New book release: ‘Silent Whispers of Hope’ by Kimberly Morton Cuthrell

‘Silent Whispers of Hope’ is the new suspense thriller by Kimberly Morton Cuthrell. Courtesy photo, used with permission.

Dr. & Atty. Kimberly Morton Cuthrell is an attorney, doctoral-level clinical therapist, suspense author, researcher, mediator, and currently a medical school student. She has a quest to create new inroads in suspense novels with behavioral health twists to destigmatize perceptions. Kimberly is a self-publishing consultant/mentor whereby she paved a landscape as a writing coach, ghostwriter, proofreader, professional editor, and beta reader. Kimberly’s interest to write evolved from reading books, writing proposals for grants and contracts that were awarded, composing corporate compliance and policy/procedure manuals within provisions of state and federal laws, and developing behavioral health accreditation manuals. In her fiction work, Kimberly draws from thought-provoking imaginary situations, the art of wisdom, and diverse viewpoints. She writes to intrigue readers’ minds about potential real-life situations and inspire them to advocate for positive change and make meaningful impacts in their communities. Her new book “Silent Whispers of Hope,” Hope Rankin-Glover is faced with a choice between saving her dying mother or forsaking her by vanishing without a trace with her husband in an effort to evade the FBI. (Kimberly Morton Cuthrell, 2022)

“Silent Whispers of Hope” – Hope Rankin-Glover is thrilled to finally escape her mother’s unstable nest. She tries to navigate the dangers of the unprotected world when she finds solace in the arms of Sloan Glover. Little does she know, Sloan has an ulterior motive for marrying her. As Hope struggles to balance her married life, a new business, and the care of her deaf fraternal twins, she finds joy in learning American Sign Language to open avenues of communication with her children. Torn by her traumatic past, she must come to grips with the odds of reversing her twins’ deafness which depends on her actions and comes with a considerable heart-wrenching truth. Seven years later, Hope’s world comes crashing down. The FBI’s discoveries shed light on Sloan’s darkest secrets. In a spiral twist of suspense, a hurtful betrayal derails Hope. The devastating reality of survival plagued by deception pressures Hope to contemplate venturing into an underworld scheme with Sloan. Not only is the underworld scheme filled with silent whispers, but secrets are exposed and lives are trapped in despair. The only way out will either bring forth a lifetime of despair or bitter peace at last. Not everyone is destined to survive and their survival depends on Hope’s actions which force her to take drastic measures. When silent whispers are all Hope has, will that be enough to survive?

“Silent Whispers of Hope” is available through Amazon. Read an excerpt. 

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