New book release: ‘Into the Dread Void’ by Abe Moss

‘Into the Dread Void’ is the first in The Dread Void series by Abe Moss. Photo: google

Abe Moss has been writing horror stories for as long as he can remember and hopes to never stop. He loves creature-features, psychological horror, supernatural horror, cosmic horror, you name it. With each book he writes, he hopes to try something a little different. The possibilities are endless and that is what he really loves about storytelling. He hopes you will enjoy his stories too. The Dread Void is a chilling new series by Abe Moss with the first two books released in May and July and the third in October. They are meant to be read in numerical order. (amazon, 2021)

“Into the Dread Void” (The Dread Void Book 1)
The first in a chilling new series by horror author Abe Moss, “Into the Dread Void” begins the story of an unlikely duo—Nell, a foul-mouthed orphan with an unusual gift, and Hux, an otherworldly man with a knack for destroying otherworldly things—and their union against a universe teeming with horrors the likes of which our world has never fathomed. After years of life in foster care, fourteen-year-old Nell Parrish can hardly believe her luck when she meets her newest foster family. Kind and accepting, the Palmers are everything for which she has ever hoped. However, during a weekend trip to the Palmers’ summer cabin, a dark storm rolls in, along with something else lurking in the downpour. Hux is no stranger to the horrors of our universe. It is his job to stop them when they breach the Void—the glue which binds and separates our universe’s dimensions. So, when he must track down yet another trespassing entity, it is business as usual. That is, until the trail leads him to her—a teenage girl whose peculiar nature seems to have earned her the entity’s fixation, much to the peril of those around her.

“Amid the Sinking Dark” (The Dread Void Book 2)
Robbed of her only chance at a normal life, Nell Parrish now finds herself in a strange new home where darkness and mysteries abound. Plagued with dreams of the night which brought her here, she is desperate for any distraction, anything to forget those unimaginable horrors…even if it means braving another altogether. Marilyn Powell and her little daughter Emmie are running toward a new life, escaping the overbearing judgement of Marilyn’s parents who want nothing more than to separate them. But when their road-trip getaway brings them to the dark and stormy seaside town of Brightport, plans change. A monstrous thing resides in Brightport. Something with an appetite as dark as the storm overhead. What was meant to be a one-night stay soon becomes a nightmare, as Marilyn and Emmie become the town’s latest target.

Coming soon: “Beyond the Phantom Glow” (The Dread Void Book 3)
Release Date: October 5, 2021


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