2023)

En Este Amor was recorded in Sonic Ranch and is the first preview of his next album in the mariachi genre, different from his previous releases, and to which he has invited a renown group of industry collaborators, such as Kiko Cibrian (mix and vocal director), Marco Ramírez (Masterization), Daniel Valenzuela (head producer in Esperanto debuting as “Tipo Country Productions”) along with David Valenzuela, Jared Vacapiz and Ervey Vargas in the musical ensemble.

The release of En Este Amor comes with an official video, which through pictures, showcases a beautiful sunset in the desert of Sonora, Mexico. This is the perfect setting to convey the melancholy in the message of the song, while also representing the singer, composer, musician and producer roots, Adriel Favela.

“Everything has been a happy accident because this song was aimed for another person, but at the end of the day, God has a purpose for us all and the song conveyed a lot. I loved it! It has a beautiful essence which I think will differentiate itself from everything we’ve done before and we’ve obviously put a lot of heart into it and we hope the audience receives it the same way.” – Adriel Favela.

“This is one of the most personal songs I’ve ever written. I started composing it while sitting on my bed, before going to sleep, thinking about the two perspectives of this love, it was self-criticism because I gave it everything and the other person didn’t give anything, and when my heart told me that I had to continue trying, I realized that wasn’t a very smart decision.” – Gussy Lau, composer


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