New supernatural thriller: ‘Dominature’ by Joe Belcastro

Fans of Joe Belcastro, author of ‘Dominature,’ will have the opportunity to meet him in-person as he travels across the country to attend several book festivals and conventions. Courtesy photo, used with permission.

Joe Belcastro is on tour for his debut novel “Dominature: What If The Devil…Banished God…From Heaven…” The book is an epic fantasy adventure which reimagines divine beings in this provocative alternate telling of one of humanity’s famed creation stories. (Joe Belcastro, 2022)

“It’s always a pleasure to interact with people from all walks of life, sharing my story and learning about theirs. While I toured extensively during my time at WWE as Head Writer and Producer, this solo tour is an exciting and challenging journey for me as a storyteller embarking on a new platform with a bold premise.” – Joe Belcastro

The story in “Dominature” remixes new and familiar historical characters and events in a modernized way, while exploring the nature of good and evil by asking the introspective question: Can any being overcome who they inherently are?

When asked about early reception, Belcastro says, “Everyone who sees and reads the book cover is immediately intrigued where I went with the story. It’s cool to witness that in-person.”

Confirmed Upcoming book tour appearances:
August 14 – MIGHTY CON (Madison, WI)
September 2-4 – FANBOY EXPO (Orlando, FL)
September 23 -25 – NECRONOMICON (Tampa, FL)
October 1 – COLLINGSWOOD BOOK FESTIVAL (Collingswood, NJ)
October 22-23 – THE BOOK FEST FALL 2022 (Virtual)
October 29 – LOUISIANA BOOK FESTIVAL (Baton Rouge, LA)

Additional Belcastro appearances may be added. Watch for updates for these and other events:

November 5 – PORTLAND BOOK FESTIVAL (Oregon)
November 5-6 -TEXAS BOOK FESTIVAL (Austin, TX)
November 12-14 – Tampa Bay Times Festival of Reading

Joe Belcastro is a provocative storyteller who once crafted characters as the head writer and producer for WWE: World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. He is now a novelist with his debut epic fantasy adventure, “Dominature.” In it, Joe explores the nature of good and evil and asks the captivating question: What if the Devil banished God from Heaven? Reaching deep inside himself, Joe uses his keen sense for drama and wit stemming from his days as a former journalist and film critic to deliver a tale that is premised on the best-selling book of all time – The Bible. Joe lives in Tampa, Florida where he is laying the groundwork for a charitable foundation and drafting his next novel.

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