New book release: ‘Maribelle’s Shadow’ by Susannah Marren

Susannah Marren’s new novel ‘Maribelle’s Shadow’ will be released June 27, 2023. Photo: Amazon

Susan Shapiro Barash is an American author of thirteen nonfiction women’s issue books including “Tripping the Prom Queen,” “Toxic Friends,” and ‘You’re Grounded Forever, but First Let’s Go Shopping.” She writes fiction under her pen name Susannah Marren. Her novels are “Between the Tides,” “A Palm Beach Wife,” and “A Palm Beach Scandal.” Susan’s books focus on the gender divide, how women are positioned in our society and their innermost feelings about themselves as daughters, mothers, sisters, friends, wives, mothers-in-law, daughters-in-law, rivals, colleagues, and lovers. Her new book, to be released June 27, “Maribelle’s Shadow,”  is a compelling tale of deception and family loyalty, written by the nationally renowned observer of women’s relationships. It is available for pre-order on Amazon. (Meryl Moss Media, 2023)

“Maribelle’s Shadow” – The only thing that spreads faster than gossip in Palm Beach is news of a mysterious death. As the editorial director of Palm Beach Confidential, Maribelle Barrows knows what lurks beneath the glittering facade of the moneyed elite on Florida’s most glamourous coast. Or does she? When her adored and impressive husband, Samuel, dies suddenly, the secrets and lies between Maribelle and her sisters rise to the surface. Compounding the anguish, the authenticity of their socially ambitious mother and their lavish lifestyle of mansions, privilege and couture clothes is thrown into doubt. As their carefully constructed image unravels, each sister realizes she must fend for herself. While the pathway out is steep, it is worth any risk. Until the winner takes all.



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‘Maribelle’s Shadow’ release date


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