New book release: ‘In Mommy’s Cloud’ by Lilian Shulika Tata

‘In Mommy’s Cloud’ is a fun and educational book that teaches the basic concepts of cloud computing. Photo: Amazon

Lilian Shulika Tata was born in the Northwest Region of Cameroon, Nso and is a mother of two very precious girls who inspired her new book. She holds three master’s degrees and is completing her Ph.D. thesis in Information Technology, focusing on Augmented Reality. She has carried out numerous research projects and blogs about technology and careers in tech. Lilian Shulika Tata started her career as a Diplomat but her research led her to the world of technology, where she is now settled on Cloud Technologies and uses her knowledge to volunteer and teach students. She is passionate about family, education, technology, and Artificial Intelligence. An extremely creative and adventurous person, she is always eager to learn and share her knowledge with the world. Her new book “In Mommy’s Cloud: An Introduction To Cloud Computing,” inspired by true life events with her daughters Haneefa and Faizahis, is a fun book for the whole family as everyone gets to learn the basic concepts about cloud computing. (Lilian Shulika Tata, 2022)

“In Mommy’s Cloud” is the first in its series of technology books for kids, with many others to come. It takes you through a playground containing resources used in cloud computing and gives you a basic introduction to those services in a fun and playful manner. Familiarize yourself with these terms as the next parts of this series will dive deep into the main components of the resources in the cloud.

The main objective of this series is to introduce kids to the terminology and resources used in the field of information technology in a playful and fun way. This helps them interact and understand these resources and gives them a foundational basis of what these components represent in the field of technology.

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