Four hobbies that can teach you important life skills

Dancing serves as a form of exercise and stress reliever. Photo: Michael Zittel, used with permission.

It is never too late to learn something new. In fact, it is encouraged at all ages to help keep the mind sharp and expand your skills. With so many different skills to know and learn, you will never be short of new hobbies or passions to indulge in or learning opportunities you can take up.

While some hobbies can be solely for fun, many can help you expand your skills and support and enhance your quality of life. Read on to find out more.

Cooking and Baking

Everyone needs to learn how to cook and taking up cooking or baking, or even both, as your new hobby can give essential skills you can use every day to support yourself. Whether you want to wow your friends by whipping up a three-course meal worthy of a place on MasterChef or you try this lemon slice recipe to practice for a spot on the Great British Bake Off, learning kitchen skills will serve you well. Whether you self-learn at home using recipe books, online tutorials or via food bloggers or by taking classes, you can find something that works for you positively.

A New Language

Many people learn languages in schools, but not as many carry on these skills as adults. New languages can help you massively when travelling around the world or when conversing with people who have a different native language than you. The most common spoken language in the world is English, followed by Mandarin Chinese, Hindi and Spanish, but there are over 6,5000 spoken languages in the world for you to try to learn if you so wish.

Sewing and Knitting

Sewing and knitting are skills that were once commonplace in schools across the world but, in recent years, have been removed from the curriculum. However, lately, these skills seem to be having somewhat of a revival, with more and more of the younger generations taking up knitting and sewing for pleasure. These skills can help you be more creative and give you valuable skills to help you repair items at home and even create your own clothing.


Dancing is an excellent form of exercise and can be an important stress reliever and mood enhancer. Suppose you struggle to get the motivation to move or do much exercise, or you simply like to express yourself through music. In that case, taking music classes to teach yourself different dance styles at home can help you learn how to express yourself better and stay fit, healthy, and more enjoyable if the gym does not interest you. Dancing means paying attention to how you hold your body, the beat of the music and how to stay in time with a beat. Being more agile and fluid in your movements can help you avoid accidents and injuries and set you up for a physically healthy body that can cope with your daily activities.

Whatever hobby you take up, ensure you do it for the right reasons. While some can give you invaluable skills you can implement in your life, you need to enjoy what you must do to get maximum pleasure and benefits from it, or it will not be worthwhile.

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Mother’s Day gift ideas: Mindful Moms Retreat at Thompson San Antonio Riverwalk

Gift ideas for moms at Thompson San Antonio – Riverwalk include a Mindful Moms Retreat and more. Photo: Thompson San Antonio – Riverwalk, used with permission.

Mother’s Day is right around the corner, so if you are looking for gift ideas, consider Thompson San Antonio – Riverwalk.

A spa day is one of the most rewarding Mother’s Day gifts, and this year Thompson San Antonio – Riverwalk is offering moms everything from luxurious spa treatments to specialty cocktails at the rooftop bar and lounge to provide them with all of the celebrations that they deserve. (Thompson San Antonio – Riverwalk, 2023)

Over Mother’s Day weekend from May 12-14, guests can enjoy the following Mother’s Day programming:

  • Mindful Moms Retreat: For the month of May, moms can enjoy a mindful mimosa to kick off their spa day and choose from two restorative treatments, including a 50-minute Brighten & Renew Facial, a 50-minute Sleek & Slim Body treatment, and a 50-minute pedi or 50-minute “mommy” mani. Guests can enjoy the sauna and steam room before their treatment and afterwards cheers to self-care with a complimentary glass of champagne while unwinding in the spa’s relaxation area. $275.00 (discounts cannot be applied).
  • Ario Launch Party: Kick off the summer at the hotel’s Cenote Pool Deck on May 13 from 2p.m. – 4p.m., where the Thompson Spa will debut its summer hydration product line.
  • Mother’s Day Brunch: On Sunday, May 14, families can gather at Thompson San Antonio – Riverwalk’s signature restaurant, Landrace, helmed by James Beard Award finalist Steve McHugh, for a special family-style Mother’s Day brunch featuring a seafood display, brisket carving station, lemon prickly pear cupcakes, banana cream parfaits, mimosas, and more.
  • Bad Moms Event: On May 12, moms can gather with their girlfriends for the “Bad Moms event” at the hotel’s enchanting rooftop bar and lounge, The Moon’s Daughters, for a well-deserved night out perched over the city with specialty cocktails and live DJ performance at 8p.m.
Photo: Thompson San Antonio – Riverwalk, used with permission.