New book release: ‘Sweet Emotions’ by Kevin Bates

‘Sweet Emotions’ is the new cookbook/poetry book by Kevin Bates. Photo: Google

Kevin Bates was born in Beaumont, Texas and currently resides in Houston. A devoted reader and writer, he spends each day wandering in the world of words. As a kid, his mother brought him into this world of words. “She would read with her sweet angelic voice taking me so far away doing things I never done before living the adventures of the people she read about. Soon afterward when I asked her to read another, she would tell me to pick a book off the shelf & to read it myself.” Through reading, Kevin learned early that words are powerful when shared correctly through speech or in print. His mission is to share his message with you. His new book “Sweet Emotions” is a combination cookbook and poetry book. (Kevin Bates, 2023)

“Sweet Emotions” is a book created by me of the emotions that my mother’s cooking, love for cooking, and sharing it with others would bring. I hope everything within the covers of this book conveys those sweet emotions. My mother’s food always gave me an unbelievable rush and I could not wait for the next plate. After reading my words, I hope they do the same for you and leave you wanting the next poem to have the feeling of “Sweet Emotions.” The same goes for after you cook each recipe. This book takes you from your appetizers to your desserts.

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Poetry spotlight: the poetry of Danny Wilson Vol. 3

‘Quiet Room Speaking’ is one of Danny Wilson’s many poetry books out there. Photo: Amazon

Okay, poetry fans. Continuing the journey into Danny Wilson’s poetry, here is volume 3 and a look into some more of his other poetry books. Danny Wilson is a poet originally from Greenville, NC and currently residing in Albuquerque, NM. After years of military service, he is now retired and focusing on his poetry. He has written over 100 poetry books in the last nine years with no intention of slowing down. (Danny Wilson, 2023)

Quiet Room Speaking
Ears ringing 24/7. I try to make sense of a senseless life anew. Hanging out with the folks at Denny’s. My inner psyche grows with the complexities of human dynamics.

Between November
Life becomes just a series of events. Complex children running towards misunderstood elders. Walking a tightrope along angst and melancholy. Destiny fades to black. Life becomes just a series of events. Destiny fades to black.

After Summer
The journey of life traveling at the speed of sound. Flawed characters taking life one day at a time. Pain becoming useful medicine. Hope provides a band-aid to heal weathered hearts.

Fading Forward
Existing between complex worlds. Seeing the beauty of fellow truth-seekers. Tired eyes reaching for a brass ring. Pet sounds fade to the twilight zone.

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