Movie adaptation: ‘Bones & All’ by Camille DeAngelis

The movie adaptation of ‘Bones & All” will be released nationwide on Wednesday November 23, 2022. Photo: Amazon

In a world filled with remakes and sequels, I often hear the same complaint: “Why can’t anyone make any original movies anymore.” Whenever someone does, rarely do people take notice. That is why I have made it my mission to highlight movie adaptation of books and here is this week’s movie. The book “Bones & All” is a literary fiction novel, a coming-of-age story that follows a pair of young cannibalistic lovers who flee together on a road trip. A combination of YA and horror novels. Sounds interesting to me.

Camille DeAngelis is the author of “Immaculate Heart,” the Alex Award-winning “Bones & All,” “Petty Magic: Being the Memoirs and Confessions of Miss Evelyn Harbinger,” “Temptress and Troublemaker,” and “Mary Modern,” as well as a first-edition guidebook, “Moon Ireland.” Her book of practical philosophy, “Life Without Envy: Ego Management for Creative People,” was published by St. Martin’s Griffin in September 2016. She is a graduate of New York University (B.A. in Fine Arts, minor in Irish Studies, 2002) and the National University of Ireland, Galway (M.A. in Writing, 2005). “Bones & All” has been adapted into a coming-of-age romantic horror road film starring Taylor Russell, Timothée Chalamet, Mark Rylance, and Michael Stuhlbarg. It was released in selected U.S. theaters on November 18 and will be released nationwide on Wednesday November 23, 2022. (Amazon, 2022)

“Bones & All”  – Maren Yearly is a young woman who wants the same things we all do. She wants to be someone people admire and respect. She wants to be loved but her secret, shameful needs have forced her into exile. She hates herself for the bad thing she does, for what it has done to her family and her sense of identity, for how it dictates her place in the world and how people see her–how they judge her. She did not choose to be this way. Because Maren Yearly does not just break hearts, she devours them. Ever since her mother found Penny Wilson’s eardrum in her mouth when Maren was just two years old, she knew life would never be normal for either of them.

Love may come in many shapes and sizes, but for Maren, it always ends the same–with her hiding the evidence and her mother packing up the car. But when her mother abandons her the day after her sixteenth birthday, Maren goes looking for the father she has never known, and finds much more than she bargained for along the way. Faced with a world of fellow eaters, potential enemies, and the prospect of love, Maren realizes she is not only looking for her father, she is looking for herself.


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