Book review: ‘Meru’ by S.B. Divya

‘Meru’ is the new science fiction novel by S.B. Divya. Photo: Amazon

S.B. Divya is the Hugo and Nebula nominated author of “Meru,” “Machinehood,” “Runtime,” and “Contingency Plans For the Apocalypse and Other Possible Situations.” Her short stories have appeared in numerous magazines and anthologies, and she was the co-editor of Escape Pod, the weekly science fiction podcast, from 2017-2022. Divya holds degrees in Computational Neuroscience and Signal Processing, and she worked for twenty years as an electrical engineer before becoming an author. In her new book “Meru,” one woman and her pilot are about to change the future of the species in an epic space opera about aspiration, compassion, and redemption. A reading sample is available on Amazon. (Amazon, 2023)

“Meru” – For five centuries, human life has been restricted to Earth, while posthuman descendants called alloys freely explore the galaxy. When the Earthlike planet of Meru is discovered, two unlikely companions venture forth to test the habitability of this unoccupied new world and the future of human-alloy relations. For Jayanthi, the adopted human child of alloy parents, it is an opportunity to rectify the ancient reputation of her species as avaricious and destructive, and to give humanity a new place in the universe. For Vaha, Jayanthi’s alloy pilot, it is a daunting yet irresistible adventure to find success as an individual. As the journey challenges their resolve in unexpected ways, the two form a bond that only deepens with their time alone on Meru. How can Jayanthi succeed at freeing humanity from its past when she and Vaha have been set up to fail? Against all odds, hope is human, too.

The story takes place in the far, far future when humans, whose numbers have dwindled, live in colonies on Earth and their robot/AI descendants called ‘alloys’ are the next form of intelligent life. This concept in itself is what stands out because of the rapid rise in AI in recent years. Combined with science fiction, space exploration, and genetic engineering, it makes for a complex saga filled with technology, friendships, and the ever increasing question of what it means to be human. There are so many types of technologies introduced, like the bodym, the body’s information network, and an incarn, the temporary body that alloys use while on Earth, that at times it is hard to focus on the story itself. While the use of the pronouns zie/zir is commendable, it can be distracting until/unless the reader gets used to them. The language, while occasionally tech-heavy, is relatively easy to understand and the story is mainly dialogue driven and switches narration between Jayanthi and Vaha. ‘Meru’ is an impressive work of science fiction complete with space travel, world building, exploration of the human condition in the face of insurmountable challenges, and even an interspecies romance. Labeled as The Alloy Era Book 1, the story will likely continue, and is recommended for readers who appreciate books on genetic engineering, space exploration, and science fiction. It is certainly an interesting work of science fiction.

“No amount of grief and rage could overcome a lifetime of conditioning. Do the least amount of harm to every form of consciousness, alive or not. A planet might not think and feel, but it had a place in the universe. It deserved respect and kindness, especially from a puny thing like her, whose survival depended upon it.”

*The author received a copy of this book for an honest review. The views and opinions expressed here belong solely to her.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

New book release: ‘Live Longer, Suffer Less’ by Darrell Parrish

‘Live Longer, Suffer Less: The Herbal Guide To Improve Health’ by Darrell Parrish. Photo: Amazon

Darrell Parrish is an author whose three previous books centered around surviving America’s number two worst working occupation: the aggressive car salesman. Before that, he worked at an aircraft manufacturing company that made military and civilian aircraft. He supervised the cleaning of aircraft parts processed in huge chemical tanks and his main assignments was to manage engineering blueprints and develop test procedures to solve plant manufacturing problems regarding chemical processing. These two work assignments impacted his life but the car books turned him into a consumer advocate. Working sixteen years in the Material and Processing department gave him the mental means of discovering how to live longer and suffer less with herbs. He converted an American made coffee warmer into his dry diffuser invention. This enabled him to do a self-wellness DIY book for fellow Americans. The purpose of “Live Longer, Suffer Less: The Herbal Guide To Improve Health” is to allow Do-it-Yourself [DIY] enthusiasts to select herb combinations that collectively render ample “benevolent effects” into the body’s cell communities living in the human. More information and an excerpt of this book is available online. (Darrell Parrish, 2023)

“Live Longer, Suffer Less: The Herbal Guide to Improve Health” – Life is too short, no matter how old you are. Why risk your state of wellness on marketed goods and services pitched in the marketplace? Why not learn how to measure your own healthfulness? In this book, there is a simple test anyone can take. There are currently numerous health books available online. Thousands of herbs are being marketed as possible cures to specific diseases. Yet not one single herb is capable of removing any single infestation, perfectly within the body.

Few people realize the central portion of the body is not the beating heart, but the blood stream itself, which consists of sixty-five thousand miles of smaller vessels called capillaries. Only a few pre-selected herbs can protect the blood system and thereby aid the entire body’s immune system. There are ample cell communities in the body which support the thirty-seven trillions of human single cells. The supreme support to all these cells within the body are the 400 million air sacs called alveoli. Between these two living mediums is the blood system, which effectively moves oxygen and food energies in a cyclic mode — every minute of the human body’s entire life. This book will teach you how to identify the essential oils worth taking long term and how to administer key herbs with a unique dry diffuser. One main thing to remember: select key herbs from leaves, flowers, and stems. You can practice and learn this book’s five learning courses and over time and give yourself and your friends the gift of a longer life.

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New book release: ‘Escaping the Dashia’ by Rebecca Inch-Partridge

‘Escaping the Dashia’ is Rebecca Inch-Partridge’s new YA science fiction novel. Photo: Amazon

Rebecca Inch-Partridge is an author, an editor, and an avid science fiction fan who grew up imagining a more inclusive world for women in SFF. Today, she is helping to shape that reality. Her first novel, “Escaping the Dashia,” is a YA science fantasy published by Black Rose Writing. Rebecca is a member of the Editorial Freelancers Association and Broad Universe and frequently speaks at writers’ conferences and science fiction conventions. Her short stories and articles have appeared in several magazines, and she has won Honorable Mention in both Writer’s Digest and Writers of the Future contests. “Escaping the Dashia” is the first book in The Paradox Star Cluster series and invites readers to root for the main character, young telepath Twyla, as she runs from one of the most notorious crime families in the Universe – the one led by her mother. (Black Château, 2023)

“Escaping the Dashia” is a meticulously crafted, immersive young adult (YA) science fiction (SF) novel that explores the complexities of family, betrayal, and the painful feelings of being an outsider. It follows young telepath Twyla, who is abducted by her mother and forced into her family’s criminal enterprise. Now, Twyla must navigate the blurred lines between right and wrong, good and evil, and the precarious position her family has put her in. Rebecca Inch-Partridge, a longtime SF fan, writer and speaker at science fiction conventions, uses her world-building skills to craft a richly detailed universe.

“I believe science fiction and fantasy has the power to challenge us and to inspire change. With ‘Escaping the Dashia,’ I hope to engage readers in a thrilling adventure while exploring important issues such as family dynamics, morality, and justice, all within a universe that I hope readers will enjoy exploring as much as I enjoyed creating it.” – Rebecca Inch-Partridge

Rebecca Inch-Partridge is a member of the Editorial Freelancers Association and Broad Universe. As someone who grew up imagining a more inclusive world for women in SFF, today she is a strong supporter of women in SFF as well as women in STEM.

Excerpt available.

New book release: ‘Fix Your Back Like An Architect’ by Marian Jodlowski

‘Fix Your Back Like An Architect’ by Marian Jodlowski. Photo: Amazon

Marian Jodlowski is a Master of Science in Architecture graduate from the Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice. He also completed postgraduate studies at the Warsaw University of Technology. At age 55, he suffered from acute spinal disc disease, which temporarily prevented him from walking; after contracting this illness, Marian became interested in the mechanics of human movement. This interest resulted, among other things, from the fact that the treatment offered by the academic health service was ineffective in his case, and he considered spinal surgery a last resort. In this situation, he started looking for specialists offering alternative treatments. In his book “Fix Your Back Like An Architect: Gravity Therapy of the Spine and Motor Organs,” the author explains how he overcame acute spinal disease and returned to everyday life. He also shares how he strengthened his body so that even many years after the onset of the disease, he no longer feels discomfort. It is available on Amazon in Kindle and paperback format. (Marian Jodlowski, 2023)

During his treatment, some of the specialists’ methods had some positive results, while others did not. None of them fully identified the causes of the disease or offered a comprehensive cure. Due to Marian’s profession and technical experience, he increasingly perceived the human body as a complicated spatial mechanical system affected by Earth’s gravity, similar to the static and mechanical engineering objects functioning on Earth. Such well-proportioned objects with logically juxtaposed structural elements operating by the laws of physics function very well and are less unreliable than those without such features. Recognizing the above relationships and many others related to conditions in the field of academic and alternative medicine allowed him to formulate many important indications regarding the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases of the spine and musculoskeletal system. Thanks to their use, the author not only managed to avoid spinal surgery, but many years after acute disc disease of the spine, he does not feel any related ailments. His well-being is much better than a dozen years ago.

“Fix Your Back Like An Architect: Gravity Therapy of the Spine and Motor Organs” – Most musculoskeletal dysfunctions arise from a chronic lack of gravitational tension in some muscles and over-tension in others. They usually result from habitual abuse of incorrect, often favorite body positions and because of using faulty movement patterns in everyday life. Such dysfunctions can begin gradually in childhood and become fixed for longer just as quickly. Therefore, in such cases, it is equally important to identify these problems according to the rules presented in the book and to proceed to their elimination immediately. In a healthy adult, musculoskeletal disorders usually develop much more slowly. However, if they are not eliminated in advance, they are constantly deepening, worsening a person’s well-being and even preventing them from functioning properly in everyday life.

As the leading cause of diseases of the spine and musculoskeletal system, the author presented chronic muscle tension disorders caused by the action of incorrect vectors of forces caused by gravity and ground resistance. In connection with the mechanism causing bone deformities, according to the Delpech-Wolff Law, which explains the causes of even severe skeletal deformities.

The author also indicates how the poor functioning of the muscular system during everyday activities affects the occurrence of diseases of the spine and musculoskeletal system.

Acute pain is the body’s alarm signal and should not always be eliminated too often with painkillers. However, comprehensive methods leading to the fastest possible healing of inflammation should be used. Progressive natural pain relief is a signal to undertake other forms of treatment, including active therapy involving moderate corrective exercises.

The author’s knowledge and experience presented in this book can save you from making many hasty decisions about how to treat your conditions, including risky back or joint surgery. In addition to the systemic knowledge about rebuilding the body, you will receive many practical tips to reduce your daily ailments and contribute to your recovery.

Without knowing the principles in this book, it is difficult to imagine keeping the body in good shape and avoiding the destructive influence of gravity on the body, which lasts for years. On the other hand, without using the crucial tips on exercise techniques contained in it, it is difficult to rebuild the body and effectively eliminate dysfunctions and deformities of the body caused by its incorrect use.

In the book, you will read, among other things:

  • How children with a weaker mitochondrial genome can avoid severe developmental defects such as scoliosis, general physical underdevelopment, and other musculoskeletal defects. How these children can match the level of physical development of other peers by consciously using the forces of gravity.
  • How the proper use of gravitational energy in an almost imperceptible way shapes the correct body posture in people with particular genetic predispositions. How effectively it affects the development of their muscular system, vitality, and health, and what should be done not only not to waste this potential but also to effectively use it for further strengthening of the body.
  • How adults can avoid conditions such as musculoskeletal pain, disc herniation, joint degradation, and general body weakness.
  • What are the causes of the loss of motor skills in seniors and the general decline in health with age. Moreover, what are the indications of how to stop these changes to maintain fitness and health until old age.
  • Why activities such as walking, running, sitting, bending the body, doing squats, and lifting weights should, in most cases, be done differently from what is generally recommended.
  • How to maintain high physical and intellectual fitness thanks to man’s conscious acquisition of energy in the biological and gravitational cycle.
  • How, through the action of gravity, in some body positions, there is a negative shaping of muscle tension, which causes the weakening of vitality and human health, and how can we prevent it.
  • Why many of the recommended ways to exercise in a variety of sports, including bodybuilding and weightlifting, often lead to health loss rather than health improvement.

** Excerpts available ***

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Book review: ‘Leaving: How I Set Myself Free from an Abusive Marriage’ by Kanchan Bhaskar

‘Leaving: How I Set Myself Free from an Abusive Marriage’ is Kanchan Bhaskar new memoir. Photo: Amazon

Kanchan Bhaskar was born and brought up in New Delhi, India. She holds a master’s degree in social work from Delhi University and a postgraduate certificate in personnel management and industrial relations. She moved to the US in 2000. She works in the corporate world, mentoring, counselling, and coaching employees at all levels in the industry. She is also now a certified advocate for domestic violence victims in the state of Illinois and is a volunteer speaker, mentor, and coach for victims and survivors. Her new book “Leaving: How I Set Myself Free from an Abusive Marriage” is an inspiring memoir of a woman who reclaims her power and finds the strength to leave an abusive relationship. (Kanchan Bhaskar, 2023)

“Leaving: How I Set Myself Free from an Abusive Marriage” – Raised by two loving parents in New Delhi, India, Kanchan Bhaskar has always been taught that marriage means companionship, tenderness, and mutual respect—so when she enters into an arranged marriage, this is the kind of partnership she anticipates with her new, seemingly wonderful, husband. The story is told in chronological order and begins in 1980-1981 when, as a new wife, Kanchan is starting a new life with her new husband and his family, all strangers to her, but is still naively hopeful that it will be full of wonder and romance. She quickly discovers that his warmth is deceptive—that the man beneath the bright, charming façade is actually a narcissistic, alcoholic, and violent man. Kanchan pleads with her husband to seek help for his issues, but he refuses. Trapped in a nightmare, and now with children to protect, she tries numerous times to leave him but Indian law is not on her side. It is not until many years later, when the family of five moves from India to the United States, that Kanchan is presented with a real opportunity to leave him—and she takes it. It is divided into eighteen chapters, including A Love Story, My Safe Haven, and Coming Together.

Kanchan Bhaskar’s memoir is not just about domestic abuse. In the Preface, she writes that “the story does not stop with gaining my freedom but describes my continuing journey on the path of spirituality.” The abuse she endured is just one part of her story; the whole is more about her personal journey to self reliance. She perseveres against all odds and it does not define who she is now. The abuse details, while disturbing, are brief and not too graphic, just enough to shed light on her tragic experiences. It is always interesting to learn about other cultures, in this case, Indian culture, especially the process of selecting a partner in an arranged marriage. This proves the universality of the human condition regardless of race or culture. The language is easy to understand and often poetic “I felt like a free bird, seeing myself as a white swan gliding high in the infinite sky – who had no boundaries, no limits, no shackles, no fear, no apprehensions…” With a story that flows easily through the pages, readers are witness to her journey from abuse to spiritual awakening. “Leaving: How I Set Myself Free from an Abusive Marriage” is an empowering story of a woman who even during her bleakest moments, found the strength to move on. It is recommended for readers who enjoy inspirational memoirs by strong women.

“I wish there was one formula for all of us, but there isn’t. The formula that worked for me and liberated me was essentially powered by my three strong beliefs, my tools, and my mantras. Belief in self. Belief in Universe. Belief in spirituality.”

*The author received a copy of this book for an honest review. The views and opinions expressed here belong solely to her.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Excerpt available.

Book of the week: ‘How To Employ Your Own Boss: The Ultimate Guide on How To Move From Being An Employee To Employer’ by Samuel Shy

‘How To Employ Your Own Boss: The Ultimate Guide on How To Move From Being An Employee To Employer’ is Samuel Shy’s book about entrepreneurship. Photo: Amazon

From time to time, everyone at one point or another has fantasized about being their own boss. Regardless of what type of job you have, if you work for someone else, it can be exhausting and soul crushing because jobs most require getting up early, long commutes to work, and working at least eight hours a day, which means being cooped up in an office all day and missing out on life’s important events and spending time with loved ones; not to mention stressful office politics and overly critical managers who often demean more than praise employees. When it comes down to it, do you really know what it means to be your own boss? In his new book “How To Employ Your Own Boss: The Ultimate Guide on How To Move From Being An Employee To Employer,”  Samuel Shy writes about this important topic that is frequently in every worker’s mind after a long stressful day at work. (Samuel Shy, 2023)

“How To Employ Your Own Boss: The Ultimate Guide on How To Move From Being An Employee To Employer” – is available only as an e-book and is only 62 pages long but it features the basic concepts you should know when considering being self-employed. This includes the definition of an employee, the types of employees, and most importantly, what is self employment. He lists the advantages, disadvantages, and examples of self employment and how to move from being an employee to being self employed. Once you decide that this is the right move for you, he also explains how to start and run your own business along with the advantages and disadvantages of being your own boss which serves as a reality check. He also includes the characteristics that define someone who can be their own boss: could this be you? Are you ready to take the plunge?

This guide dealing with entrepreneurship, business, and economics is available through Lulu.

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Book of the week: ‘Identicality’ by Jay L. Koppelman

‘Identicality’ is a suspenseful technothriller by Jay L. Koppelman. Photo: Jay L. Koppelman

Jay L. Koppelman, a San Francisco Bay Area resident, is retired from a career in real estate investment and finance. He currently serves as CFO of an educational therapy clinic and has been an active participant on various philanthropic boards. In his spare time, he chases his grandkids, enjoys golf, recreational flying, and reading about science and technology. “Identicality,” his debut novel, is a riveting and thought-provoking science fiction thriller that will keep you thinking and guessing until the very end – and beyond. (Jay L. Koppelman, 2023)

“Identicality” – As founding partner of a prestigious San Francisco law firm, Charlie Wood owes much of his success to business dealings with his life-long friend, the brilliant inventor-entrepreneur Adam Braudy. While Charlie is grateful to Adam, he cannot help envying Adam’s staggering wealth and fame and feels resentful every time Adam calls and expects him to drop everything to do his bidding. As Adam lies dying following an assassination attempt, he asks Charlie to aid him in fulfilling one last request: use his latest invention—a device capable of duplicating human life—to create an Adam replicant. Unable to deny his friend’s dying wish, Charlie sets aside his deep ethical reservations and, at the risk of spawning a Frankenstein monster, creates Adam’s replicant.

Everything seems to be going as planned as the new Adam takes on the first Adam’s role as husband, father, inventor and industrialist—firmly convinced he is the real Adam. But then the first Adam miraculously survives. How far will Adam go to get his life back?

Excerpt available – First chapter

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New book release: ‘The Vanished’ by Simon Rosser

‘The Vanished’ is the new sci-fi thriller by Simon Rosser. Photo: Amazon

When he is not busy with his day job as a lawyer, Simon Rosser is the author of action/adventure-thriller novels, predominantly the Robert Spire action thrillers, which all have an ecological, historical, science-fiction mystery cataclysmic theme. Think James Bond mixed with Indiana Jones and some environmental/historical facts thrown in for good measure. Previous books include “The A-Z Of Global Warming” – updated 2012 edition, and the Robert Spire eco-terrorism action-thrillers “Tipping Point,” “Impact Point,” “Melt Zone,” “Cataclysm of the Ancients,” “Crypto,” and the Galileo Project sci-fi UFO conspiracy thrillers 1-3. The author has also written sci-fi thrillers, “Vaporized” I and II and “Salient,” together with stand alone espionage adventure thriller, “Red Mist.” In his new book “The Vanished,” Robert Spire and Agent Belinda Caruso are sent by the U.K’s GLENCOM Agency to the United States to investigate the strange phenomena surrounding hundreds of individuals, including hikers, hunters, and sightseers who are mysteriously vanishing from U.S. National Parks where animal predation has been ruled out as being the cause. It is a gripping sci-fi mystery and book number 9 in the Robert Spire thriller series. (Simon Rosser, 2023)

“The Vanished” – When Vanessa and Stefan go hiking in The Great Smoky Mountains National Park, little did Vanessa know that after finding an idyllic spot to camp, it would be the last time she would ever see her partner alive. Stefan seemingly vanishes into thin air. Since the 1960s, probably earlier, cattle and other livestock have been discovered by ranchers on their land, mutilated as if by scalpel or laser technology and drained of their blood. No tracks or other evidence as to who might be responsible for the unexplained deaths has ever been found. The strange, unexplained mutilations continue to this day.

Robert Spire, and Agent Belinda Caruso team up with Spire’s old friend, ex-U.S. Marine Travis Dexter. Initially suspecting some kind of environmental cause, it soon becomes apparent that the U.S Military might be involved. Are the many hundreds of missing people, the unusual lights in the night sky and animal mutilations linked? As Spire digs deeper into the phenomenon, it quickly becomes evident that something inexplicable is happening and that there may well be an other-worldly explanation for what is going on.

This edge-of-your-seat fictional sci-fi mystery thriller will take you into the worrying and inexplicable but factual world of missing people, cattle mutilations and strange lights in the night sky. Buckle up and keep the lights on.

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New book release: ‘The Dot: Book 4’ by Mark Bertrand

‘The Dot: Book 4’ is the new science fiction adventure by Mark Bertrand. Photo: Mark Bertrand, used with permission.

Mark Bertrand is the author of “Starzel,” “Love Reincarnate,” “A Conscious Thing,” and “The Dot.” He is a writer by day and a stock market trader by night. His career path includes working in aerospace and neuroscience. He received a bachelor of science in aeronautical engineering and his master of mathematics from Boston University. To balance his left brain with his right, his MBA is from the University of California at San Diego. Finally, to quench his desire for knowledge, he completed his Ph.D. in mathematics at the University of Southern California. Mark has been a Buddhist for more than forty years, is considered Mahayana, and has also studied Alan Watts’ and Tich Naht Hahn’s writings on Zen. He managed a small abbey in San Diego, California for ten years. Currently, he is a member of the Sangha at the Enlightenment Stupa of Benalmádena, Spain. In his new book “The Dot: Book 4,” two men on different planets discover themselves and their fathers while confronting planetary existential crises of famine, radiation poisoning, and the collapse of society. (Mark Bertrand, 2023)

“The Dot: Book 4” – The Cyborgs, hoping to create a civilization of kindness and love without the destructive effects of anger, harvest a group of scientists, inject them with a serum to alter their DNA, implant a neurolink brain chip, and send them to Ziran, a planet with minimal technology. Eight generations later, Ziran faces extinction. The planet’s binary star system is producing x-ray radiation, which is destroying crops, poisoning the people, and killing their settlement’s chances at a future. In the hopes of saving their planet, the people of Ziran use an ancient ritual, evoking the gods to possess the bodies of the King and Queen to create a child. This child, Zosimos, is the planet’s only hope.

Zosimos matures at an inhuman rate. As he ages, he displays exceptional mental abilities, helping his people solve a range of technological and medical issues. By the time he reaches the age of six, he is ready to take the crown. When Zosimos is exposed to a plant strain with the side-effect of reversing the DNA-altering serum, he feels anger for the first time. With that anger comes the realization that he is superior to those around him. In a fit of rage, he kills his parents and claims the throne, forcing his people to submit to his tyrannical rule.

The promise of a cure for radiation poisoning leads Zosimos to Kelv, the sage. Still filled with rage, Zosimos forces Vallena, who is friends with the sage, to trap Kelv and obtain a DNA sample, hoping to learn why the sage has survived in the wasteland with no protection from radiation. However, Vallena discovers a way to reinstate the DNA-altering serum and cure Zosimos’s rage, and tricks him into taking the cure. The cure works, and Zosimos grows depressed and filled with remorse. He seeks advice from the sage, and through their lessons on love, truth, and alignment between mind and body, Zosimos becomes enlightened. Zosimos, contemplating the solution to his planet’s crisis, and questioning everything he thought he knew, turns to the conscious supercomputer his father hid in Vallena’s home but it is indifferent to human suffering and unwilling to interfere with frail humanity. Using the teachings learned from Kelv, Zosimos convinces the machine to help them. The machine begins to study the human body’s ability to heal itself and in doing so, finds a solution that can save everyone: transcendence but in order for this plan to succeed, the people must trust the former tyrant Zosimos.

Centuries later, the Cyborgs return to monitor their experiment, only to discover a planet vacant of life. There are no humans, no evidence of civilization, no skeletons. The only indications of the now failed experiment are the abandoned neurolinks, and a dead supercomputer.

Sign up to receive the first chapter of “The Dot: Book 4” for free. 

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New book release: ‘LORDOFSPIES’ by Muneefa Abdullah

‘LORDOFSPIES’ by Abdullah. Photo: Amazon

Muneefa Abdullah is the Kuwaiti author of the children’s book “New Fairy Tales.” In her newest ebook “LORDOFSPIES,” she writes about William Shakespeare, the English playwright, poet, and actor who is widely considered as the greatest writer in the English language. (Muneefa Abdullah, 2023)

“LORDOFSPIES” – Shakespeare’s lost years are explained, revealed, the lost queen of England, the fair youth, all in the shadow of one man Robert Poley. The son of Stratford upon Avon who became the spy. The book started as a research and ended with a ghost of three men; two like beacons in the night and one like a shadow. This is an ebook about the famous poet William Shakespeare’s missing seven years, the secret identity, and why he chose to be in shadows. It will explain all the contradictions in his life.

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