Book review: ‘Still On Fire: A Memoir’ by Renee Linnell

‘Still On Fire: A Memoir’ is Renee Linnell’s new book. Courtesy photo, used with permission.

Renee Linnell is a serial entrepreneur who has founded or cofounded five companies and has an MBA from New York University. Having an unorthodox childhood and being surrounded by death at a young age led her on a spiritual quest that took her all over the world, culminating in her ordination as a Buddhist monk. What began as writing for catharsis in 2013—as she struggled to regain her sanity after being brainwashed in a Buddhist cult—turned into her first memoir, “The Burn Zone: A Memoir.” “Still on Fire: A Memoir” is the sequel and a reminder of what happens when we do not listen to our inner voice. Her mission is to remind people Who They Truly Are and to reignite their passion for being alive.

“Still on Fire” – Magic, miracles, travel, and romance–this is where Renee leads you in her long-awaited sequel to “The Burn Zone.” From love affairs with men half her age to being rescued by angels, to getting stranded at 22,000 feet in the Himalayas and being electrocuted in the Maldives, Renee takes you on a wild page-turning adventure, sharing with you soul-soothing wisdom she gained along the way. In the Preface, Renee implores us to unfold their wings and begin a journey of self discovery. Only when we experience authenticity can we begin to realize how we fit into the overall tapestry of life. The book is divided into five parts: Part 1: Decision, Part 2: Wild Ride, Part 3: Spirit, Part 4: Love, and Part 5: Whole. The stories are as varied as her relationships with men, the different adventures she has had around the world, and her traumatic upbringing. In the Epilogue, the author reminds us of the importance of waking up and walking our own authentic path. That we do not have to be like everyone else and if following the masses does not make sense to us, “then it it time to disrupt these paradigms.”

Not everyone gets to travel the world to exotic destinations and have crazy adventures, but Renee Linnell has. She has also experienced the type of trauma and grief that most people have not. Through it all, she has kept her optimism and finds the positive in every situation. Sometimes her stories are relatable, sometimes they are not, but they remind us that life is an adventure worth living and that anything is possible. The chapters are short and to the point and since she uses simple, down to earth language, they are so easy to get through. Highlights include Chapter 22 – Me Being Me, where she is unapologetic for being who she is “Some people will not like me. In fact, some people may hate me…The same way some people curse the sun when it shines too brightly” and Chapter 31 – Giving Away Our Power where she reiterates that every time we care about what someone else thinks of us, we hand that person our power. Overall, “Still On Fire” is an entertaining and worthy read. Some of her stories are funny, some are shocking, but in the end, they are inspiring and remind readers to listen to their inner voice, their Inner Guidance, and live the life they are truly meant to, with no regrets. Most importantly, that life is not perfect and if you fail, you can always, and should, try again. It is recommended for fans of memoirs and self-help books and for readers who appreciate tidbits of wisdom and inspirational stories.

“Now I realize it is up to me to create a life I love. To be me regardless of whom I am dating. To have my own boundaries. To constantly check in with myself and ask, ‘Do I really want this? Is this okay?’”

*The author received a copy of this book for an honest review. The views and opinions expressed here belong solely to her.

Excerpt available.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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