Book of the week: ‘Stop & Smell the Roses’ by Jolene Stephens

‘Stop & Smell the Roses’ is the new self help book by Jolene Stephens. Photo: Jolene Stephens, used with permission.

For anyone looking for a self help book dealing with mindfulness and ideas and recommendations about how to slow down and take time to enjoy life, here is a good one. From just simply taking time to appreciate your surroundings to actually listening during conversations with others, Jolene Stephens’ “Stop & Smell the Roses” is a reminder to take time to enjoy the good things in life. It might just change your outlook in life.

Jolene Stephens has always been interested in self-help information and the desire to write about it. Life has provided her with many growing experiences and learning opportunities. She and her family have been through nearly every scenario a family can experience. They did not do everything right, not even close, but over the years their constant conflicts have been replaced with love and respect for one another’s beliefs and the path each person is on. Her personal experiences have given her a treasure trove of sound, practical ideas on how to handle almost any situation. More importantly, she has come through many trials with a strong, positive attitude and a sincere desire to help others. Jolene is a retired graphic designer and is currently a certified Emotion Code/Body Code Practitioner. Her new book “Stop & Smell the Roses: Let the Past Go, Stop Worrying About the Future, and Be Mindfully Present in Your Life!” is a quick and easy read about how to stay focused and be present in your life. (Jolene Stephens, 2023)

“Stop & Smell the Roses”–  Throughout the book, Jolene Stephens shares some of her own experiences to show the power of changing just one thing, as she highlights the aspects of our lives that provide opportunities for growth. She lists twenty-two simple ideas, any of which will help you be present in your own life. The journey is where life happens and what happens there is more important than the destination. We will all get to our destination, but what we do along the way is what counts.

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