New book release: ‘Hold On To Your Lady Or Hold On To Your Coat’ by Terrance Tamon

‘Hold On To Your Lady Or Hold On To Your Coat’ is the new book by Terrance Tamon. Photo: Google

Terrance Tamon was born in Spartanburg SC the oldest of three boys and raised in a single-parent household with his mother. He has four daughters and one son, but the oldest passed away in 2018. Writing is something he loves to do and most of the time he does it to take his mind away from the world. In his first adult book, “Hold On to Your Lady or Hold On to Your Coat,” a chance encounter with a woman catches Robert off guard and leaves him confused and unsure of himself. It is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple Books, and Lulu. (Terrance Tamon, 2023)

“Hold On to Your Lady or Hold On to Your Coat” – Robert had been through it all when it came to relationships. At 30 years old, he knew all too well the heartache of breakups and the pain of a broken heart. It had left him feeling regretful and unable to trust. As a result, he had developed a cold heart and was no longer interested in pursuing any romantic relationships.

On one particular day, Robert was getting ready to leave his apartment when his friend and partner, Damian, urged him to come out and enjoy life. Damian was the type of friend everyone wished they had – caring, supportive, and always pushing his friends to be the best version of themselves, but when it came to women, Robert was not interested in listening to Damian. His experiences with relationships had left him with a deep sense of cynicism, and he saw no reason to put himself through the pain and heartbreak again. He grabbed his coat and prepared to leave, a physical reminder to himself that life was cold and that he needed to protect himself from the inevitable disappointments that come with relationships.

Despite his reservations, fate had other plans for Robert. After a chance encounter with a woman, he did not know if he should hold on to her or keep holding on to his coat. She had a way of making him feel alive again, like he was capable of experiencing happiness once more but at the same time, he was scared. He did not know if he was ready to open up and let someone in again.

Robert’s experiences are all too familiar to many of us. The pain of a broken heart can be so deep and profound that it can leave us feeling cynical and unwilling to open ourselves up to love again. Sometimes, life has a way of surprising us. Even when we are not looking for love, it can find us in unexpected ways.

Perhaps the lesson that Robert learned is that, no matter how much we try to protect ourselves, life will always find a way to surprise us. It is up to us to decide whether we are willing to take the risk and open ourselves up to the possibility of love, or continue to hold on to our coats, protecting ourselves from the unknown.

In the end, Robert’s story is a reminder that even when we think we have everything figured out, life can still surprise us. It is up to us to be open to those surprises and to take a chance on love, even when it seems scary or uncertain because in the end, the rewards of love are always worth the risk.

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