New book release: ‘The Vanished’ by Simon Rosser

‘The Vanished’ is the new sci-fi thriller by Simon Rosser. Photo: Amazon

When he is not busy with his day job as a lawyer, Simon Rosser is the author of action/adventure-thriller novels, predominantly the Robert Spire action thrillers, which all have an ecological, historical, science-fiction mystery cataclysmic theme. Think James Bond mixed with Indiana Jones and some environmental/historical facts thrown in for good measure. Previous books include “The A-Z Of Global Warming” – updated 2012 edition, and the Robert Spire eco-terrorism action-thrillers “Tipping Point,” “Impact Point,” “Melt Zone,” “Cataclysm of the Ancients,” “Crypto,” and the Galileo Project sci-fi UFO conspiracy thrillers 1-3. The author has also written sci-fi thrillers, “Vaporized” I and II and “Salient,” together with stand alone espionage adventure thriller, “Red Mist.” In his new book “The Vanished,” Robert Spire and Agent Belinda Caruso are sent by the U.K’s GLENCOM Agency to the United States to investigate the strange phenomena surrounding hundreds of individuals, including hikers, hunters, and sightseers who are mysteriously vanishing from U.S. National Parks where animal predation has been ruled out as being the cause. It is a gripping sci-fi mystery and book number 9 in the Robert Spire thriller series. (Simon Rosser, 2023)

“The Vanished” – When Vanessa and Stefan go hiking in The Great Smoky Mountains National Park, little did Vanessa know that after finding an idyllic spot to camp, it would be the last time she would ever see her partner alive. Stefan seemingly vanishes into thin air. Since the 1960s, probably earlier, cattle and other livestock have been discovered by ranchers on their land, mutilated as if by scalpel or laser technology and drained of their blood. No tracks or other evidence as to who might be responsible for the unexplained deaths has ever been found. The strange, unexplained mutilations continue to this day.

Robert Spire, and Agent Belinda Caruso team up with Spire’s old friend, ex-U.S. Marine Travis Dexter. Initially suspecting some kind of environmental cause, it soon becomes apparent that the U.S Military might be involved. Are the many hundreds of missing people, the unusual lights in the night sky and animal mutilations linked? As Spire digs deeper into the phenomenon, it quickly becomes evident that something inexplicable is happening and that there may well be an other-worldly explanation for what is going on.

This edge-of-your-seat fictional sci-fi mystery thriller will take you into the worrying and inexplicable but factual world of missing people, cattle mutilations and strange lights in the night sky. Buckle up and keep the lights on.

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