New book release: ‘Rise of the Unicorn’ by D. Elliot Woods

‘Rise of the Unicorn’ is the new suspenseful thriller by D. Elliot Woods. Photo: Amazon

D. Elliot Woods has been an LA-based Film, TV and Commercial Actor for more than 25 years; from human and alien roles across various Star Trek films and TV shows to appearances on LOOT, NCIS: LA, HBO’s Ballers, Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, Friends, Drake & Josh as well as over 100 commercials for numerous household brands. His extensive industry experience and knowledge bleeds through into his writing. His Fly Free Entertainment production banner is dedicated to producing his own projects as well as helping train a whole new generation of creatives. He pours all his life experiences and knowledge of the industry into writing captivating stories featuring diverse, non-stereotypical characters. His unique way of viewing the world elevates his writing to thought-provoking, heart-wrenching, emotional and even comedic, in a fresh way that readers and audiences will fall in love with. “Rise of the Unicorn,” his new book, is a thought provoking, emotional suspense/thriller that entertains and captivates while carrying a message that cuts across every class of society. (D. Elliot Woods, 2022)

“Rise of the Unicorn” – Augustus ‘Gus’ Martin is an embattled LAPD negotiator. Months after suffering a significant blow to his career, he has clawed his way back up only to come face to face with The Unicorn – bank robbers who may in fact be a terrorist group – and who seem dead set on committing the messiest daylight robbery and hostage crisis of all time. The Unicorn will only negotiate with Gus as the world watches hostages die, one-by-one. If that were not enough, the politically desperate Mayor of Los Angeles recently appointed a new Police Commissioner… a Black woman from Texas whose credentials and competence have been quietly questioned by the rank and file. In the most pressurized of circumstances, she and Gus must trust one another in order to win a chess match against the most formidable criminal mind either has ever faced. The lives of over 30 hostages hang in the balance while philosophical questions demand very real answers.

“Rise of the Unicorn” is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple, and Angus & Robertson.

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