Book of the week: ‘The Firestick Phenomenon’ by A.C. Hamilton

The November 2022 updated version includes faster ways to install apps to Fire TV devices. Photo: A.C. Hamilton, used with permission.

A.C. Hamilton began his entrepreneurial journey at the age of 13, using his marketing and interpersonal skills to network and gain business experience at an early age. He currently owns, manages, and operates multiple businesses and runs a number of websites, YouTube channels, and social media accounts. His many digital products and services are available for purchase across the internet and includes eBooks, blogs, online tutorials, graphics and digital planners, as well as services ranging from business consulting to software installation and credit repair assistance to Airbnb management strategies. A.C. has become an accomplished author and is currently developing a number of new books aimed at bringing value to readers through various subjects including personal finance, asset protection, credit repair, and entrepreneurship and financial literacy for teens and young adults. His first book, “The Firestick Phenomenon,” became an instant hit following its release in 2020. The November 2022 updated edition includes faster ways to install apps to Fire TV Devices (A.C. Hamilton, 2022)

“The Firestick Phenomenon” – Reduced price, condensed content, and updates including the newest models of the Fire TV lineup. The catalog of apps has also been expanded and are available for download directly at the Maximum Streams website (URLs inside the book). Also includes alternative methods to install apps, and information about recent updates to the Amazon OS now requiring users to allow each individual app to install apps from unknown sources.

This comprehensive guide will show you: 

  • How to set up your Firestick for an optimized experience.
  • How to quickly and easily install third-party apps that allow you to watch virtually all television media for free.
  • How to stay legal, protect your privacy, and make sure your usage is anonymous.
  • How to resolve buffering issues to ensure you have a clean, enjoyable viewing experience.

This guide is filled with photos and screenshots to help users apply these steps in a simple manner, ensuring people from all walks of life will have no difficulty taking advantage of this technology and information. By the end of the short time it takes you to read this book, you will be able to install and use applications that allow you to watch virtually any TV show, movie, and anything else in between, for free.

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